Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aussie Tuesday-ANZAC Day

Dawn ceremony at the Australian ar Memorial on the 90th anniversary of ANZAC Day
*image and information taken from wikipedia.com

Well, it's only April 24 on this side of the globe but in a few short hours it will be April 25 on the other side. April 25 is ANZAC (Australian and New New Zealand Army Corps) Day in Australia. Being a landowner Down Under (even if it is only one square meter of earth) I figure I should get to know about the important holidays there.

Wikipedia describes ANZAC Day as among the most spiritual and solemn public holidays for Australians. It commemorates the landing of forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the first World War. The intention was to capture Istanbul and knock Turkey out of the war. Unfortunately this objective was not achieved during the 8 month campaign and Australia lost over 8000 of her sons to the effort. It did however serve to galvanize national pride since this effort came just 13 years after Australia had become a federal commonwealth nation.

The earliest remembrances were focused on the men lost during the Gallipoli campaign but in later years became the nations memorial day on which to remember those who sacrificed during any war. Dawn services are a common part of the observation, as well as marches, and games of two-up (a simple gambling game, which outside of licensed parlours is illegal but on ANZAC day is permitted because it was a popular past time among the soldiers).

Happy ANZAC Day to my Australian readers.


Hypersonic said...

If you want to here some great songs about the Aussies in the First War check out Eric Bogle's triptych " The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda" "All the Fine young Men" and "Willie MacBride" three of the greatest anti-war songs ever.

S said...

Its always good to know about the country you own land in!
Hee hee

ttfootball said...

Did u plan any ceremonies on your 1 meter?

Breazy said...

Wow Lime! Thanks for sharing that. I would never have known about ANZAC day if I hadn't read this post.

I wanted to stop by to tell you that I now have a cable modem and just as I promised, pics of my house are posted. I am so glad I don't have to deal with dial-up anymore!

Have a good day!

tl said...

Thanks Michelle.


DaMasta said...

Thanks Limerz! and LOL @ ttfootball... that would be one small parade! :D

Anonymous said...

Between you and g-man, I'm going to get a degree in World History.lol
I salute you my Austrailian brothers and sisters.

I think it's time to play a little "who can it be now" by Men at Work.lol

lime said...

hypersonic, thanks for the leads..

s, kinda my thought as well

tt, LOL..gyul my flag is too big to lay out and tl tells me I might get in trouble if i try to erect a flagpole. ideas as to what to do on my one meter?

breazy, congrats lady! do enjoy!

tl, you're welcome, and thank YOU!

damasta, too true!!

tc, how about 'i come from a land down under'! let's dance!

lecram sinun said...

came by to let you know that your questions are up, :)

jillie said...

Not only did I not know about this day...I've never heard of it until now. Very interesting.

I agree with TC...I'm going to be one smart chick some day! lol

TLP said...

First: Whoa! I'm impressed that you own any amount of land there!

Second: I like learning about other places. Americans think we're all that. Everyone knows more about us than we know about them. That makes THEM all that.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost. Can I get a map of Anzac?

Rusty Nails said...

Ah, what better way to honor the fallen warrior than with a good gambling game. Those crazy Aussies!

And where is your square meter plot located?

Logophile said...

Happy ANZAC Day, let's get loaded and gamble!

Scaramouche Jones said...

It even inspired a variety of cookie... well, kinda :) Google ANZAC Biscuits, give them a go...

Our other holidays are Australia Day on 26 January, where we celebrate becoming a country, and Melbourne Cup Day, which is the first Tuesday in Novembver every year.

Beer, Barbies, Horse racing and fighting... what better things to celebrate :)

lime said...

jillie, be prepared, there may be a pop quiz

tlp, well said!

blither, ANZAC stands for australian and new zealan army corps

rusty, my square meter is in queensland

logo, your shout!

scaramouche, thanks for the additional info!

SignGurl said...

How exciting to be a land owner in another country! Very chic!

G-Man said...

Awesome tribute and info sharing Limey!!
Aussi's always help without hesitation...
You Rock On Michelle...with your informative post!
G-Man likes very much..

bsoholic said...

Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, "Do you speak-a my language?"
He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Lime, I just came by to see if you responded to my comment from earlier only to find out that I don't have a comment up here. Arrrgghhhh!! (I'd like to blame Blogger, but it was probably my fault.)

I said something like, Your Thinking Blogger Award was so very well deserved (even as it was awarded twice) - I find your thoughts, your words take me somewhere I find new or intriguing. And then I said something like, I don't know the other bloggers but I will check them out. All except Cosima, whom I have know for quite a while and am a huge fan of. She is wonderful.

Oh and I think I wished you a happy ANZAC Day, you Aussie land owner.

I don't recall it all, but it was something like that.

lime said...

signgurl, it is pretty wild even if it's a teeny tiny patch. mr lime bestowed it upon me for xmas.

g-man, they are strong allies to us. and they are a remarkable people.

bs, dancing along!

goodthomas, a say ALWAYS blame blogger. and thank you so very much for your kind words. you ar ea master of transporting a reader so i am humbled. and i need to thank cosima because it is through her that i found you!

Charles said...

I am having a big case of deja vu... maybe too many eucalyptus leaves for me? Or not enough?