Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Weekend Stuff

  • You know your kid is playing on a Charlie Brown baseball team when they celebrate an 8-4 loss as a really good game. God love 'em, the kids have heart though and as long as they are having fun and learning that's the important part.

  • The archeology of a 13 year old girl's room can rival any world famous site.'s either an archeological dig or perhaps a Superfund cleanup site...maybe a bit of both, protective gear and delicate methods are definitely required.

  • Well, 3 weeks ago Isaac had to go to the ER with a severe asthma attack. This weekend it was Diana's turn. She's never had to go before. Her brother hadn't gone in 5 years. Now they both go within 3 weeks of each other. Enough already...the ER doesn't offer frequent flyer miles.
  • I think I descended into cliche. I went to the store in my birkenstocks, jeans, and dashiki. My hair was in its typical barely tamed style and I was carrying a funky little hand woven purse I got in Bolivia. I also took my own cloth shopping bag so I wouldn't need a plastic one. I heard someone comment on the hippie in aisle 3. In my defense, one of the things I was buying was deodorant, ok?


You scored as One Intellectual Individual. You're a thinker.

You see things from a very different perspective than the rest of the world,

and probably find release and self-expression in music, painting,

sculpting, or any other form of art.

People see you as a deep person,

full of knowledge that they don't understand.

People are attracted to that,

but there's a good chance you don't care.

One Intelectual Individual


New Age Hippie


Original Hippie


Not a Hippie






What type of hippie are you?
created with

Your Personality Is Like Acid

A bit wacky, you're very difficult to predict.
One moment you're in your own little happy universe...
And the next, you're on a bad trip to your own personal hell!


G-Man said...

I'm an individual intellectual?
I'd of thought for sure I would be a Pot-Head!!
I'm flattered...
BTW...Issacs team?
Next year they'll kick ass!!
I bet you looked awesome Limey...xoxoxox

James Goodman said...

I got:
One Intelectual Individual- 88%
Earth-Child- 75%
Not a Hippie- 50%
Original Hippie- 50%
Pothead- 25%
New Age Hippie- 25%

Hmm, not sure how they figured the pothead, since I don't do drugs, but other than that, it was a fun quiz. :D

Phain said...

WTF? The quiz made me answer a "tie breaker" question...never saw myself as one to sit on the fence. Any hoo:

You scored as Not a Hippie.

Bad news... you're not a hippie. Open your mind a little, and try to experience all the things around you. You don't have to like them, but new experiences won't kill you. Think outside the box.

One Intelectual Individual 50%
Not a Hippie 50%
New Age Hippie 38%
Earth-Child 38%
Original Hippie 25%
Pothead 25%

Guess I'll be over on that fence for a while...

tl said...

One Intellectual Individual 100%
New Age Hippie 63%
Original Hippie 88%
Not a Hippie 25%
Earth Child 63%
Pothead 25%

Breazy said...

I scored as Not a Hippie and on the second one I am the drug Ecstasy! Better luck next year for the baseball team!

Anonymous said...

What? you went to the store without wearing tie
The outcome of your quizzes don't surprise me, the first one nailed you.:)

steve said...

I have been on MANY temas where an 8-4 loss was a GREAT game LOL

Anonymous said...

Rotf!! Lady You always make me smile!

Dan said...

You think your daughter's room is a mess, you should see my basement. Actually you really can't see my basement anymore. I used to be able to. It must still be down there though, under all that. I mean, the house is sitting on something.

So is this the redhead who gives derisive looks? :)

Logophile said...

(should it be bothering me that they can't spell intellectual?)

One Intelectual Individual 100%
New Age Hippie 63%
Earth-Child 63%
Not a Hippie 38%
Original Hippie 38%
Pothead 0%

And I was acid too

Mel said...

One Intelectual Individual 88%
New Age Hippie 63%
Earth-Child 50%
Not a Hippie 38%
Original Hippie 38%
Pothead 0%

& like you and Logo, I'm acid too

so should we like get together for a singsong or something?

Love the spirit behind your lil basaeball team! What heart.. thats so awesome.
Hope the rest of your summer is asthma/zip line incident free ;)

M said...

Having lived in a couple of co-ops with hippies, I sooooo laughed at your comment:"in my defense I was buying deoderant"

The world would be a better place if we had more "hippies".

M said...

apparently i am a hippie too...
I am 63% intellectual 63% earth child and 13% not a hippie

Charles said...

Oh Gawd. :) You and I may be on the same spiritual plain...

One Intelectual Individual 88%
Original Hippie 50%
Earth-Child 50%
Not a Hippie 25%
New Age Hippie 25%
Pothead 0%

Your Personality Is Like Acid

Scary huh? Not that they are similar, though not identical, but rather we're turning into old farts.
Deodorant? Hell, pass the Beano.

lecram sinun said...

Last Summer I was considering perpetuating the stereotype of me as dandy playwright in a sand colored linen suit. Now I'm glad I stuck to sarongs and piths.

Moosekahl said...

You're a New Age Hippie...

You're a hippie, allright, but you're a hippie according the the standards set by the original hippies. It's good, though, because they were on to something! You care about peace, and that's what we need - people who care about peace and want to live in a loving society that doesn't need government.

That pretty much fits me to a tee. If people would just use some common sense half of the current government officials wouldn't have a job :)

S said...

Yup. You're a hippie. You were among those to start the phase. And you're still at it. There's a good chance that meditation, music, art, and pot have always been important to you. A lot of other people in the world look up to you, because you're just cool. You stand up for what you believe in and are really trying to bring peace into this world one bellybutton at a time! Peace!

One Intelectual Individual

Original Hippie

New Age Hippie



Not a Hippie



S said...

You're laid back and easy going, so much so that taking a shower is often too much trouble for you!
Nevertheless, you're quite popular, and many people enjoy your company. You're rarely turned down.
You're prone to giggle fits, paranoia, and forgetting where you are exactly
Marijuana? What is this?

Lime, LOL..once, when pregnant, I was wearing an alpace poncho and I heard this man say to his wife, "Wow, that really takes me back"
Also, went to a 4th of July thing once...and a man said to his wife,
"Honey look, real hippies"

Argh!!!! I use deodorant too and I shave

RennyBA said...

That was funny and you now what: I scored as Original Hippie.
Yup. I'm a hippie. No wonder since I was a flower power boy in the 70s LoL

SignGurl said...

Daughter #2 is on the same kind of Charlie Brown team. Poor kids.

Sorry to hear about another ER visit.

I'm sure you took the hippie comment as a compliment :)

barman said...

You scored as One Intelectual Individual.

You're a thinker. You see things from a very different prospective than the rest of the world, and probably find release and self-expression in music, painting, scalpting, or any other form of art. People see you as a deep person, full of knowledge that they don't understand. People are attracted to that, but there's a good chance you don't care.

One Intelectual Individual 75%
Not a Hippie 75%
New Age Hippie 63%
Earth-Child 63%
Original Hippie 50%
Pothead 0%

Oh and I popped up as Ecstasy even when I went back and changed something.

Looks like I have to turn in my tie-die now. Can I keep my head band?

I said this else where but I have golfed in a tournament in July for probably 16 years. I would say 9 or 10 of those years was with the same foursome. We took last all but one year when we took second to last. I love my Charley Brown team. To bad my fourth moved to Florida. Want to golf in a tournament in July? You will get a last place trophy. The good news is 8-4 is not all that embarrassing. That is wonderful news.

KFarmer said...

Best ones I've played in a while! I'm an original hippie and we share the same drug personality- Good ones Ms. Lime- good ones!:)

~Tim said...

One Intelectual[sic] Individual 88%
New Age Hippie 50%
Original Hippie 50%
Earth-Child 50%
Pothead 25%
Not a Hippie 13%

They also spelled sculpting as scalpting, but that good chance that I don't care... they nailed that!

Jocelyn said...

Your post has actually reminded me of something I've been wanting to express: you really are a good reader. I've come, already, to rely on your comments as the true indicators of whether or not I hit the mark in my storytelling attemtps. While so many make comments that leave me thinking, "Huh?" you always "get" it.

And, Hippy Lady? That was some Tom's of Maine deodorant, wasn't it?

Cosima said...

The non-hippies don't know what they are missing. I couldn't survive the summer without my Birkies. I pair them with my "rich heiress"-sun glasses... and voila Cosima style is born.

David said...

I like to take a shower every day, wear deodorant and shave. Although, I do wear tie-dye and drive a VW Bus. Can I still be in the club too?


bsoholic said...

I scored as Earth-Child.

You're a very peaceful person who has very strong beliefs. Others see you as spiritual, and you really are. You see magic as a resource to be used wisely. The earth really is your mother, and you'll remain close to her as long as you live.

One Intelectual Individual

My personality is like Acid too!

Lizard Princess said...

Are Issac and Diana OK, now? Man, that's gotta be difficult!

Lizard Princess said...

The test said I was cocaine- which is funny, because that's one drug I always avoided like the plague! (I've been drug-free for over a decade, so don't think any funny buisness!!! LOL!)

keda said...

Earth-Child 75%
One Intelectual Individual 63%
Original Hippie 50%

makes sense ;)

Heather said...

Hope Diana is okay?!! Wow!

You make me smile girl! ;-)

TLP said...

I scored 100 percent "One Intelectual Individual."

But I never saw "intellectual" spelled that way beforeQ

Anonymous said...

Ms. Lime -- I play on a softball team at work. We are a ragtag bunch, I keep referring to us as the "Bad New Bears." We lost our second game 9-6 and while we felt we should have won we were just glad we got to play the whole game (our first game ended early, due to the "slaughter rule" -- we got spanked).

Life is funny like that - two ER trips in three weeks? Oh man. You know, life is not funny sometimes.

Hope your little ones are better.

Rusty Nails said...

Frequent flyer miles at the ER! Ha! That's some funny stuff. Sorry to hear about the asthma though.

I'm 73% New Age Hippie. Cool. Oh, and just because you use deodorant doesn't mean you aren't hippi-fied. The real question is...are you all natural? (hairy)

BTExpress said...

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