Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bits & Pieces of This & That

Please explain why I can make this beautiful and delicious sandwich with marinated boneless chicken breasts grilled to juicy perfection and served with fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto and freshly roasted bell peppers on a perfectly toasted ciabatta roll and it is take your clothes off yummy, but...

...I can never make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning the thing?

In other fabulous fresh food news...Jillie sent me a box of lemons from her tree! Oh, there is nothing like a lemon right from the tree. What flavor! What a treat! Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Miss Jillie!

In some REALLY big news...

I need to also thank Lecram, who gave me one Bewitched nose twitch last week...

Do you remember what I twitched for?

Do you?

It worked! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!
That's our new baby, a Kawasaki V 800. We took our first ride on Sunday afternoon, which was perfect bike weather, by the way. It was reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyREALLY wonderful.

I haven't been on a bike in 10 years. Too damn long. Man, it was so great to be a part of the scenery instead of passing through it in a box!

Here's me...

We just need a name for her. And yes, It's a she, she told me that much.



G-Man said...

Limey is now one of us!!

The Sandwich looks great!

The bike looks great!

Blue Thunder
The Blue Streak
...OK, this is a stretch but, since it's a Vulcan?
How about...Fascinating!

Congrats Limey..xoxoxox

Marc said...

Oh yeah, you got my mouth watering first thing in the morning! Thank you! Just throw that blackened grilled cheese sammich over my way!

Nice bike too! Congratulations.

Marc said...

Tomato soup will go perfectly with that sammich.

Vulcans are damn nice bikes if you dont want to spend so much on a HD.

Balou said...

That sandwich sounds wonderful! My grilled cheesers suffer from bi-polar disorder; perfect on one side, and blackened on the other. I bet you make one great biker chick with all your tie died duds! Have fun with it!

Marc said...

Oh hell, we're gonna need a block of cheese, a loaf of bread and a big 'ol pot of tomato soup.

Soda too. Definitely soda. Am I thinking outloud again?

Marc said...

Oh, and lovely presentation on that first sandwich there. I bet you really enjoyed that one!

Poke a couple of those fancy toothpicks through there and that's like an A+. Fantastic.

Please, forgive me for my enthusiasm. I'm not use to seeing any type of food in the morning. LOL!

Just coffee. Hope you are enjoying yours ;-)

airplanejayne said...

bike name: Thelma or the Blue Angel.

Perfect grilled cheese: you must use a cast iron skillet. Lotsa butter in the pan. Heat: (this is where everyone screws up) medium to med high for the first side. When you flip it over, turn heat down to medium.
I promise-works like a charm. My Daddy still loves the grilled cheese samwitches I make!

Logophile said...

Fabulous, darling!!
I am soooooo happy for you!
She and Molly would have so much fun together, too bad we can't arrange a play date :p
I shall have to ponder a name, these things should not be taken lightly you know.

S said...

OMG what is happening to all my girlfriends? Will Snavs get a motorcycle next? I am happy for you, I really am, but if you dont always wear a helmet and Kevlar jeans like Lo, I am going to come over there and glue a helmet to your head....

BTW ziplines do not go well with bikes...

OK I got to name Los bike...Red Molly, after a Richard Thompson song about a I won't get all possessive here...but here are my two choices...


Oh man!!!! This is just too much for my brain! And the sandwiches? Arghhhh! Too early for food!

javajazz said...

wow Lime!
mazel tov,
cool bike y'all manifested
with your nose...
have too much fun on it!!
i'd like to try a few wishes
with MY big nose!
must be your time
for dreams to come true.
and heck, one sandwich
outa two aint bad!
its a nice contrast
to the extremely sauteed
charred cheese sandwich...
turn the heat down a touch,
i hope you're using butter
not oil to "sautee" with!
and keep an eye on the sucker.
either that, or
stick a toothpick in it,
pickle on the side,
and frisbee it over to marc...
enjoy your beauteous bike.
its yours to name...

Jodes said...

that 1st pic looks kinda gross but then i read the description and YUMMMM, as for the grilled cheese - you are using too much heat and it looks like you have oil in there??? what the......??? I have always used a griddle, at least that is what my mom calls it. it is a flat, square pan with a little bit of an edge so nothing slides off and it has a teflon surface (i think) and a handle just like your average skillet. the pan you are using works but with low heat and just the butter that you are putting on each slice of bread. if you want the cheese all goey then put the lid on a few seconds to hold in the heat. electric stove put it on 3 or 4, gas keep it low. let me know how it goes. ;)

bsoholic said...

I can actually make a pretty good grilled cheese, which just may be dinner tonight! haha

Sweet ride there, I wouldn't know what to name her though.

Charles said...

LIME! You're making me nervous... you're gonna burn yourself and break your other arm on that Kawasaki!

lecram sinun said...

Yeowzah! She is a beaut, Lime!

Anonymous said...

what the hell did you do to that poor cheese sandwich?
I put the buttered side down before turning on the burner, then add cheese and the top, you have to babysit the thing, keep flipping it if you have to.yum

The bike is beautiful...please please be careful.:)
I think she should be called Angel because she will protect you.:)

lime said...

g-man, mr. lime suggested blue thunder, but i raqther like you r suggestion of 'fascinating.' hehehe.

marc, why do i feel like i provided you with grilled cheese porn?? lol

apj, ooooh thelma is a good one too!

logo, yes, she and red molly would enjoy a playdate no doubt, pity they are separated by roughly 3000 miles. i anxiously await your suggestion.

s, i would not consider ever going without a helmet, no way, not for a million bucks. the rest of the gear i need to acquire...shall i set up a paypal for 'lime needs safer bikerchick duds?'

jj, thanks for sharing my happiness and for the cheese sammich advice. may your nose twitches come true too!

jodes, nope i just butter the side of the bread that hits the pan, my problem is generally one o fneglect. i turn it on and walk away and forget until i smell it.

bs, yes, i have to agree with marc, grilled cheese and tomato soup is good eats.

charles, don't jinx me, dude. come one you remember that ooooooold pic dontcha? i know you do.

lecram, she IS purdy isn't she? and I didn't even take the picture from her good side. thanks again for the power of the nose twitch ;)

tc, yeah, i am a bad babysitter of cheese sammiches. and i promise to be careful. thank you. *smooch i don't have my own license yet only mr lime does, but he is a very careful driver.

javajazz said...

why thank you Lime!!
just happy to see people happy!

also, i was just thinking how very cool it was that Jillie sent
lemons to Lime! (hee hee)

wow. fresh lemons.
that blows my mind!

Moosekahl said...

One word...helmet. Okay two words...helmet please :)

Love the dancing snoopy though. Have a great time enjoying the weather.

snavy said...

I do the same thing with grilled cheese sandwiches. LOL!!

No Susie, Snavs will NEVER get a motorcycle. Snavs will never even get on a motorcycle whilst safely parked. Snavs is not and never will be a fan of them. BUT I am very happy that my dear friends Logo & Lime enjoy them so much.

Calypso Bleu?

AndyT13 said...

The problemn with grilled cheese is too much heat. You lack patience. You aren't pan searing the thing!

WOWOWOWOWOW! Nice new bike!!!
I hope you aren't planning on driving it yourself! I fear for Janita.

I'm emailing you suggested names

jillie said...

I don't know WHAT you're talking about. That grilled cheese looks perfect to me...LOL. I like mine done but not quite "that" done...that first one looks oooohhh sooooo yummy right now and I am really getting hungry too. can have my lemons anytime. lol

LOVE THE BIKE! Woooohooo!!!!! Now we need a picture of you on it.

Rusty Nails said... make a lovely chicken sandwich! Reduce the heat on the grilled cheese. Your skillet is too hot and cooking the bread too fast before cheese can melt.

And WOOOO HOOO! Congrats on the new scoot. I'm excited and giddy along with you. Does mr. lime ride "bitch?"

Hmmmm, now I have to convince Logo to do a cross country trip.

Sheri said...

what a fun post! All those great pictures AND food!! Sorry about your lack of toasting skills.... but you have tons of others skills to fall back on. lol

Love, love, love the bike! I also enjoy when poeple name things with human sounding names. Then when you hear them talked about, it is sometimes humorous. My name entries are:
Bonnie Blue
Blue Betty
The Blue Bonita

WHatever you choose, you're gonna have tons of fun on that thing.

ps. please wear a helmet.

Jim said...

Wow . . . a biker chick who makes awesome sandwiches (except for grilled cheese) and homemade lemony things . . . throw in the Trini experiences and we're talking about a fascinatingly complex woman, if you ask me.


lime said...

jj, LOL, i had thought of that whole citrus connection. orange you jealous?

moose, helmet always, i promise

snavy, claypso blue..hhmmm....has potential

andy, for now i am content riding bitch but someday....

jillie, squeezing yer lemons...wink wink, hehehe

rusty, mr lime does not ride bitch no. he can barely tolerate being a passenger in a car when i drive

sheri, i'm kinda digging blue betty...

jim, wanna go for a ride?

Rusty Nails said...

Mr Lime obviously doesn't recognize the benefit to OCCASSIONALLY being a backseater on a 'cycle when a woman is piloting the thing. What better opportunity to grab a big handful of boobies! "But, I was just hangin' on dear." :)

lime said...

rusty, well, in his defense i don't have my license yet. once i do a safety course and get my license we shall see.....though i won't be surprised if he still resists the idea.

Hypersonic said...

I hate motorbikes. Two Wheeled Death MAchines I call 'em.

So If I gave you one of those sammidges, you'd take your clothes off for me? Hmmm. Now where did I put those marinated chicken breasts?

Oh. the interview' s posted, by the way.

Phaedrous said...

Way to go Lime. I'll make you a deal. I'll make you a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches and you can tune up my beemer.


Anonymous said...

All I can think is.. Where the fuck is my damn lemons?!?

Yeah.. I'm jealous.


~Tim said...

Call her LimeCycle. Or Ami.

lime said...

hypersonic, the idea is i give the sammich, you git nekkid

phaedrous, oh my...oh my...a beemer? oooooohhhhh.....

blither, sorry darling

tim, teehee, i like it.

G-Man said...

Limey, have I got some GREAT helmut stickers for you!!
And BTW, that grilled cheese looks perfect!!

MONA said...

how about Blue Dimond?
Lime perched on a Blue Diamond!!!
Perfect picture!
After all, as they say, Diamond are a girl's best friend!
Jokes apart, please be careful with that. I bet it weighs a ton!
The dishes are yum minus the burnt toast of course!
My nose twiches, & I hope it would vaamoosh that meal on my table right now!
& I love the Limey Jig at the end.

Brian said...

I'm jealous! You're going to have a great time with that bike.

BTExpress said...

Bike looks great! Have fun! BTW, the grilled cheese will turn out just great if you turn down the heat to medium and cover the pan to melt the cheese.

KFarmer said...

HOO! HOO! Meet me in PCB!! That bike is SWEEEETTTTT!!! Congrats on the new ride- :)

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

..unfortunate grilled cheese...

..sweet kowalski...

as for bike names?


not sure why, but that one just sort of hit me...

the other one was leila...
(after Roy Orbison's song of the same name.... -why?
Blue Bayou just isn't femenine enough, and Leila is just a beautiful song from the same collection... (yeah, yeah, I know, stream of conciousness...)

Gawpo said...

I so would eat that grilled cheese. Even darker.

Oh no, not you too. A donorcycle. Oh well.......ride safe. What happened? Did you slap your foreheads and both say, "We coulda had a V800?"

(security word: vdnip)