Monday, January 28, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Cue the music..Queen's We Are the Champions. If you recall this post you'll know that waaay back in October Yahoo arbitrarily terminated my account, which included my access to Flickr. It took 3 months, many calls, and finally having a bit of a freak out on both the lowly peon in the pits of the customer disservice department and on the voice mail of someone at corporate offices. Yesterday I actually got a return call from someone who seemed interested in fixing the problem and did so in short order.

Diana's boyfriend broke up with her this past week and she wanted to retrieve one of her items from the ex. I told her to text him and ask him to bring it to youth group when you'll both be there.

She huffed, "He doesn't have a cellphone... or a job, or a life, or looks, or self respect, or a life, or a brain..."

Calypso added, "or a girlfriend."

Yesterday, Isaac was watching some ridiculous Z-grade movie about man-eating locusts and came upstairs to tell me about it. He even gave his own rendition of death by locust, several times as a matter of fact, just so I could record it and share his brief but powerful performance with all of you.

Finally, in much more serious matters, my mother-in-law fell over the weekend (just tripped on the final step in a flight) and broke her arm and her pelvis. She lives several states away from us and is supposed to be having surgery to set the arm either today or tomorrow. She will likely spend 2 or 3 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital until she is able to walk. Any prayers or good thoughts you'd like to send her way would be much appreciated.


Jeni said...

Loved the exchange between Diana and Calypso about the boyfriend - too cute and funny - also the "Death by Locust" video, Quite an actor you got there, kid!
WOW - broken arm AND pelvis? How old is she too? As we age, bones become so much more fragile, easily broken and difficult to heal too. Will certainly keep her in prayers for a full recovery.

lime said...

jeni, the kids crack me up on a regular basis. my MIL is almost 76 and she does have osteoporosis so that had something to do with the magnitude of injuries and certainly will affect healing. thank you for your prayers.

G-Man said...

Sending good vibes to the MIL Michelle...
And Olivier????
Have a great week Limey...xoxox

Sis B said...

Death by Locust was made even better by your contagious laugh! Sis B gives 2 thumbs up.

Liquid said...

I am cracking up at Death by Locust!

Great vid~
Great kid~
And ya, great laugh to accompany!

Love it!

Hope you MIL is healing promptly.


BBC said...

He did a good performance of an autistic child also.

I'm surprised I haven't broken a bone in 64 years considering all the things I've done.

She should be fine, they are good at patching folks up these days.

Breazy said...

Good to hear about Yahoo at last trying to resolve your problem.

Awwww, this time last year Chesney, 15, and her boyfriend of over a year split and it was terrible the way she was saddened and heart broken. Now they are talking again, he is a good guy but she is still my little girl.
Calypso sounds like my middle child Bethany, she always finds something to say to lighten a situation..heehee.

LMAO!!! That is a great reinactment of Locusts attacking, why isn't he in Hollywood?LOL!

My prayers go out to your MIL! Keep us posted on her recovery.

You, Ms. Lime, have a beautiful day!

furiousBall said...

oh man, broken pelvis is a tough one to heal through. like the coccyx, it's a big bone and your body puts a lot of weight on it at nearly all times. best wishes to your MIL

S said...

LOL Your kids are such freaksssss!
Gotta love it.

Best to Grandma.

YOu know, I think there is a chat room full of ex yahoo employees named cavebabe99 and loves_********* and barefoot_in_india which is also missing!
OMG thats a hilarious thought.

lime said...

gman, i don't think olivier had to worry!

sis b, ebert and roeper should hire you ;)

liquid, the boy constantly makes me laugh

bbc, i am certainly hoping she gets good care

breazy, every now and then calypso comes up with somethign liek that that stops everyone, hehehe

furiousball, thanks. i am a bit worried about her recovery

s, freaks? my kids? well i guess the limelets don't fall far....

Maddy said...

Academy award winning indeed!

Sounds like your daughter has her head screwed on right too!

As for you MIL, I can totally relate to the long distance angst.
BEst wishes

Cooper said...

Is he available for children's parties??? The best part was now having a voice to put with a face...

Prayers and good mojo for your MIL...

Pauline said...

Tenacity rewarded,well done on the Yahoo thing.
An Oscar winning performance, witty repartee, those are talented kids you're raising!
Best wishes to MiL, hope she mends quickly.
Have a great week Lime!

Suldog said...

Ooh. I'll add your mother-in-law to my nightlies. Broken pelvis - ugh.

James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

Consider the good thoughts sent...

Ameratis said...

The last flinch at the end sent that performance from great to fantastic! :) It is always great to hear that your kids have fun with life and you enjoy it as well.

Theresa said...

Lol, Calypso is brilliant! I'm sending good thoughts for your mother-in-law, hope they help. Looks like I'll have to come back for the video when I have more time...dinnertime is here! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Love this post. Nearly covered the laptop screen completely in cream colored coffee.

Cheers Bella!

Casdok said...

Your poor MIL, prayers winging her way.

Balou said...

Bravo Isaac! Bravo! The little jerk at the end was especially convincing! Love your laugh Lime.

Good thoughts to your Mother-in-law. Hope her recovery is smooth and fast.

Gledwood said...

Talking of "z-grade movies"... is Texas Chainsaw Massacre that famous in the US of A? Here it IS... basically because for years on end it got BANNED... allegedly because the British Head Censor had a "thing" about chainsaws...

... having seen the film I can see why it got banned... nothing to do with chainsaws and everything to do with it being highly sinister and the product of a twisted mind!

Gledwood said...

ps talking (even MORE) of z-grade books... I once found a pulp novel in the local market 2nd hand bookstall called Day of the Crabs or something like that... no it was NOT about student residences "health" issues... it was about giant killer crabs... every time they attacked the author broke to a new line, new par, italics:


... it was so entertaining!!

Gledwood said...

Bloody hell! I missed the bits under the vidscreen at first :~~ I hope your Mum-in-law will be okay... that sounds NASTY

Hypersonic said...

That video is definitely on my you tube favourites. Why doesn't she just chuck his stuff on his doorstep if he's such a loser?

Prayers for the MIL.

lime said...

maddy, yes i am guessing with your recent events you really do understand the long distance angst.

cooper, lol, we can work out some rates if you want to hire him

pauline, i'm pretty fond of the kids myself, thanks for the kind wishes

suldog, most appreciated, it is worrisome

james, thank you very much

ameratis, yeah, the flinch did me in

theresa, every now and then calypso gets a good zinger in, thanks

blither, monitors don't like that do they?

casdok, thank you kindly

balou, glad you enjoyed and than you for the good wishes too

gledwood, TCM is a cult classic over here, killer crabs sounds hilarious

hypersonic, and now i can go see all the new sprog pictures, yay!!

Beach Bum said...

I think I may have seen the same movie as Issac on the Sci-Fi channel. Prayers and best wishes to your mom-in-law.

mary said...

Death by locust...say it isn't so! I loved the extra twitch at the end. Plus it is kind of cool to hear your voice narrating it.

lime said...

beach bum, so did he do a rendition faithful to the original?

mary, yeah, that extra twitch cracked me up, as you could hear.

Moosekahl said...

Sorry to hear Juanita is going to have a friend...prayers for a speedy recovery.

Give Diana a hug for me (boys suck) and tell Isaac thank you for the best laugh I've had in the last couple weeks. Let's just say I'm relying on happy socks and goofy friends to smiles these days.

tsduff said...

Death by locusts - who'd a thunk it? Great fun it was to watch.

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Broken bones are no fun where ever they are broke... being such a distance from her is awful too, because I know you want to help. My MIL lives in Florida - across the entire states and I dread the thought of something happening to her out there. Prayers xo

david mcmahon said...

I love my m-i-l dearly (I really do and she's NOT making me write this) so your M-I-L is certainly in my prayers.

snowelf said...

Ooh, definitely pass on my well wishes for a successful healing. It breaks my heart to hear about people in pain. :(

And I hope Diana is doing well. She can always watch Issac's movie if she needs some cheering up!! :

take care Lime!!

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. That performance, "Death by Locust," really brought me to tears. I honestly felt his pain. (sniff)

barman said...

Congrats pm trumping yahoo finally. Pure insanity.

Sounds like Diana is better off once she is over it but I love what Calyso added.

You know with the writers strike on and movies not being made and shows being canceled ... Isaac just might win an award for that stellar performance.

Prayers headed your MILs way. I can so identify. I have done that before only I missed the last step. Both times I was fortunate and did not break anything (well my microwave the one time but that is a different story). I hope everything heals well for her.

barman said...

P.S. You voice sounds so familiar yet I have never met you or heard you (that I can remember). It is going to drive me crazy trying to figure out where I know that voice. Always fun to attach a voice to a face.

Queenie said...

The award is in the post, loved the twitch at the end. My prayers and thoughts are also being sent, I wish we still had rehabilitation hospitals here, (((HUGS)))) for your mother-in law.

KFarmer said...

I'm so glad you have this blog to write and yes film your adventures in Limey Land. You son's performance was hilarious~

On a more somber note, sorry to hear about the mil, she will of course be in my prayers and good thoughts.

lime said...

moose, thanks for the good wishes to MIL and diana, i'm glad i could give you a smile as well

tsduff, i certain never imagine DBL, thanks for the prayers

david, glad to hear you and your MIL are so close, thank you for the prayers too

snowelf, laughter is good medicine for sure!

dorky dad, twas 'moving' no?

barman, well that's a first, usually i get 'you LOOK so familiar.. thanks for the prayers

queenie, thanks for the kind thoughts. i hope she won't have to spend much time away from home

kfarmer, the kids cracks me up every day. thanks for the good thoughts