Monday, October 22, 2007

6x6 meme

It's Monday morning and I have had to drive one Limelet who missed his bus, I got texted by an older Limelette who needs a forgotten item at school. The cupboards are also fairly bare so I need to get groceries. You get a meme today, but at least I have a reputation for making them somewhat interesting to read. Trust me, there's a payoff today.

1. Name six things in your refrigerator

-A bowl of habanero peppers

-Leftover stewed lentils

-A jar of pickled peppers dating from the Mesozoic Era (Peter Piper did not pick them)

-Some pesto I made last week

-An odd residue underneath the bottom drawer. I think it may be something that could evolve into that monster, Zool, Sigourney Weaver faced in Ghostbusters.

2. Name six things in your freezer

-Ice trays



-Some unidentifiable bag of rock hard goo...Frozen Zool?

-Much less venison than 11 months ago, time to get hunting!

-Whatever ice cream carton the limelets have emptied and not bothered throwing away

3. Name six things under your kitchen sink

-Our entire collection of books which spans a section of wall roughly 20 feet x 6 feet downstairs. We discovered when pipes froze and then burst this was not a well thought out location for books.

-A coffee can covered in felt, I think it was an art project one of the Limelets made. Oh be quiet! I didn't throw it away. It is serving a useful function.

-Pipes, which are helpful in draining said sink.

-A basin which functions as a foot bath or a barf bucket as need dictates

-Some very tacky linoleum installed by the previous owners, which does clean up more readily than the bare wood would. It is not, however, as tacky and hideous as the linoleum that was on the floor before we covered it up with some understated and sensible Pergo.

-A supply line for the squirty thing on the sink. This line constantly gets hung up on the shutoff valves for the sink and I wind up having a tug of war with it when I try to use the squirty thingy. Usually the supply line and shutoff valves win but I am stupid enough to think if I just yank harder one day I will win.

4. Name six things around your computer

-A macaroni encrusted mug

-My inhaler

-A stuffed armadillo I bought in Texas because my son once had a weird dream and argued with me in his sleep about his need for a stuffed armadillo upon which to draw. I got him back to sleep by telling him we were all out of stuffed armadillos but I'd get him one when I had a chance. It took several years but I kept my promise. (Yes, we still tease him about the armadillo dream and obviously, he comes by his whacked out dreams honestly.)

-My iPod

-An empty Altoids tin

-A guitar slide

-Blow Pops

-A Christmas ornament Logo sent me in January.

-A beer cooler

-2 pottery things I made in 8th grade

-Postage stamps from Hong Kong, Kazakstan, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, UK, and some country that is on the Euro but I can't decipher the name of

-Broken sunglasses

-A fragment of the Berlin Wall

-A Swiss coin

-A blood pressure monitor

-A bag of empty printer ink cartridges

-Toenail clippers (I think my son left them here but fortunately I don't see and toenail clippings in the vicinity)


-A stack of books

-The game 'Set'

-An old delivery confirmation slip for some tie dyes shirts I mailed out.

-A heart made out of plastic fuse beads

Yes, I know that's more than 6 desk is a perpetual avalanche threat with a weird collection of items and I got carried away sharing.

5. Name six things in your medicine cabinet


-Toothbrush (I saw that 'Mythbusters' episode about toilet spray hitting toothbrushes...ICK)


-Shaving cream

-Nail clippers


Very boring medicine cabinet, my apologies. I keep the exciting things elsewhere, obviously.*

6. Name six things on or around your nightstand

-A lamp with doodles all over the shade, including one of a hunter standing over a bloody deer carcass

-Olive oil body butter


-A box I sewed out of orange batik fabric

-A piece of driftwood


* Apparently Diana has located the other 'exciting things.' Here's the conversation that revealed it to me.

Diana: Mom, when you go shopping you should put personal lubricant on your list.

Me: Oh? why is that?

Diana: I noticed you're getting low.

Me: Beg pardon? How would you know that?

Diana: Oh I found where you keep it and I check every so often so I know how often you and Dad have sex.

Me: And the frequency of our sex life would be your business because???

Diana: Well, I need to know what is normal and what is not. If I don't keep tabs on you and Dad I will be forced to go have all sorts of sex myself so I can find out what is normal.

Well, at least she didn't figure out I need batteries on my list too....


Jodes said...

oooh 1st

Jodes said...

Hi there Lime!! How are you? Good here, bbut worried about my friends and the fire burning down 2 cities nearby. :( Has it hit the news outside of CA?? Hope all is well. I posted recently, it had been a whole month. WOW.

S said...

OK There seems to be alot of this getting into the grownup drawers around here in blogland...I know someone else whos child recently staged an exploration in her bedside cabinets!

I keep my bedroom locked :D

Man you sure do have a lot of stuff on your desk!

Theresa said...

You'd better hide your exciting stuff in a safer place. ;)

lecram said...

batteries? how 20th century... you need to upgrade to the nuclear powered model... talk about an afterglow, huh? lol

rose_michelle said...

Thanks for reminding me to add some things to my shopping list too :) I did just have that wonderful vacation in Mexico and that outdoor bed was too good to pass up ... but I digress.

Thanks for stopping by, it seems like it's been forever since we've had a really good "back and forth" commenting session. Hope you've been keeping TG in check while I'm on vacation.

Moosekahl said...

Children are such gifts :)

Paul Champagne said...

My kids used to let us know "they heard us" when we had sex.

And we really tried to be quiet.

Maybe we should have gone into the other room, or waited till they fell asleep.

Charles said...

LOL! Funny stuff, Lime. I love your memes.

What's the obsession the meme creator had with naming things. I'd have to give things names, if I did this one. Name 6 things in your freezer. OK, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Elton, and David...(all named after Brit rock stars.)

M said...

OMG! your daughter is hilarious.
healthy because she can talk to you about sex. disturbing because she is keeping tabs on your sex life.
on another note: pottery things you made in 8th grade? "things" is kind of general term. were they supposed to be ashtrays and turned into things or did you intend to make "things" and now they sit on your desk? i know that when i did pottery, i always ended up with a mess that i had to explain to people (no, really, it's an ashtray,no it's a bowl, see here, that is kind of a bowl shape... okay, it's abstract art.)

Phaedrous said...


Love the "lube" comment.


Now where are "my" batteries?

lime said...

jodes, yes the fires made the news. i hope they are extinguished soon

s, you don't even keep your bedroom in the rest of the house!

theresa, i'm thinking of going in the opposite direction and just letting it stand rght out inthe open.

lecram, BWAHAHAHAHA! or i could go green and get solar powered toys, heheh

rose, i've been trying my best with TG...can't say i have succeeded

moose, indeed they are

paul, we had the noise conversation a couple years ago

charles, doh! i never even thought of christening the objects. brilliant!

m, the pottery opbjects are currently in use as pen and pencil cans

phaed, brother can you spare a D cell?

SignGurl said...

OMG! Your conversation with Diana is one that I'm waiting to have with #1. This soooo sounds like something she would say. I hear you about the batteries ;)

Charles said...

Hey, just what does one do with an entire bowl of habaneros? One of those things is too much for a large pot of chili. Are you intending on bleeding someone from the gut?

MONA said...

That is so funny.LOL!

Specially the last part...

& those things around the computer are six things? :D

I love your memes!!

~Tim said...

Conversations with children: priceless!

barman said...

OK, for the record ... my parents NEVER had sex, period! Not really sure where my brother, sister and I came from. I can not even imagine that talk with Diana but then, considering who it is, maybe I can. I wonder if Sam's Club has a large economy size? I really love your memes. Never a dull one.

You know if you do not stop fighting with the squirting thing (oh dear, where was I heading with this he said nervously) you are going to break that supply line. Then it is problems with the books all over again.

By the way, I think zool has come to visit me on occasion too. Matter of fact I think I have something in the fridge resembling a science experiment.

G-Man said...

I'm sure YOU need Lube!

...Wait a minute, Your not Greek are you?


The Zombieslayer said...

LOL at the conversation between you and Diana.

A few comments - the guitar slide. Please elaborate. I've never used one, but have utmost respect for those who can make it sound cool.

The iPod - would love to hear what's on it. Maybe a post on what's on your iPod?

Lady Roxanne said...

muahahahah! I love your lists!

you do have some weird shit..

diana is a smart kid..

I just checked my moms weed stash.. that was fun..

Just so that I knew when to ask her for stuff I wanted..


lime said...

signgurl, i'm here for you when it happens

charles, you put them in the pot whole, not diced. it infuses a really nice flavor without setting things on fire.

mona, i got carried away

tim, or costly...depending on your perspective. ;)

barman, i have considered to ramifications of winning the tug of war...

g-man, half greek, yes :P

zombieslayer, it's an old slide that came with my grandfather's steel guitar. i'm not especially skilled with it. in fact, not at all. i do have an iPod meme in drafts....maybe soon.

roxanne, so YOU are one of those snoopy kids too huh? lol

Boysenberry said...

Bloody hell, another thing to consider as MissB gets older... rummaging through the bedside drawers :|

Lizard Princess said...

That's great that you can talk about sex so openly- though, I always wished my mom wasn't quite as open about it as she was. She'd say things like how her hip was hurting, and then tell me why! T.M.I.!!!- To the 10th degree!
But, I guess I'd rather have said subject out in the open than have it be a hush-hush taboo sort of thing!

Sudiegirl said...

Uh - when I was a kid I didn't really want to know about my parents' activities.

It's bad enough Mom was a moaner.

lime said...

boysenberry, yes, if it makes youuncomfoartable i suggest hiding things better than i do.

liz, it was an odd thing...always hush hush when i was growing up but when i got to be about 16 it was right out there..yikes!

sudie, LMAO! i had a friend whose mom was a high pitched heavy sigher...i discovered that during a sleepover and my friend and i laughed out asses off.

Logophile said...

Oh my goodness.
Your kids never cease to amaze
Im so glad your lovely macaroni mug has a place of honor in the avalanche!

Anonymous said...

ok so, according to suse, i'm far too busy 'chasing chicks around' to take part in stuff like this...

and you know what...???

she is SO right...!!! LMAO...!!!

ahem...however...i think it's possible that i might have found the one to make me give up...!!!
yes, shock horror...fingers crossed just for now tho Lime...early days and all that...!!!

hope ur good, see u soon babe xxx

MIke Kilgore said...

AH, Mrs Mike says ya need the spare batteries handy, those things quit without much notice!

snowelf said...

I miss having a spray thingy at my sink!! They are so handy!

I bet your coffee can is lovely! :)

Bless Diana!! That is one of the funniest conversations I have ever heard between a mother and daughter. As Snickers and Diana have similar personalities, I'd better pay close attention to your blog so I am prepared! ;)