Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday 55ish & Da Count-Spring

I don't have a real 55, the muse didn't strike. Instead I'm hauling out a couple of magnetic poetry things I came up with from the 1000 words on my fridge. I have a notebook next to the fridge for recording everything people generate (including the poetic 'elephants can fly up your butt when you are drunk'....that was courtesy Isaac...genius!)

Sun sets
through skeletal trees,
which scratch the sky
in search of spring.

Spring laughs songs of life.
Summer chants through the night.
Fall whispers secrets of death.
Winter moans in her sleep
Dreaming of Spring.

Winter here was fairly pathetic so I certainly can't say I'm dying for a change from cold and snow and ice. Nonetheless I am glad Spring is here because Winter was so pathetic. Temperatures at least seem appropriate to what the calender says and I am looking forward to the soon to start blooming plants.

I actually love winter. I like snow, and although I don't want to drive in it, I love the after effects of a good ice storm (provided no power lines come down). the trees all encased in ice are magical when the sun glints off them. This year we only got snow on Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. The rest of the winter was just brown, dry, boring. Not much to look at.

Soon there will be crocuses and daffodils and tulips and the trees will get green. The pussy willow outside my front door has its fuzzy little buds popping out and the forsythia is coming to life. Each day there's a new green thing to notice and a new sound. The songbirds started in earnest last week, the cricket should start soon, and the spring peepers will commence their joyous chorus.

I had my annual opening of the windows when the temperature finally hit 70 and my own private celebration. If the weather is decent on laundry day I can hang out my clothes and sheets....mmmm, I love the smell of sheets hung out to dry. I'm taking off my favorite fuzzy flannel sheets that kept me toasty warm all winter and replacing them with my 600 and 800 count cotton ones that feel like silk. I can't decide which sensation I enjoy more next to my skin (forget PJs they just get tangled up) but I know I'm looking forward to the change from plush comfort to smooth decadence.

It's Spring! Yippee!!


Doo Dah said...

:-) I love spring, my house smells so good right now......

ttfootball said...

SOOOO happy spring is here!! windows open, less clothes, the best thing turned out to be changing the clocks early, I notice I didnt experience the usual depression this year that comes with dark afternoons going on forever.
And I start playing and coaching next week woo hoo!!! O Lime yuh know after all that, I not getting back the same team? It's a U-10 now but there might be some issues with them as well :-/ Let u know how it goes.

Jim said...

Sorry . . . I would have commented sooner, but something like "forget PJs" caught my eye, and had me flumoxed (sp?) a bit . . .

You're certainly close enough to make the trek down to DC for the cherry blossoms, if you need a nice shot spring. We'll go for foofy drinks after.


Anonymous said...

Can we do poetry every Friday, Ms Limey? I really do enjoy it.
*Happy Sigh*

You make me happy.

Wonderful Post Today. Thank you for the Smiles!

MyUtopia said...

I love winter too. Being in the south where the season changes aren't so pronounced is depressing. I need my extremes!

jillie said...

You just brought back a whole flood of wonderful memories from my growing up in the midwest. I do miss those spring days when everything just comes to life. People smile more, they have more bounce in their step. Strangers talk to each other. It's like we're given a new life with mother nature.

I miss the smell of the sheets on the line...buzzing in the air.

Thanks lime ;o)

Logophile said...

I likes it, I likes it alot.

barefoot_mistress said...

Spring has sprung for sure
I'll tell you how I know, dear
tissues ev'rywhere

MONA said...

happy spring Lime :D

Anonymous said...

I love the poem.
Fall is my favorite season, it has a certain character to it, the smells, the turning leaves, fire in the fireplace.
Spring is second, followed by winter and then summer for my other favorites.
I like winter cause I can hybernate
but I don't like frigid cold weather just soft falling snow.

Apple said...

The poems are very pretty. I long for a brown, boring winter. lol It's finally starting to feel like spring here to. The song birds are returning and the trees are budding out despite the snow.

Rusty Nails said...

Hee hee hee said pussy willows and they are fuzzy!

(I know, so immature. But I just had to).

G-Man said...

Limey, you are so talented and descriptive.
I love your Friday posts.
800 count sheets?
Are they Martha Stewart Sheets?
Spring into action Baby!!
Another awesome entry Trini.....G xo

snavy said...

I love me some uber-high thread count sheets.

I love the new profile pic!!!

airplanejayne said...

Sun sighs
Trees cry
as leaves die.

evening dawns
clouds yawn
Swallow sun
day is done.

Don't cha just love those magnetic poetry thingys?

lecram sinun said...

Spring is quite wonderful... except for the allergies I suffer from. Though as long I stay clear of dairy products... its all good! Cheers to a happy count!

chikken said...

Yay! Open windows and yummy sheets. Good for you. XO

cathy said...

A lovely post. I'm all smiles now thinking of spring.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Refrigerator magnet poetry. Tsk tsk.

Cosima said...

Love all the different seasons too! Although here they look a little bit different.

RennyBA said...

Hmmm you sounds like a Norwegian; 'Love winter, like snow... love the effects of a good ice storm..' You really know how to appreciate the good things in life:-)
And now it's spring and the nature comes out of hibernation - and we both love it too - great:-)
Wishing you and family a wonderful weekend!
Btw: Beautiful sun set pic and poem!

LisaPizza said...

He's a Limer. She's a Limer. Wouldn't you like to be a Limer too? Affirmative! Hey we have a set of the fridge magnets that I haven't seen in a while. You've inspired me to break them out and get the creative juices flowing.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, yes, I agree with it all. We've just undergone a two-day ice storm in northern MN, and the tree branches (and cars) are encased in ice.

Opening the windows will have to wait another month...

Groovy Lady said...

Ohh I like the poems! Spring is by far my favorite season.

Isaac's poem was great! LOL.. sounds like the only kind of poems that seem to get written by anyone in my house... including me unfortunately. :D

Anonymous said...

I loved today's Da Count! I saw my first red-breasted robin and red-winged black bird this week and just noticed that the greenery that will become flowers are about 3 inches high. It fills me with happiness.

Moosekahl said...

I'm still holding on to my flannel sheets...there were icy little almost snowflakes mixed with the rain today. Not quite ready to let go of my flannel. But happy spring!

KFarmer said...

Spring, Spring, Spring! Enjoy lovely lady, enjoy! :)