Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm tired of...

Being left to carry a load by myself.

Disrespectful words.

Bad attitudes.


People trying to manipulate me.

Being told whatever is convenient at the time, whether it is true or not.

Demanding things be done NOW.

A lack of a sense of personal responsibility.

A sense of entitlement.

I'm fucking tired of it ALL.


G-Man said...

Of course my Dear Limey, you are just referring to your family..
Because most people that know anything about you, appreciate you
Love you
respect you
Enjoy you
love to talk with you
Love to make you happy
Want you to have what is deserving of you
Know that you are Wonderful
Know that you are loving
Make no demands on you

...Want to Dance with you!
Cheer Up there pumpkin,and if these few little words don't help any......?
Rant On again!! I for one don't mind ever listening to you, because you are always there for all that needs you...We are your sounding board, and for all that don't like it...
FTITA...*wink*..Galen xox

BTExpress said...

As I would too. I suggest you stop doing things that are taken for granted, like laundry. Insist that they help or your just not going to do it for them. Worked for my son. Good luck because this is going be a rough trip, but well worth it in the end.

Charles said...

Let us lighten your load,
you have nothing but our respect,
sometimes moods are like that, remember hormones play a major role,
we are thankful you are who you are,
I admit I'm trying to manipulate you to feel better, sorry,
the truth is you're wonderful,
I do want you to feel better NOW,
I'll take the responsibility, blame me,
we all expect a little more than we should.

You need to get yourself some rest, doll. You'll feel better then anyway.

Phain said...

you didn't tell me we were twins.

Brian said...

I've known all of those feelings at one time or another. I'm sad that you are feeling them now.

Please email me if you wish to "chat"


snowelf said...

Hi Lime, sweetie! (is that an oxymoron? Yep. That's okay, it's a perfect one.)

I bet you are tired of that crap--I felt exhausted just from reading your list...
You and all of us know that you are not being appreciated, and I hope that comes to an end and something lifts your spirits soon.

I wish I could tie dye this comment just for you.


Logophile said...

Aw, Limey,
so sorry.
My guest room awaits.

MONA said...

Lime? Oh Michelle! I can empathise...

(((HUGS))) we all love you very much. We & they too know that you are a gem.
When I feel like that , I just get away on my own for a day or two.You never know the worth of a something, unless you have lost it. It is a case of being taken for granted.
I know we all have our needs, but I for one have developed an attitude of having no expectations from anyone. It hurts less that way, believe me.
But still nothing justifies disrespectful words.& it surprises me, because in the entire blogsphere, I think you are the most respectable lady around.I have always found myself holding you in a high esteem & that is because I FEEL that way for you.

They cannot do without you Michelle & sometimes rude behaviour, I heard is something that one exhibits when one fears losing the privlages that one extorts from the other.It is really a manipulative way, to feel in control.They do it because they know that they cannot do without you.

KFarmer said...

Oh darlin- you and I could so talk-How I wish we could have a little girl get together. I know you're tired dove, I know you are. God knows I do- It's a hard row to hoe.

I'm guessing it's your kids- (that's my experience), I came to the conclusion that it happens as a break away process that all parents and children go through. Your kids love you and you are the glue that holds the Lime family together- am I right? It's going to be just as hard on the kids as it is for you when they leave. They are trying out their wings and the more they love you, the worse their behavior will be. Silly huh?

If you take their crap, they are going to continue to dish it out. It was a test of wills in my fammily. Did I mention I come from stubborn stock? The apples don't fall far from the tree either, but when you're right, your're right- and when you're wrong, you're wrong. They will figure that out- by hook or by crook :)

Things I learned from my Mother and helped me along the way~ I hope in some way they may help you too.

Left a load? Say: if you expect to eat tonight, then I suggest you get your ass behind some of these grocery bags.. (you can clean these up if you would like- my mother never cussed but I do on occasion :)

Disrespect? Shame them- say something like: I cannot believe I raised such an asshole that would talk ugly to their mother- and walk away.

Bad attitude? Suggest they remove themselves and their attitude from your presence before you do...

Ingrate? Remind them of it next time they want something and just say no, but hell no.

Manipulate? Laugh in their face and walk away and mutter to yourself.. I can't belive they thought I would fall for that shit...

Brushed off? Throw it back in their face every chance you get and remind them it was their own doing.

Now? Suggest they do it themself and remind them of the groceries that are still in the car.

Responsibility? Calmly tell them that if they are not able to take care of their own business, how in the world could you ever let them be responsible for something of yours- such as Mom, I need to borrow.. Tell them to go clean their room and then you can talk turkey.

Entitlement? Suggest they get a job if they need something that bad. My grandmothers famous words (which I still use today) I've heard people in hell want ice-water too...

Hang in there darling- as my Mom once said to me (and it was a comfort when I was going through the same with mine) "it was a test of wills with you three kids, and by God, if it was either you or me, I was not going down".

Catch your breath love, it ain't easy being a mom but in the long run- it's worth everything.

Big (((HUGS))) to you :)

MONA said...

Lime! I have been thinking about you all day. How I wish I could just talk to you!

You are much cherished here & we feel sad when you do!


I pray to God That you might have a beautiful Sunday!

Charles said...

I hope this day finds things better for you.

Sheri said...


I hope things are taking a turn for the better.

Thinking of you

Shari said...

I know how you feel. Sigh. I have often felt like this. Just yesterday I felt like everyone, mostly hubby, felt that I was to do what they expected me to do. Cook a nice supper. Watch the kids outside. Clean. Clean. Clean. Everyone else is having fun or relaxing. I felt being taken for granted.

You are not alone. Thanks for sharing.

S said...

I'm just gonna say, you need a vacation without them.
I said WITHOUT them.
Do it ASAP
It's gonna be ok. but yeah, somehow the mom always manages to be the bad guy all the time....


The Zombieslayer said...

A lack of a sense of personal responsibility.

A sense of entitlement.

These are two of my big annoyances.

RennyBA said...

Sorry you feel this way - I do understand you and good you could get it out of your chest - a good start for getting rid of it!

Now I really hoped you could go canoeing with us and relax in the wonderful nature fare away from stress and things that bothers you!

Boysenberry said...

Bugger, mate.

Here's hoping that they realise the true value of Lime.

lecram sinun said...

Hope you will pull through this period soon. If you need to vent... shoot me an email.

Cosima said...

:( ... I would be tired of it too. How about letting them fend for themselves for a while, and do something special, just for you?

S said...

OK get back here and tell us that youre a little bit better, and wow, don't you have a mess of rockin' cool blogger peeps!?

SignGurl said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. I hope that things are better today.

{{{ HUGS }}}

Pauline said...

Have a rest. Let them sort themselves out for a while and don't do what isn't appreciated. Take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I wasn't here to offer support for you lime. I do very little blogging on the weekends.
I love you and your posts always make me laugh or think.
I'm sure these stormy clouds will pass and you'll be our happy funny cute tie dyed lime again.

steve said...

Girl friend I have been there and you have the right to be tired!!

{{{{{{{{{hugs baby}}}}}}}}}}}

James Goodman said...

That sucks, I wish there was something I could do to cheer you up.