Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sorry, no pics today. Birthday celebrations and sick kids and holiday preparations took over this week. Since we are supposed to put the year's best back up in a couple weeks why don't you let me know what you found to be memorable, but I won't limit it to just this year if you are a long time reader and have a favorite from a long time ago.


furiousBall said...

hope the kids feel better. i've only been reading for a few weeks, so i'm completely worthless

S said...

What? Now I have to remember stuff?
Well, I love the irony of you posing as Mowgli in our Hijacked HNT, when, who knew that sometime in the near future, you would be gong through all that arm stuff!

But everytime I see that pic of you swinging on your robe like Mowgli, even dressed as him, I just wanna cover my eyes because I know whats coming!

HHNT ...hey you could post the Mowgli pic! That would freak everyone out, they will start worrying about you!

Word veri: htbtchmha

Hot Bitch Mama? WOW

S said...

Uhhh that was swinging on your ROPE not robe!

Biscuit said...

I hope your kiddos get well soon! I'm going to do the same with my fave HNT. One from this year, and then my all-time fave, which was my very first one ever.

Biscuit...a little more so

Lapis Ruber said...

Sorry to hear the kids are unwell. It's a real worry when that happens, I know. Hope it's nothing serious and doesn't spoil your holidy celebrations. Happy HNT

Maddy said...

Birthdays and sick mum around here. Many happy returns of the day.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Rebicmel said...

I liked they way you expressed yourself in the Shilohette HNT. Thought that was classy and sexy at the same time.

Happy remembering HNT

jillie said...

Your green dress! That was so pretty. memory isn't shot. I even amaze myself at times ;o)

Good luck with the sickies and everything else...

HHNT're not going to believe this but as graceful as I am...I actually tried to climb, ok I did climb onto the ottoman and put the lights on trying to balance on one foot. But...that didn't last long cos I almost!

Paul Champagne said...

Hope the kids feel better and that you don't catch it from them (yeah right ... my grand-kids give me everything).

BTExpress said...

Let's see, I have a few favorites, but I'll like anything you bring back that shows skin. ;-)

Happy HNT anyway!

barman said...

Sounds like you have a crazy few weeks in store. I hope everyone is back in your neck of the woods soon.

As to the favorite. I would have to say one of the tie-dye series. That is so you. I suppose I shall have to go reserching you HNT's. It is a dirty job but someone needs to do it. ;)

Charles said...

I'm kind of like Jillie in thinking the green dress one, but for different reasons. It was one where you looked really happy, and I like seeing people really happy.

Gledwood said...

Have a good 'un!

Gledwood said...

(Holiday Season, I mean)

+ a highly entertaining new year!!

SignGurl said...

Take care of you too!

Polt said...

Im gonna wish you a Happy HNT anyway, sweetie.

My memory sucks, so asking me to remember something is pretty hit or miss...but I do recall one, where you're in the LOVELY green dress, and standing by the door, waving the kids off to school...for some reason, that one just cracked me up, so I'll go with that! :)


G-Man said...

I loved the one where you had the leather knee high boots, and the tight red corset..
The black garter belt..
And NO panties..
That was my most memorable one..

gab said...

Sorry you have sick kids. Hope they fell better soon. Happy hnt-less anyways.

Seamus said...

My fav was the "guitar HNT"!

Cooper said...

I think this is kid sick week..glad mine are already gone...(woo hoo)..hope evryone gets well quickly!!!

barman said...

I did a look back at your HNTs. I do not know if you will ever see this or if it even matters but... here is my top 5 of your HNTs. Note: A Letter to My Birthmother made it partially because of the picture but mostly because of what you said in the post. Of course the winner needed to have tie-dye involved in it.

Oh and one more thing before I get started. I tried to click on your HNT label and it only showed me some of your HNTs, the last 25 to be exact. So I did a little peeking around the Internet and found out that if you click on a label it will build a URL line at the top of your browser. If you add this to the end of that line it will show more. So your line that would have been

add this after HNT with no spaces


This will show up to 100 posts and worked so I could see all your HNT posts. I know this probably is not useful to you but it is not that hard to do and thought you may find it useful when looking for your favorite HNT to post per the request of Oz.

Here is my top 5 with 1 being my favorite.

5) Mask and green dress
4) Happy HNT
3) HNT-St. Limey Girl
2) HNT & A Letter to My Birthmother
1) HNT-I Get Dyed With a Little Help From My Friend

Anonymous said...

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