Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday 55 & Da Count-Cacao!


Ok, it's not true Friday 55 but...I have about 4000 little word magnets all over my fridge. It's called Magnetic Poetry. I keep a little notebook out there so I can record whatever people come up with. Sometimes there are very lovely little poems, sometimes things get quite bizarre (current example: 'elephants can fly up your butt when you are not looking' courtesy Isaac). I've noticed a theme among mine....see if you can identify it.

want to
eat chocolate
have tiny dress size
not likely
so dream

I want to swim in
a thousand pounds of
luscious, dark, smooth
bittersweet chocolate.
Let it smear my skin and hair.

run your fingers lightly through my hair
let its darkness fall over your hand
like liquid chocolate.


Well, I've done all manner of complaining the last couple of days. It's not all due to Blogger. There have been a number of highly irritating things going on here at House of Lime and I've been all too happy to let anyone know who will listen what my list of grievances were. Doesn't that make me a fun person to be around! (Thank you Renny and Lacquer for the gentle reminders in comments to not be so miserable) Good thing it's Friday and time for Da Count (thank YOU, Lecram!)...and none too late.

Nothing profound or moving here this week but after a long, irritating week and much grouchiness I was reminded Mr. Lime would not be home last night until near bed time. I had one sick Limelette with little or no appetite and two others who I just knew were going to be in a foul mood over dinner no matter what it was. Cooking was not going to be worth the effort. We scavenged for leftovers and then I made this. Go look, right now. I'll wait...

All done? Good. Now the stuff may be called Upside Down Chocolate Pudding but I am renaming it 'Sex on a Plate' because it's that good. (Bless you, Trinigourmet, for sharing this!) All warm and gooey and sweet and sticky and chocolatey...mmmmmmmmmm...excuse me, I think I need a private moment here....Oh, sorry. I got distracted there. Anyway, the stuff was a hit. Everyone was happy as the house filled with the smell and then as they scarfed it all down.

I built a fire in the fireplace, curled up under my favorite woolly blanket on the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. So this week I am counting folks who give gentle encouragement to be a better person, a crackling fire, a warm blanket, and the rejuvenating power of melty, warm chocolate all over my face and fingers......mmmm......excuse me...that's soooo good!

Have a great weekend.


G-Man said...

Chocolate and Lime sounds YUMMY!

G-Man said...

Chocolate faced Moppit
Covered, warm, and snuggly.
Too lazy to cook
She doesn't own a wet wipe!

Trini Haiku

Sis B said...

i totally have to try that... wow...

snavy said...

It has taken so much willpower not to make that ever since you sent me the recipe.

I'm craving chocolate all the time now... what did you put in that tie dye???

Breazy said...

Mmmmm that looks wonderful however , the next time you make it I want some!LOL! Have a good day !

Jodes said...

damn it - did you have to say chocolate? that is so my weakness.

MyUtopia said...

lovin the poem! My sister got me those magnets one year and didn't realize that she gave me the dirty ones! it was a funny Christmas for sure.

Ameratis said...

I spoke of Chocolate yesterday to a friend because I was saying how I have consumed more chocolate this week than anything else and that is probably good for those around me. I also commented how I was glad eating chocolate was not a sin or ten commandment "Thou shall not eat Chocolate" and my friend said if it had been then God would not have been able to use half of the other commandments, especially "Thou shall not murder" I cracked up and was once again amazed at the Ifinite wisdom. Chocolate is good for everyone, especially keeps them alive :)

lecram said...

A good and yummy count. Didn't mean to walk in on you while you were engaged. :)

logo™ said...

Ah yes, friends and food, they make life manageable, don't they?

Anonymous said...

sorry it's taken me so long to get over here, my mind is in/out and things to do.

The first part, I don't have a clue, ok..dark chocolate?

It's ok to complain once in awhile, it helps get it out of our system, just like eating chocolate.
So have some chocolate, complain a bit and tomorrow's a new day.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for plugging me - I'm glad I could calm you down and you really returned the favor (I had the best night sleep ever:-).

The pudding: fare beyond a plate - it's sex on a Planet, out in an unknown galaxy!

At last: Count me in as I invite you into a sauna and then out in a fresh snow bath.... and back again to catch up the warm feeling. That's the Norwegian way you know:-)

Have a great end to your week!

SeaRabbit said...

Love it... the simplicity of the Da Count post, the sweet recipe, the comfy fire... ;-)))
Thank you... You remind me of simple thing that are making us feeling so good... ;-)
I will try that 'sex on a plate' this week end... ;-))

Rob said...

May I lick the plate when you're, uhm, "done" there, Michelle?! ;-)

Have a great weekend!

The TriniGourmet said...

hee :) thanks for the shoutout and so glad you loved the recipe :D it's AWESOME :D hahaha

KFarmer said...

I could leap off a diving board directly into that mass of gooey, rich, intoxicating, sweet, goodness. I may need a moment myself now... ;)

Good count- :)

G-Man said...

OK, I'm hungry...
Chocolate Pancakes
Chocolate syrup
Chocolate Milk
...With a slice of Lime.

Mornin Trini.

G-Man said...

You DO know that don't you?

Fred said...

I'm off to the fridge to find anything with chocolate in it.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

cindra said...

I love words and magnetic poetry and chocolate and encouraging people. That was GOOD, Lime. Like Lime for Chocolate.

G-Man said...

Mornin Limey!
Got any Hot Chocolate?

(got home OK I see, thanks for stopping by)

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said... dear lime, it would be impossible to encourage you to be a better person, -as you are so close to perfect as it is, (and miles above me on such matters...)

...I've always wondered if loving white chocolate and dark chocolate were signs of a Bi-polar thing...
(no comments regarding nuts...)

M said...

mmmm...crackling fire....mmmmm
Can I stay at your house this week??!

Charles said...

Do you have the sex version of Fridge Magnetics? That's fun... and says a lot about your house guests when they come over.

TorAa said...

Just had my cup of hot cocoa - the drink of the Gods, said the Aztecs.
And my piece of 85% cocoa chockolade. That's my medicine. 400 times more antihistamine than blueberries;D.
Solves every problem (oh yeah?)and chers me up.

As the English says:
Every cloud has a silver lining
or the French:
Dans toute chose il y a un bon côté

Have a pleasant week.