Monday, July 23, 2007


Like I said, I bugged out early Friday morning for a trip to the beach. It's a long drive but I only had myself. There was no husband to whine about traffic, no kids to break up arguments between. I meandered along through beautiful countryside avoiding major highways and driving only secondary, sometimes tertiary roads.

I pulled in at the cottage where my dad and step mom were staying and they greeted me happily and without demands...what a novel concept. I had a big smile on my face from the relaxing tour on the way down already and the happiness continued after the greeting and quick unpacking. Had a bite to eat, put on my bathing suit, and we headed off to the beach.

My step mom's sister owns a nearby cottage and there were several other of her family members there the same weekend who joined us on the beach. We pack a cooler of snacks to munch on while the sun sets. My step mom being the generous sort needs to share her snacks with the seagulls too.

Apparently one on the beach has developed quite a sense of territory and entitlement due to SM. The bird sees her coming and rushes up to her with a very hopeful look and waits for her to peel off part of her string cheese to toss to him. He also gets quite irate with anyone else who tries to horn in on the string cheese action and manages to chase them off. SM's nephew wondered what the bird would do at the end of the summer when the string cheese supplier went home for good. I said I could just imagine the poor addicted bird walking back and forth on the beach trembling, wide eyed and desperate, shaking down anyone within wing's length for spare change. SM has clearly only provided a gateway drug for this poor creature who will probably be stealing cheese balls from kids to feed his habit. We also decided he needed a name....Cheddar, which was shortened to Chet. Then I thought maybe he was really a she and should be called Brie. I dunno. Clearly the sun was affecting us all.

We also instituted some rules at the beach. It is vacation after all and isn't laundry a pain in the butt when you get home? Well, let's avoid a big pile and just wear a few clothes as possible. Yes, we could have gone with Lori and Tony's Nudity Rules, but quite honestly I don't really need to see my dad and SM naked and I don't think they really want to see me. So we had the apres swim One Garment Rule. No more, no less than one garment per person was allowed. Here SM is demonstrating her adherence to the rule since she has an unnatural affection for socks even in 90 degree weather..look Ma, no socks (or undies...but no pics of lack of VPL or bras out of respect for SM).

Saturday night Dad and SM treated me to a FABULOUS meal and at a really wonderful restaurant. I just can't say anything bad about the food. It was incredible. Good wine, good food, good conversation. We drove there in Dad's convertible during which time SM quipped that convertible drivers and passengers have a whole new appreciation for what a blow job is. Yes, she really said that. Have I mentioned how much SM makes me laugh and how much she rocks? There's Dad up there driving along and me pondering SM's remark. Hehehe.

It all came to an end too soon but it sure was fun while it lasted there were some other epiphanies during my weekend too...I don't know if it is just the season for it or what....I may or may not write about those later. Regardless, it was quite a perfect weekend. I'm so grateful for the time and for SM's generosity to let me join everyone.


M said...

Awesome. Glad you had some time away to recharge your batteries.

MyUtopia said...

What fun! I am glad you got that much needed break from responsibility. It is great that you can get away to someplace so relaxing.

I awarded you something, check it out.

Moosekahl said...

I'm so happy for you! That is an awesome picture of you in the look carefree and simply happy. Glad you took some time for you! Love ya

Shari said...

Good for you. Taking a break can be just what the doctor, or rather, the bloggers, ordered. Glad you had fun. I couldn't talk like that with my parents or in-laws. In a way, that must have been cool.

Thanks for sharing. You looked so relaxed in your picture.

Wonderful "getting away" break. :)

rose_michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I guess that it probably wasn't long enough. The whole one item of clothing rule generally applies to my family when we go camping too, but lately vacations are just me and George so the no clothes rule is o.k.

G-Man said...

What a wonderful vacation you had. I had no idea what your trip entailed until now. Those of us that know you Sweetie, are very happy you went...
Thanks Trini..xoxoxox

Tommy said...

Oh yeah ... one item rule and talking about sex? What kind of cabins WERE these ... and how far in advance do you have to have a reservation? Welcome back.

lecram sinun said...

I was actually gonna suggest some "lime time" in light of recent hiccups... but you beat me to the punch. Good on ya! Glad it was a good trip. :)

gab said...

Dont you just love mini vacations? I need one badly. lol But then again I would either have to take all 4 grandsons or stay at home....Sigh

S said...

LOL @ SM...what a gal!
You look positively refreshed, HURRAY!

I swear, Lime, your relatives seem like the coolest!!! *even MIL?*

word veri: i cake

MONA said...

O Lime! I am so gald you enjyed your weekend with them!
Thanks for sharing those pictures!
& you look just so beautiful out there!!!

Charles said...

Whee Haw! Glad you got the time for thought and recharging. What about that picture in the convertible reminds me of Thelma and Louise?
Please do what is good for our Lime, ultimately it'll be best for the entire family.

Breazy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am glad you were able to get away from the norm and have a nice time with your Dad and SM.

I love the pics!


Logophile said...

Ahhhh, the beach, low stress, good food, good wine, what more can a gal ask?
Another week?

Keyser Soze said...

That's just byouteefool!
SO SO SO glad you had a good time!
My mom and G-mom are coming to visit this weekend. I'm twtching from the stress already. Shoot me now.

RennyBA said...

Yuiiiippppy - some time all by your own - recharging batteries and been taken good care of - you deserved it and we can tell it did you good!
That's what I call quality time you know:-)

Cosima said...

...looks like it was just what the doctor ordered. I am so glad that you had such a relaxing time.

A seagull addicted to string

Gawpo said...

Hmmm. I see you couldn't manage a picture of a bald eagle on your post.

Too bad.

Oh, wait a minute. Did I just say that because I have on on MINE?

That is just downright mean. Bad Gawpo!