Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Schmoozy, Creative AND Thoughtful!

Out there in a blogosphere exists a Dorky Dad who has the internet's #1 site for Lobster Panties, a man who does even crazier things to memes than I do, a man who when he perceives injustice is forced to add a paragraph in my defense and then award me this....

Now I am supposed to award 5 other people with this glorious award for the ability to generate interactions and increasing social interaction on the web with their fabulously schmoozerific ways. I know about half the blogosphere has been awarded this thing already and YOU may already be a winner...simply agree to buy 12 tie dye shirts from me in the next 6 months for 24 easy monthly installments of $49.95 to be entered in the sweepstakes. No? Ok, I'll just get on with it then...

Gman has got to be the schmooziest schmoozer going. He's been blogging less than a year and already seems to know everyone and all about them. His comment section is like a party every day.

Dan is another schmoozer extraordinaire. The guy is just hilarious and even though he posts infrequently he gets absurdly high numbers of comments and RESPONDS to them...much to the chagrin of his cat.

Susie is the queen of schmooze. I find a new blog to read and I often find she has already been there or follows close behind. She and Mr. Ratburn do some of the most fun-loving HNTs I've ever seen.

Top Cat who is just such a welcoming fellow he makes everyone feel comfortable at his place. He'd certainly get special mention below as a thoughtful blogger too.

Lecram who also qualifies for the creative blogger award below because how can you NOT qualify when you write a musical about frogs? But he's also all about promoting arts and artists and getting the word out for artistic types.

Then I saw that Myutopia awarded me as a Thoughtful and Creative Blogger and I am supposed to give those out to 5 people.

You know...I couldn't read any of you if I didn't see a sense of thoughtfulness in you and I'm not going to try to narrow it down any further.

James has to get this partly because he is a tremendous writer. He also managed to get me to read a genre I never ever thought I would enjoy, horror. He's put up some hard punching vignettes and teased us with beginnings to novels. I was privileged enough to read one of his unpublished full novels about vampires and LOVED it. This is no small thing since I swore off vampire books when I was 10 and read one that kept me up with nightmares for days after!

Mark is another horror writer who astonishes me. He is also one of the silliest guys doing HNT. He comes up with extended series involving Darth Tater and the Spudtroopers. It is gut busting funny. They way he marvels over his little boy makes me smile a mile wide too.

Keyser Soze has been having blog problems lately but he is a gifted musician. He paints and writes too so he hits just about every way a person can be artistically creative. If that doesn't qualify him I don't know what would! I stand in awe of people who are so multi-talented.

Nana-G is a new blogger and in the short time I have been reading her I am simply blown away by her poetic way with words.

Pauline and Cathy get votes too for their writing. Poetry, Friday 55s and short stories fill the blogs of these two gals who just happen to be related to each other. Creativity must run in their family.

And if all that is not good enough, it seems Cooper is not satisfied with the amount of factoids about me here on my own blog. I've done 100 things about me twice. I've done a variation of 8 random facts 4 times already. I think there is enough information about me to make me a trivia category all by myself. 'Yes Alex, I'll take Lime for $500.' Honey, if you think I can be bought you are sadly mistaken... Ok, maybe in doing this meme again I will qualify for the Narcissistic Blogger Award, but Cooper is new and I AM thoughtful so I guess I'd better get creative now too.

1. Blood type is O+. I have been a blood donor since I was 17. I have my 5 gallon pin. I was interrupted by pregnancy, foreign travel, and anti-malarial meds. Finally, they decided I was anemic. I tried to donate for another year and kept getting deferred and haven't been back since. I'm a little bummed by that. Not because I enjoy having large bore needles rammed into my veins but because it is a simple act that can save a life and you know, there are also times when it's not so bad to endure that just so someone checks to make sure you are still living and then feeds you free donuts after it all.

2. Shoe size was 7.5 but after bearing a 9.5 lb baby my feet permanently widened and now I wear an 8.

3. Mother's maiden name has a meaning related to fiddle playing. Father's last name is different but has the same meaning. In spite of this, they did NOT make beautiful music together.

4. Urine samples. When I was preggers the first time I was on bed rest for pre-eclampsia and had to do several 24 hour urine samples, which meant collecting every drop for the day and keeping it in the fridge so it didn't spoil before It could go to the lab. Isn't THAT special? It was even more special to try to aim the pee into a 3 inch diameter opening while working around an 8.5 month pregnant belly. I really wished I could just whip it out like you guys at that point. I used a big funnel instead.

5. Name. In my family, first born daughters get mother's name as middle name.

6. Rank. Yes, If I fail to bathe.

7. Serial Number. L6293. Ok, actually that is military humor combined with extremely arcane librarian humor that I don't really expect anyone to get.

8. Totally random factoid. I love dandelions. A world without them is a world without daily mommy bouquets.

Phew....that's all done...I feel drained. Someone gimme a donut please....


M said...

Hm. You love dandelions. Come by my place. I am thinking of picking the dandelions in the yard and frying them up in a pan.

M said...

And by the way if there is an anti-social blogger award, I think I can step up for that one. I have been remiss in my commenting lately. Oh well, we all go thru stages. I will visit the blogs you have suggested in an effort to be more blogger social!

Dan said...

Lime! Thanks so much! You are such a sweetheart for giving me that award. Blush, blush.

Here ... have a Corona. I'm having mine with some Lime. :)

Loved your entry for "Rank".


lecram sinun said...

WOW! I feel absolutely AWARDARIFIC! Thank you, Lime! Heck I should get out of these torn jeans and into a tux or something! Oops... don't have a tux... how about a clean sarong?

BTW... I'm finishing up that little "something" and you should get it early next week. ;)

SignGurl said...

Just got caught up. I'm so happy that you got to go away sans family. A recharge always makes me feel better.

G-Man said...

You are way too kind to The G-Man...
I'm with Dan, TC, Lecram,
And Susie..???
Holy Cow Batlime!!!
I've hit the Big Time!!!!
Thanks sweetie, You Rock!!.xoxoxox

Keyser Soze said...

Yay! MY first bloggy award! Yay!
Thank you dear. YOu made my day, truly!

MONA said...

so many awards! Congratulations! You deserve them!

& I love dandelions too :)

Diesel said...

Congrats, Lime!

James Goodman said...

ah, thank you so much, Lime. That really means a lot to me. :D

James Goodman said...

oh, and I know this is going to shock you, but...I'm also type O Positive. :D

We have so much in common it's almost scary.

MyUtopia said...

Great post! Congrats on all of your awards. I really liked the meme. That was really creative using the funnel!

Paul Champagne said...

Thanks for turning me on to James' Blog ... I do like that genre.

The Zombieslayer said...

Dandelions? I used to pick them as a weed. I always wondered why Dad made me pick them, because they are pretty flowers. He said something along the lines that he likes them, just other people don't, and being a real estate agent, sometimes you have to do what other people like. :(

cathy said...

I'm a daisy girl myself.
Thanks for the kind words about my lowly blog too:)

Jocelyn said...

Naturally, I love arcane librarian humor. You probably guessed that.

And now you just collect your urine out of habit?