Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If this isn't weird, I don't know what is...

Thanks to those who expressed concern about the limelets and their ER trips. Both kids are fine now. Although she thinks she is invincible, Diana is being hounded about carrying an inhaler where ever she goes and actually using it.

Sudiegirl tagged me. I'm supposed to google my name with the words needs, is, likes, wants, gets, says, does, eats. Let's see what fun Google provided shall we? As Dave Barry says, 'I am not making this up.'

Michelle needs to exercise her right to shut the fuck up.
Fine, I'll just flip you the bird.

Michelle needs money so she can travel to Canada and the US to meet bloggers.
I accept cash, personal check, and paypal. I also need the money to travel to Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and Trinidad....there are bloggers all over the place who I want to meet.

Michelle needs a good man to care for her and tend to her as she deserves.

Michelle is stacked from head to toe. ... It's obvious Michelle is one hot mama who's not afraid to expose her best.
Well, I am glad someone recognizes this.

Michelle is different.
Ya think???

Michelle is likely to be mounted on the telescope.
*snort* Those astronomers have interesting fantasies.

Michelle is woman of the year.
Is there a monetary prize involved?

Michelle likes a pretty big guy.

*giggle and nod

Michelle likes to make faces at the babies.
Well, it's fun to watch them laugh when I do.

Michelle likes a partner who is mentally alive.
Brain dead specimens needs not apply.

Michelle wants to pull an all-nighter.
Yeah, with that good man who wants to treat me as I deserve, with that pretty big guy. The telescope is an optional accessory.

Michelle wants to meet 8 people.
Um, can you count the blogs over in my sidebar? Up that number a bit.

Michelle wants you to know that she is very committed to your appt come rain, shine or snow storm.
Especially if you are a good man...

Michelle gets more experience battling evil.
Super Lime!!! Defender of truth, blogging, and the ridiculous meme way!

Michelle gets chased by various members of the animal kingdom.
Must be that porkchcop I was wearing.

Michelle gets the last laugh.
Always. Mwahahahahaha!!!!

Not that it seems to make a hill of beans difference.

Michelle says to ~JJ~: those aren't the droids we're looking for.
Um, that's not a droid at all...

Michelle says that Melinda has a nice set of nostrils on her...
...because if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

Michelle does New Hampshire
Well, if Debbie does Dallas I should get New England. The only problem is the lack of alliteration. Michelle does Montpelier? Naw....

Michelle does Europe.
Again with no alliteration...Monacco?

Michelle does battle with bureauracy gone mad.
I think this is referring to getting more experience battling evil....

Michelle does have a stunt double.
Unfortunately, she had the day off when I went ziplining.

Michelle does Passion Parties!
Wanna come?

Michelle eats mozarella sticks the lazy way.
Does this involve the big guy who knows how to treat me feeding them to me?

Michelle eats Doritos.
Oh yes she does! (#4 under 'things I missed')

Michelle eats curt and gains his mutant power.
Well how else do you think I became Super Lime?


Jim said...

You're right . . . this is very weird.


Charles said...

OMG. Related products: Energizer batteries, 'cause they just keep going and going?

Funny one Michelle. Does this mean your husband doesn't have these qualities?

Breazy said...

LMAO! You are so hilarious!

lime said...

jim, you say that like it's a bad thing...

charles, i am sooo pleading the 5th on that one. ;)

breazy, don't applaud, just throw money

steve said...


Love that!!

Heather said...

Thats is pretty damn funny. I'll have to try it!!

Logophile said...

oh yeah, good stuff, heh heh heh

S said...

I dont go anywhere without my inhaler. Just not having it makes me breath wierd....
Strange, I know.

HOpe the kids are ok now..I am having a heck of a time myself with allergies right now...argh!


Anonymous said...

Lime you are soooo funny and make me laugh all the time.:)

Michelle, you get tagged more than Paris Hilton at a BJ marathon.
(did I really say that?)

bad kitty bad kitty!

lime said...

steve, heather, logo....thank you, glad you all enjoyed..

s, yes, the notion of carrying an inhaler at all times has hopefully stuck with the child now.

tc, i am so glad i make you laugh...YOUR comment made me guffaw! (yes, you really said that!) lmao

KFarmer said...

You are such a good sport- and great fun :)

bsoholic said...

Hahaha! Great commentary! :D

airplanejayne said...



err, no, carried away.


this is too much fun -- gonna do this on my site.

::runs around room, Phoebe style::
bloggy things, bloggy things, yeah!

lime said...

kfarmer, always glad when i can put a smile on your face

bs, why thank you, thank you very much

apj, the poles on buses, telescopes, we are wild women....good thing 3000 or so miles separate us, huh? just imagine the commotion...can't wait to see what you do with this

SignGurl said...

I would have loved to hear the JJ conversation about droids. Hehe!

Chikken said...

That was weird and fun. But guess what? NO FUN for Cindra...I typed in my name and it was a total flop. Bummer, dude.


~Tim said...

I hope that 'big guy' didn't just look that way through the telescope....

These are too funny!

MONA said...

I am laughing my ass off { OMG I hope that doesnt make me 'assless' soon!]
You are so much fun! I hope that you get all you'want' & have all you 'need'and be what you'is'[sic] and and do what you'like', 'get' all you want[again ut with differnt emphasis], and 'eat' evrything which includes you BM [ I am soooo naughty some times!But hey you men, bring it on!!]

barman said...

I love you. You can make the best out of anything. This was so much fun. I started to comment and got distracted. In the end I gave it a try myself. Then I discovered I had not finished this comment. Boy a couple of hour comment. Talk about slow.

This is odd but your comments really make it fun.

Dorky Dad said...

You battle evil? Can I take you with me to the DMV? Can I give you the address of a couple of ex-bosses of mine?

G-Man said...


I HATE BEING 21st!!!

lime said...

signgurl, yes that would have been interesting ;)

chikken, try your middle name :)

tim, LOL, excellent point!

mona, thank you thank you, an assless mona? there's an image? i hope that never happens.

barman, glad you enjoyed it. yours was a lot of fun too

dorky dad, point me in their direction. i can at least squirt some lilme juice in their eye...wait, that doesn't sound quite right...

lime said...

gman, a special comment just for you....1st or 21st, you'll always be very special.

Hypersonic said...

So. I have this telescope...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I wasn't here yesterday (I swear -- look at your stats) but I did this same thing in my today's post (a slightly different version). Very cool coincidence.

I love what Google came back with -- and love your responses.