Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Memorable Weekend

I don't know about anyone else but we had a very busy weekend at the House of Lime. Isaac played 3 baseball games in 4 days. It was a bit frustrating to go through all that and still not have won a single game this season but he personally has been playing well.

Diana went to the prom and had a very lovely time, thank you very much. My little girl is not so little anymore! She cleans up well, dontcha think? And isn't her date adorable?

Calypso had HER turn to go to the Emergency Room this weekend when she got very woozy marching in the Memorial Day parade while wearing a wool uniform on an 88F degree day. One of the folks who marched with the band called the ambulance. She was less than happy to have me take this picture, can you tell? Just a bit of heat exhaustion. She was fine by the evening. Enough already!!! NO MORE TRIPS TO THE ER!!!!!!


barman said...

Good news! Don't they say things happen in three. You should be all done with the ER trips, at least for now.

I have not been rushed to the ER from marching in a parade but I certainly can understand that. It is out and out hot in a parade and the uniforms act like your own personal easy bake oven. Still I enjoyed being in those parades.

Wow, Diana is a mini Limet. She looked wonderful for her Prom. I can not believe how fast they grow up.

Ah the losing season at baseball. You know the funny thing, if he is still playing baseball next year, it seems the difference between losing everything and winning at least some is not very much. Next season will be much better, just watch. Myself I would have just settled to not strike out. I was not exactly a jock in school or now for that matter.

Yea the long weekend is over so everyone can get some rest, like that ever happens.

MONA said...

Children! Arent they adorable!!

I love these pictures! :))

Charles said...

Hi Lime. Just stopping to say that.

James Goodman said...

egads!!!!! I agree, no more trips to the ER.

Sorry to hear about Isaac's team record, but the important thing is...is he having fun? :D

Ah, Diana is just cute as a button. Why do they all seem to grow up so quickly?

lime said...

barman, thanks for the many kind words. i certainly hope we don't exceed the 3s rule!

mona, thanks...glad you enjoyed the pics

charles, and hello to you:)

james, the boy seems to be having fun most of the time. if he plays well he is generally ok, but he is very hard on himself if he makes a mistake. as for the growing up...i have yet to figure the time out. i'll let ya know if i do!

G-Man said...

Family Photo Fun Fest!!!
...At the House of Lime!!
Great shots Michelle..Thanks for the glimpse into your world..xoxox

KFarmer said...

Issac- what a shot. That kid looks like a pistol rocket! I loved going to ball games and miss it terribly.

Dianna- what a knock-out! I can see where she gets her good looks. I see you stamped all over her face:)

Calypso-bless her heart. I'm glad she is feeling better.

With all this excitement- I hope you took the time for a nice hot soak in the tub to rest. Mama's need a little pampering you know to be able to keep up with all the little people. ((HUGS))

Mike M said...

I enjoy this blog very much. I will be back for more.

Sounds like a busy weekend.

I used to play baseball when I was young and I don't think my team ever won a game, but I call tell you from experience that winning will not be the highlight. Just playing it was the best part.

Your daughter looks very beautiful. My daughter just had her prom too. It's true about what they say, even if it been said a zillion times. "They grow up so fast"

Wool in 88F? Who was the person planning the parade who allowed that to happen. I would be at that persons door telling the to try to function in wool in 88F weather and see that happens to them. :)


lime said...

gman, you saw it here first. glad you enjoyed :)

kfarmer, he does have a good arm. i am always surprised when folks say di looks like me. i'm also glad calypso is better.....now that they are all back at school i may have time for that hot soak

mike, glad yo uliked what you found. glad to have you visit any time. thanks for the kind and supportive words.

Ameratis said...

Whew go Isaac!

Diana looks so pretty! And yes her date is a cutie :)

I do not understand why they make them do that kind of thing with marching bands, it is even worse down here in the south! Glad she is doing ok and that is a cute pic despite the surrounding circumstances.

Anonymous said...

wow, you did have a busy weekend.
3 games in 4 days is a whoooole lot of baseball. I bet your bum is a bit sore from sitting on those hard benches.ouch!

Your daughter looks very pretty. Glad to hear she had a good time.

Oh no! not again. Perhaps they will dedicate a wing in your name.lol

Rusty Nails said...

Glad to hear Isaac improved in his baseball skill. Our season ends this Saturday...YEAH!!! Sam improved greatly too, but like Isaac's team, had a losing season.

Your daughter does look soooo much like you. Lovely. (Don't be fooled by the handsome looks of that young man...naughty thoughts lurk behind those eyes. He's a teenage boy afterall)!

The Zombieslayer said...

I was always on bad baseball teams, so I feel his pain. Unlike him though, I wasn't any good so I was one of the culprits.

Jim said...

Adorable little Limelets . . . must be some good genetic material there, sweetie.

Happy Tuesday.


S said...

My goodness! What a dramatic weekend!

Is Diana taller than you yet?
And darn, I almost got to see what daughter #2 looks like finally....

Don't tell Diana, but she is startin' to look like her mom!

Anonymous said...

Do you have your own ambulance yet? Really you should think about investing.

Hugs to your little ones! Such a bunch!

Cheers Limey, Dear!

logo™ said...

Look at those kids!
Isaac is looking sharp. I can't believe how much Thing One has improved even though their team is not doing great.
Diana looks fabulous and a nice choice on the dress there.
Hospital bed pictures are never happy things, I totally understand her position on that.

Phain said...

d's dress is BEAUTIFUL! my girl is always screaming at me - "why must you bring that stinkin' camera with you everywhere we go?!?"

barman said...

Phain, 5 to 10 years from now maybe she will have a different opinion. I know the feeling but keep right at it.

Lizard Princess said...

Great photos- it's a good thing the little guy is a good sport! Losing can be really discouraging for some of them.

Lemme guess- Calypso is 16? I only say this because 16 is the age when girls hate having their pictures taken. Some of them never get over it! Ironically, 16 is the best age to get one's picture taken- but they don't realize this yet!

The prom pic is beautiful- as a mom I have to ask- did you cry when they left? I think I would!

Moosekahl said...

never a dull moment in the house of lime :) Other than the ER trip, looks like a good time. I drove home from SD today and am exhausted! Hope all is calming down as the week gets going for ya.

rose_michelle said...

Wow, sounds like you need a vacation! Sorry to hear about the season stats, that must be hard even when you are a good player. Your prom queen was adorable and I can't comment on her date 'cause I think that might cause leagal issues. As for the ER visit, well, at least she was feeling well enough to fend you oof. That's usually a good sign. Bye 'til later ... the other michelle

lecram sinun said...

You should be getting frequent flyer miles with all these visits to the ER... cash them in for a bedpan or... drugs!

Dorky Dad said...

Wow: Baseball, prom and the emergency room. There's a song in there somewhere, I know it. I think you win the Busiest Memorial Day Weekend award.

cathy said...

But lime aholiday weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the ER!

Seriously though, Glad to hear that it was fun for the most part.

Just look at the bad stuff as necessary contrast, or something.

Jocelyn said...

What a fabulous family photo album, here in this post. I love the color of Diana's dress.

And Calypso looks like a celebrity dodging the paparazzi (aka, you).

~Tim said...

No more trips to ER? What will you write about?

Oh yeah, tie dye!

Dan said...

Your daughter looks awesome on her way to the prom. But poor Calypso! We had a scare yesterday.

Speaking of ER, I spent four hours there late last night. Laura got sick. We're still not sure what happened. After four hours of tests, we were allowed to come home. More tests today. We're hoping for the best.

Hypersonic said...

I betcha gonna have a room with the family name on it! Diana looked beautiful and I hope her prom was great, Issac should make the rookie team of the Sox and Calypso should drink plenty of liquids.