Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Answers go Marching Two by Two

Two Names You Go By:
Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the House of Lime
Most Blessed, Beloved, and Gracious Mother

Oddly, no one ever addresses me thusly though

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
A puzzled expression
My glasses

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
Mutual daily affirmation

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
How do I narrow this down? Well, the list does NOT include getting up at 5:30am or eating sauerkraut.

Two pets you had/have:
A great slobbering St. Bernard I used to try to ride like a horse when I was 4
A rottweiler/shepherd mix who liked to chew my hammock and the laundry on the wash line

Two Things You Want sooner rather than later.
Someone to clean my kitchen
An orgasm

The first could quite possibly lead to the second.

Two things you did last night:
Had awful nightmares
Woke up crying

Two things you ate today:
Nothing yet

Two people you Last Talked To:

In person
Calypso & Diana as the left for the bus stop

On the phone
My mom
A classmate of Calypso's who needed a ride to the chorus concert last night.

In my head or under my breath
Mr. Lime for some snarky comment he made first thing in the morning after a sleepless, nightmare filled night.

Two Things You’re doing tomorrow:
Grocery shopping

Try not to envy the thrilling life of adventure I lead

Two longest car rides:
California to North Carolina in 3 and a half days
Pennsylvania to Georgia with a painful herniated disk

Two favorite beverages:
Ice water with lemon
Woodchuck cider


Casdok said...

Sorry to hear about your nightmares. Maybe an orgasm or chocolate will help tonight!!

Rurality said...

So, how hard do you have to squeeze that woodchuck for... :)

Hyuck, hyuck.

James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

Ah, sorry to hear about the sleepless night. I hope tonight goes much better.

G-Man said...

May I please clean your kitchen AND vacuum for you?...xoxox

holly said...

we are SO alike!

you hate saurkraut? I HATE SAURKRAUT!!!

you hate 5:30? I HATE 5:30!!!

you want orgasms? I WANT ORGASMS!!!

it's like we're twins.

except for the lemon in ice water.

ew ick. anything without chai or-some-other-sweet-thing does not deserve to be drunk by me.

and, okay, most of the other things we're not really twins on either. in fact, those are it really.

good god. california to n/c in 3.5 days. that's a whole lotta drivin. i'd hit water inside of two days here, i think.

barman said...

I think I could probable handle that kitchen for you... :) I suppose I could assist the G-man.

Sorry about your night last night. I had a bad night the night before and did not go to bed until real real late last night because I did not want a repeat of it. I hope you worked your deamons out of you and sleep much better tonight.

If Harvey is like a 6'6" rabbit be sure to say hi for me too. If not, never mind.

Your day sounds a lot like mine only with work tossed in the mix. I remember you writing about at least one grocery trip before... you could have a fun time after all.

S said...

Darlin, you simply must share this woodchuck cider mystery!

I once drove 5 hours from Yosemite to here with a broken leg. I hadnt been to the hospital yet...every bump, every wiggle, I was in agony. Then I had to pee, Gary had to find a gas station where we could drive up to the bathroom door so he could carry me... and I think I weighed like 160 pounds so the poor dude! Turned out I had a broken tib and fib....what a road trip...

Have a great day Maam!

Anonymous said...

I did this one not too vary long ago. Enjoyed your answers. But your willingness to answer a meme is your undoing - you've been tagged!

Seamus said...

Just WHAT is woodchuck cider? Do you strain the fur with cheesecloth?

furiousBall said...

Here's how my male mind editted your post...

Only Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
A puzzled expression
My glasses

SignGurl said...

I thought the same thing as Furiousball and I'm not male minded, heh!

Who couldn't use an orgasm? Well, maybe a mother in labor, but other than that I can't think of anyone.

Maybe we could have National Orgasm Day. On second thought, we need orgasms more than once a year so let's make every day NOD!

Suldog said...

Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the House of Lime:

I am unworthy. I, too, saw the "just glasses", etc., and immediately my mind became clouded by the thought of your loveliness in the altogether. Please forgive me, Most Blessed, Beloved, and Gracious Mother!

lime said...

casdok, chocolate and an orgasm makes it all better yes!

rurality. LMAO!

james, i hope so too, thanks

gman, how soon can you be here?

holly, wow! the similarities are shocking!

barman, ya know you're right. carlos might be there if i time it right.

s, i think you win for the longest drive....gads, that sounds absolutely horrid!

citizen, uh oh....i'll be over shortly...

seamus, that is a frightening prospect....i've added a link so you can see it's just a brand of hard cider i like.

furiousball, i was wondering who might interpret my answer that way. congrats. :)

signgurl, ya know i actually have a friend who said the moment she gave the last push for her baby was the biggest orgasm of her life.

suldog, you are absolved as there is nothing to forgive.

snowelf said...

Do you know, that long ago in the mystic world of Wizards, that if someone addressed you by your true name it gave them power over you? So maybe it's best if your fam doesn't know. ;)


david mcmahon said...

``The first could quite possibly lead to the second.''


david mcmahon said...

... and not a single mention of a zipline?

Kathryn said...

Hehehehe!!!! A clean kitchen leading to an orgasm! HA! Yes! You crack me up!

VE said...

Sorry...guys that can bring women to orgasms NEVER clean kitchens. They don't have to...

M said...

Sorry to hear about the nightmares! You need less nightmares, more orgasms. Well, the whole freaking world needs that right now.

lime said...

snowelf, so you're saying it's out of deference to my superiority huh? ok

david, what can i say...a clean kitchen makes me REALLY happy.

kathryn, you understand, dontcha?

VE, i consider kitchen cleaning a form of foreplay

m, amen, sistah!

TorAa said...

Dear you,
you allways surprise, without really doing it. That's art.

CrazyCath said...

Lime - that is a really good meme. A clean kitchen would DEFINITELY lead to orgasm or something similar. They are both very rare, especially if waiting for a man to provide

Jamie Dawn said...

I DO like eating sauerkraut.

I spent the day cleaning house, and now I'm ready for the holiday weekend.

My family doesn't call me by my rightful name either which is Goddess of All.

Anonymous said...
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Amara said...

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