Monday, January 14, 2008

8 Things Copped from Cooper & Tagged by Goody and Imp

8 Things I'm Passionate About:
1. My family
2. Getting kids excited about books and reading
3. Learning new things
4. Autumn leaves
5. Chocolate
6. My complete and utter disdain for the ramifications of No Child Left Behind legislation and the barely literate boob who came up with it (good theory, unrealistic standards, absolute shit outcome). And while I am at it, have I mentioned how utterly evil I think the Patriot Act is?
7. When that thing I do makes you sigh
8. That thing you do that makes me....ooooooh....yeah....that...mmmmmmm

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Zipline safely
2. Visit Greece
3. Get all my kids to Trinidad
4. Meet a bunch more bloggers
5. Get my master's degree
6. See my kids find their bliss
7. Find my bliss
8. Be certified dead by a licensed physician

8 Things I Say Regularly:
1. Son, where are your glasses and why are they not on your face?
2. I love you
3. Crimony!
4. Bite me! (yes, I say this often enough my kids wanted to buy me a t-shirt that had it on the front)
5. Who took my scissors?
6. Dude!
7. Egads!
8. Well then, my nefarious plan to ruin your life is finally coming to fruition. (My response to any comment from my kids suggesting I am being harsh or unfair)

8 Books I've Read Recently (or am reading now...):
1. 1491 by Charles Mann (currently reading)
2. One Hand Screaming by Mark Leslie
3. A Time to Stand: The Epic of the Alamo by Walter Lord
4. Destination America by Greg Wills
5. Antisocial Commentary by Rob Kroese
6. The American Short Story. An anthology I haven't read start to finish but I've been picking around in.
7. The Writing on the Wall by James Goodman
8. World Art: The Essential Illustrated History

8 Songs I Can Listen to Over and Over Again:
1. The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson (newest earworm), the girls and I like this song but we also like to mess with the lyrics
2. Jingo by Santana, among my favorite kitchen dancing numbers
3. Dream a Little Dream of Me by Cass Elliot, how can ya not love Mama Cass' voice on such a sweet song?
4. Fur Elise, because it's the first significant piece Calypso learned on the piano so the memory makes me smile.
5. Stupid Girls by Pink, cheeky poke at inanity, I love it
6. Arms of a Woman by Amos Lee, only when I sing along I change it to 'arms of a good man'
7. Steal Your Kisses by Ben Harper, another nice one to bop around the kitchen to
8. Dimelo by Marc Anthony, again with the dancing in the kitchen

8 Things that Attract Me To My Friends:
1. Intelligence
2. Sense of Humor
3. Compassion
4. Kindness
5. Playful spirit
6. Creativity
7. Timely payments
8. Powerful magnets

8 Things I Learned in the Last Year:
1. It's never too early to begin the freak show that is presidential campaigning.
2. Meeting fellow bloggers is WONDERFUL!!
3. What a Texas turnaround is.
4. Cooking for a vegetarian in a household of carnivores is kind of a pain and generally thankless.
5. Watching Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs slog through all manner of vileness is really very entertaining and somehow he's damned adorable doing it.
6. Spongebob Squarepants is funny.
7. Yahoo! blows goats more than I ever dared imagine.
8. What to do when a Trojan hits your computer.

And since it seems an 8 Things Meme should have 8 categories I will do the 7 Random Facts Meme Goody and Imp tagged me with, now with a BONUS fact since I have this neurotic need to make things even out.

8 More Random Facts About Me
1. I was a very picky eater as a child. Everything I didn't like to eat got smothered in applesauce. Everything. This included such items as spaghetti, BBQ, and baked beans. I'll pause now while you gag.
2. Even though I despise the stuff, I have two large jars of sauerkraut in my pantry. A German lady in the neighborhood gave it to me. No amount of applesauce could sufficiently hide the taste of sauerkraut. I should just throw it away but...
3. One of my forefathers founded the first ironworks in my state.
4. I love the feel of brand new socks when I put them on for the first time.
5. I kept several stuffed animals from when I was a kid. I have two giant ones (a grey cat and a purple panda) who now live in my crawlspace and I feel guilty that they live in such a place. Yes, I know I am a 39 year old, college-educated woman, but didn't you ever read the Velveteen Rabbit????
6. The cat was my body guard. The panda was my confidante.
7. Like I said, I have this weird need for things to even out and balance. I'll eat an extra cookie just so there is the same number in both sleeves of a pack, dumb stuff like that. Ok, maybe it is just rationalization for eating an extra cookie.
8. I have a sculpted metal wall hanging of bamboo leaves over my fireplace. I liked the 3 dimensionality of it and because to me it looked more like mountain laurel foliage (our state flower). It also reminds me of someone who helped me get back to being creative and that I should keep growing as a person.


S said...

Its 3:30 in the morning so I must be first!
Can you say jet lag?
Wanna know what the first best thing about coming home is?

A clean bathroom that doesnt smell like pee. Lovely!

You are never too old to cuddle a stuffy, I in fact bought a little tiger kitty in Frankfurthellairport to cuddle because it was either that or maybe kill some people!

Word veri


That sounds alot like your real name!

CS said...

Here via Jocelyn.

Enjoyed your lists - I say "Son where are your glases allthe time. Must be a universal. And Mama Cass's version of Dream a Little Dream" is one of my all-time favorites.

SignGurl said...

I laughed out loud at #8 on your to do before you die.

We have many similar sayings, hehe!

Suldog said...

So... Just what IS a Texas Turnaround?

barman said...

Dude, egads. I guess it is because egads was used in Music Man and I love that play but I just love that word. Got to love bite me too.

My best friends daughter can not stand it if things are not even. This last year when I was visiting I messed around with her about it and each time she just quietly made things even again.

The no child left behind has not hit me but it does not seem to make any sense as far as I can tell. The Patriot act, what I know of it, is evil.

Oh and the applesauce thing is fine with me but applesauce and sauerkraut, there is no way I would ever attempt that, ever.

Fun lists.

James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

Very cool, Lime. :D I always enjoy reading your memes.

furiousBall said...

Haha, #8 before you die will be tricky but doable.

G-Man said...

Applesauce and Spagetti, but NOT Kraut!!!
You don't need no stinking Bliss!

All Hail Trini...
Queen of Meme!!!!!

lime said...

susie, yay for non-pee smelling bathrooms!!!

cs, you have impeccable taste in music ;)

signgurl, i am not surprised at all that we share certain sayings ;)

suldog, it's kind of a built in u-turn that goes under the highway and allows you to access the interstate.

barman, i picked up 'egads' from my mother who used it all the time when i was a kid

james, glad you were pleased :)

furiousball, yes, i wrote this late at night. i am sort of realizing that #8 under pre-death activities should really be a pre-burial sort of thing

gman, dude, i need all the bliss i can lay my hands on

Casdok said...

Yes Spongebob is funny isnt he! Not that i watch it of course!

Flash said...

A whole buncha new stuff I learned about the Lime!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how you do it -- 64 items!! All insightful, all fun and all funny (a Trojan hit your computer?) I love that they each showed a little something more, in a slightly different way.

Happy Monday.

Jeni said...

Loved your meme(s) - especially Mama Cass and also the comment about "No Child Left Behing" and the moron behind that and the evil Patriot Act!

Diesel said...

Hey, I'm on a list with real authors who have sold hundreds of books!

lime said...

casdok, of course you don't watch it, you'd only watch deeply enriching cultural programming like me!

flash, hope none of it scares you away!

witnessing, yes i had a trojan a couple months ago. it was a bit terrifying

jeni, glad we agree on these 2 important issues ;)

diesel, yep, ya are !

Cooper said...

Jingo was the first Santana song I ever bought (yes, back in the days of 45s)
My kids had an album of The Velveteen Rabbit (as read by Meryl Streep) - it's still one of my sons favorite stories. I'm more the Watership Down type if we're going to talk rabbit tales...

Jim said...

You forgot "Ack!!"


lime said...

cooper, i KNEW i liked you!

jim, ack! how could i forget!!!

Moosekahl said...

The Velveteen Rabbit is my favorite children's story and in his honor I'm 30 years old and since there is no human companionship in my bed of late, I have a collection of furry friends to cry on when needed.

jillie said...

HAHAHA...those are GOOD! More fun stuff to learn about lime ;o)

I hear you about the applesauce....but baked beans? lol!!

Dorky Dad said...

"Be certified dead by a licensed physician." OK, that's just plain funny.

And you say "egads" regularly? Really? I don't believe you.

lime said...

moose, we all need a shoulder now and then, even if it's just a stuffed critter

jillie, fortunately i have grown out of that phase

dorky dad, believe it.

airplanejayne said...

Well, if trojans hit the computer at my house, it means some dumb blonde is trying to have internet sex...


M said...

you have a varied reading list! yeah rah!

The Zombieslayer said...

You don't like sauerkraut? I don't have an ounce of German blood (or at least that I'm aware of) and I love the stuff.

Cooking for a vegetarian sucks. I'm tempted sometimes to just pick the meat out and telling them to eat it. I hate picky eaters to begin with, and the way I see it, vegetarians are just uber-picky eaters.

I used to play Fur Elise. We had to sell our piano so I could pay the closing costs on the house we own now. :(
Because that was over 3 years ago and I've barely touched a piano since then, I can no longer play it.

I really want to read 1491

I'll never get my Master's Degree. I still have nightmares about going to class and finding out there's a test and knowing I haven't studied one bit. I'm scared of going back to college. The sad thing is I'm not that far away from my Masters.

I've unfortunately only met four bloggers so far that aren't Pretentious Critics. This bunch I've known for years.

I love chocolate. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit that.

No Child Left Behind should be renamed No Child Gets Ahead.

The Patriot Act should be renamed Anyone Who Voted For This Act is a Communist.

Junior actually is starting to enjoy reading. So I'm backing off and trying not to "push" him. We just leave books behind and we'll find them in his room.