Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weird Fashion

Ok, I ganked the first picture off some article on the Yahoo homepage. The rest I took a long time ago from some other Yahoo story about Fashion Week somewhere. Keep in mind these looks are from the people who would mock my Birkenstocks and tie dye. Uh...yeah...right....Bwahahahahaha!

Is anyone else out there wondering what Sarah Jessica Parker did to piss off her stylist? SJ, trust me, you're going to look faaaabulous, darling.

The stylist confesses, "The Devil made me do it."

For service, please press the button.

What's the owl doing now? Ok, remaining calm...trying not to panic...trying...

Who knew getting drunk and wearing lampshades could launch a fashion career?

Mooooom!!!! Tina stole all my Nerf balls to make a dress!!! Make her give em baaaaaack!

Movie studio execs passed on the opportunity to film the story of seamstress turned superhero, The Green Thimble.

Poor girl had a terrible time trying to change an air filter.

I encourage you to leave alternate captions for any of the pictures here.


Mona said...

Foliage on the head of SJ: I swear I didn't mean to shoot out from up here. But there is so little earth left uncovered by humans, so there was no option!

G-Man said...

How can I be mad at Mona?

Lime. You needed to interject a pic of you in your green dress. That would have been the best shot here!!
Have a Trini Day!!!

James Goodman, Author said...

lol, #3... Emma was born with an enormous third nipple, but it didn't stop her from following her dreams of becoming a fashion model.

SignGurl said...

I'm going to have nightmares!

lime said...

mona, bad fashion as the case for better birth control. i like it!

gman, yes, we can welcome mona back with grace and space in the top position.

james, ROFLMAO! fantastic!!!

signgurl, my humblest apoligies

furiousBall said...

this is evidence that even designers have a sense of humor... at least i hope that's what it is

Suldog said...

I couldn't possibly say anything funny enough to top those pictures.

Rurality said...

Oh dear. That last gal seems like she lost a wrestling match with an octopus.

Mona said...

#2 : Maaaan... I am soooo Horny!!!!

NYD said...

OK I want to make a suit out of Nerf balls and jump into the public pool down town.

Then no one can swim untill I give the water back.

The giant pith helmet reminds me of the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs. Sophmoric yet fun.

Beach Bum said...

Okay, the lady wearing the owl is really freaking me out.

S said...

Simply speechless.

Ok maybe not,

Glad I have good hair!

TorAa said...

my daughter worked in the Fashion Industry (Model and Stylist)
for about 15 years - when at college and Business Schools:
Her advice:
Give them Plain Water, nothing more, and then see what they can perform.

She has quit that business. As an insider.

Great post -I like your way of presenting.
Have a great rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

SJP, when a corsage just isn't enough....

HAHAHAHAHA!!! These pics are fabulous!

EmBee said...

On the 'Nerf Ball' dress:
"I don't know doctor... It started out as a small bumpy rash on my shoulder and the next morning I woke up looking like this... Am I gonna die?"

tsduff said...

I imagine that designers are just frustrated artists in a different medium. Heck, even I couldn't visualize such sculptures - that takes a certain talent.

VE said...

Those are histerical! If you push that button on the top of that one girls head, does it say "She was Easy"

BTExpress said...

What were they thinking? LMAO!!!!

Mona said...

To G Man > Of course there is a way to get mad at mona... put her on the knee & spank her for not resting enough...

To Lime > what are you doing girl... first you take a peep through the key hole & then you are revealing to everyone that I am in the top position!!!

To James> who says that is a mere nipple man! Look closer. That is a full fledged breastomegaly with a red alert nipple!
Hey! on a second thought... That is a very valuable piece of Art.It can be interpreted as symbolic of the size of a breast in (men's) head!

I think that that Thimbilina is perched on a nun's gray habit. She is totally freaking me out!

M said...

The hat that looks like a lampshade reminds me of an alien ship!
So..the caption could be...Um...

oh. can't think of anything funny!

Those are hilarious pictures. What is even more hilarious is that the fashion industry takes itself so seriously!!

Moosekahl said...

I like the top half of SJ's dress...just need a better bottom half! Who cares this week? I'm in "student clothes" again, trying to keep myself awake with absurd amounts of coffee and repositioning.

Cheesy said...

LMAO@ nyd in the pool!

That last one looks like shed snake skin.. ugh

airplanejayne said...

#4 owl: THIS is the costume for the Great Owl in the new Broadway Production of The Secret of NIMH.

#7 green thing: Ummm...what do you get if the Green Hornet had sex with a pickle?

Liquid said...


javajazz said...

hee hee! my favourite subject:
making light of fashion!
Sarah Jessica Parker
could wear
a salad on her head
and everyone would
respect her unique
fashion sense...
hell, i used to wear
two different coloured socks,
and look what happened
to me...
your captions
are just perfect, Limey!

Mother Theresa said...

If you look closely at SJP's hat, it looks like the top of an acorn. What's up with that? I can't think of a single funny thing to say today, but I am LMAO at these pics. :D

AndyT13 said...

Dammit, I can't stop laughing LOL
These are all so great and your captions just make them better.
Actually I find the devil-horn-girl look really hot. Seriously!
What? What are you laughing at?
I mean it! You could grab those horns

Rob said...

Re: #1: "Sarah, when I told you the paparazzi would go crazy if you showed a little bush, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind! I was thinking more Britney Spears and less Martha Stewart..."

Sudiegirl said...

OH GOD! They're all good...I can't top 'em.

Bill said...

OK, I'll bite:

#1 - The red carpet premiere of Sex and the Celery

#2 - Welcome to the Big Texan Steak Ranch. May I take your order?

#3 - Ma Bell does not have a monopoly on wierd fashion

#4 - An early reject for the Hooters waitress uniform

#5 - The woman may be from Venus, but that hat is definitely from Mars

#6 - Yum, giant Tobiko...

#7 - Next up is Miss Greenland. Viking women do not get to wear horns on their helmets so they wear their racks somewhat lower on the body...

#8 - At long last, an outfit which does not make my butt look big

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