Friday, December 14, 2007

Da Count-Surprise!

I don't know where Calypso got the singing voice because mine could peel paint. The stinker didn't tell us she had a solo. I only knew she was in the select choir and I was sooooo glad I had the camera when her solo was announced. So indulge me in a moment of motherly pride....


Maddy said...

Indulge away. I bet you're super glad that the camera was charged and with you [triple whammy]

Can anyone explain the extra box that seems to have mysteriously appeared on blogger comments? Something with an update thingy?

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Seamus said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! That's wonderful!

Was mom getting a little excited just as she stepped to the mike????

furiousBall said...

that's awesome. oh believe me, the entire blog world will know the dya my kiddos do something like this!

lime said...

maddy, VERY happy the battery was good AND the memory card had enough space on it. i dunno what's up with blogger.

seamus, i wanted to make sure i had her in the frame. my camera skills seem to rank up there with my singing skills, lol

furiousball, i look forward to seeing your moment of parentla pride.

S said...

So there I was attempting to guess which child was yours. I thought the one in white or the one in purple.
Then the one in red and black steps forward. I wasnt even thinking it was her...
Of course it was. I ought to have known that dark dark hair....

What a lovely voice, you must be so proud AND surprisde!

Great job, Calypso!

Logophile said...

lovely moment for you and THANK YOU for sharing.
Gorgeous gal with a gorgeous voice.
Not an indulgance at all, hon

lecram sinun said...

OK... that got me verklempted... the combination of your pride and the source of it. :)

BTW... tell her she did great.

Oh, the year count is the significant counts of your year.

Casdok said...

Yes awwww!
My voice can peel paint to! Hense my son has his fingers in his ears all the time!!

Charles said...

I'm imagining the pride you felt, the swelling you felt in your chest, but my tears were real.

Jocelyn said...

What self-possession!

I love how the camera shakes with getting-it-ready anticipation when she steps up.

You'd have heard wee sobs out of me, personally.

Well done!

lime said...

s, yeah there is no denying that child is mine!

logo, thanks for the kind words. i'm glad you enjoyed

lecram, i love when yo uget verklempted

casdok, you and i could do a truly horrific duet!

charles, mine were too

jocelyn, the camera work does tell its own story doesn't it, lol

Flash said...

That was nice. No paint peeling here, but then again, I couldn't sing to save a soul.

And I think the camera work is nothing shy of professional!

Melody said...

I miss Concerts...My daughter, with a few others, sang at graduation...I was AMAZED!

Jeni said...

For a young girl, she did a fantastic job with that song - great range, good "warble" affect too - all the good things someone doing a solo should have. And I know how proud I was when my son had a solo part in a Christmas program in school - he did the one of the bad kid, listing all his tricks and at one point, he blames his sister for the actions. When my son got to that part in his solo, he leaned forward and pointed to his younger sister, who was also in the school chorus! It went over really great, as you can imagine!
Bask in the glow that not only can your daughter carry a tune but she does it with grace and aplomb too! KUDOS to Calypso! (and also to her proud parents!)

Pauline said...

You have every right to be proud.

Rebicmel said...

Lime this is awesome and I would be beaming with pride. There is nothing sweeter to hear than youthful voices raised in song and her voice is lovely, it brought tears to my eyes. ((hugs)) to you wonderful wonderful!!!!!!!!!

SignGurl said...

Oh man! I'm verklempt as well. I have tears in my eyes because I can only imagine how proud you are.

She's a beautiful girl with a gorgeous voice.

tsduff said...

Watching Calypso sing was great. Having had three kidlets go through lots of music programs, I know that feeling of pride that just threatens to blur the camera lense with tears :) I wish I had had a video camera when it was my kids - I think I have one sound recording of my son in his Christmas program in 8th grade. He was the trumpet player making the neighing horse sound at the end of the Sleighride song. Man I just loved watching your talented daughter. Bravo!

G-Man said...

I can only imagine how great "C" sounds..
She is very pretty though, It runs in the family..xoxox

barman said...

OK, first I am so with S. I was trying to figure out who it was, who was your daughter. I thought the one in purple then the one in white, then back to the one in purple because I thought the hair was a better match. What a surprise when Calypso stepped up for her solo. She did such a wonderful job and, despite a shaky moment there, so did you.

Thank you so much for sharing. Not only did Calypso do wonderful but I happen to love coral and band concerts having spent my high school years in band. Your clip made my day.

Cosima said...

Lime, please convince Calypso to join the Mamaya-Band. Little man will be the background singer, so all we have to do is tap our Birkis in tune with the rhythm.

I loved watching Calypso sing, she is wonderful!

Bunny said...

What a beautiful and talented young lady!! You have every right to be incredibly proud!!

airplanejayne said...

sweet child, sweet voice, sweet mama.


gab said...

And you have every right to indulge. What a beautiful voice.

Mona said...

That is so AWESOME!!!!!!

I Love her voice. She is so talented & so very beautiful!

You must be so proud Lime! & I feel so happy for you!

Surely its reason enough for G man to get that card now!!! Its high time!

lime said...

flash, a most charitable comment from a true professional. lol

melody, wonderful moment wasn't it?

jeni, sounds like you had a moment of great fun and pride too

pauline, thank you

rebicmel, yep, i welled up alittle too

sign, passing you a tissue

tsduff, aww, your recording must eb dear as well.

gman, you gotta get a sound card!

barman, glad to have put a smile on your face

cosima, i like the way you think. if she fronted mamaya people might actually listen to us!

bunny, thank you :)

apj, sweet comment :)

lime said...

gab, thanks for the indulgence

mona, we gotta take up a collection for gman's soundcard!

KFarmer said...

That was the most wonderfulest (if that's a word) carol I've heard this season. You have every reason to be proud of her. She sings like an angel :)

Lolly said...

Oh, I don't have much luck with videos here at home. I have to save the fun stuff for when I'm at work. But, I can imagine how proud you'd be with such a surprise!

jillie said...

Lime....I can see you beaming all the way in CA! I figured out which one was your daughter pretty much right away. I would be proud too and you have every right to be.


Anonymous said...

You've all the reasons in the world to be proud and how very, very good you had the cam ready - well done! She was nice and sing well - I'm so happy for you!

RennyBA's Terella

Palm Springs Savant said...

Lime you must be so proud of the little 'un! She did a great job with her solo!

The Zombieslayer said...

Lime - You and me both. When I sing, people duck and cover. Some even roll.

Yeah, she has a good voice. It's clear when she hits the high notes too. I guess voice sometimes skips generations. ;)

javajazz said...

wow. what an incredibly sweet moment.
she's sounds just beautiful and she is beautiful.
she seems a tad shy but still kept her composure.
and aint it just like kids to not bother mentioning the HUGE solo she had in the concert...! thank you for sharing this proud moment, mom...!
of course i got all weepy.....!

lime said...

kfarmer, nice to get the independent verification ;)

lolly, hope yo uhave a chance at home

jillie, i'm that obvious huh? lol

renny, thank you. i was very proud

zombie, she has just ALWAYS been very musically inclined in every way.

javajazz, she told me she kept it a secret on purpose, she wanted me to be surprised.

lime said...

savant, i was very proud of her and happy for her too. she's wanted a solo for a long time.

Queenie said...

You must feel so very proud.
Thanks for sharing, wonderful.

Marie said...

I love how the camera got all shaky when she stepped forward!

Dorky Dad said...


By the way, I need to re-paint my son's bike. Do you provide paint-peeling CDs of your voice? Or do you have to peel the paint in person?

lime said...

queenie, thanks for sharing the pride

marie, that expert camera work of mine, lol

dorky dad, unfortunately only live will do, memorex doesn't cut it.

Gawpo said...

Oh! My! GAWD, Magnum! She was wonderful.

Doesn't look a thing like you (cough, cough).

Is she the deer slayer? Or the cell phone expert? Or both?

lime said...

gawpo, yep, there is no denying that one! she is my cell phone tutor.

Moosekahl said...

i have a broken finger so i'm slow making rounds this week...not only can she sing but she is the best dressed one too...where do some of those kids get their clothes!

Theresa said...

That was fabulous! Calypso has a beautiful voice, no wonder you're so proud of her.

Mark Leslie said...

Wow, that little stinker sure has a beautiful voice - cute that she didn't tell you about it ahead of time, and cuter still to see you scramble a bit with the camera when she stepped up for her solo. Lots of talent in that family of yours (and boy oh boy - every time I see her I think how much she looks like you)