Monday, July 21, 2008

Kneejerking Lime

I stole this from APJ a long time ago. The idea is to write the first reaction you have to the prompt and don't change it. Consider yourself warned...

1. My 'ex' is still....probably suffering a bad case of Napoleon syndrome and mentally abusing whatever woman is unfortunate enough to be attached to him.
2. I am listening to...the AC.
3. Maybe I should... be productive, paint the kitchen, get a job, do a different post.
4. I be held.
5. My best friend(s)... lives too damn far away.
6. I don't understand...quantum physics.
7. I've lost my respect pastor. I'm tired of his lame excuses for the assinine crap that issues from his mouth.
8. I last ate...peanut butter cups.
9. The meaning of my display name is.... oh come on, haven't I explained this enough?
10. Love is....being accepted unconditionally.
11. prints will come. Poor Snow White, someone should get her a digital camera so she doesn't have to wait for her film to be developed.
12. I will always...looooooooove yyyyoooooouuu--oooooooooooo. (When Diana was about 3 she used to wander around the house and sing this into a stick that was her microphone.)
13. Love seems to be...just out of my reach.
14. I never ever want to lose.... my marbles.
15. My mobile phone is....teensy.
16. When I woke up this morning....I wanted a warm body to roll into and cuddle with.
17. I get annoyed at/with....passive/aggressive bullshit and outright lies. How stupid do you really think I am? Ok, I get more than annoyed by it. It infuriates me.
18. Parties….are a pain in the butt to organize ahead of time, but great fun when spontaneous, much less pressure that way and they ususally turn out better.
19. My pets...died when I was 9.
20. Kisses...on my neck are paralyzingly delightful.


James Goodman, Author said...

great answers to an interesting meme, Lime. :D

furiousBall said...

you know I am listening the AC as well... I love white noise. that's actually my favorite part of going to the beach too... that beautiful noise

Fred said...

I lost my marbles years ago. I keep forgetting to look for them.

G-Man said...

In spite of your warm heart
Your awesome wit
Your very sexy nature
Your great legs
Your nice Butt
Your Huge......Hair???

Unconditional is easy!!!!!!

Maddy said...

Velly, velly intereessting! I'd have a go myself but 20? 7 is about my limit.

Mathematically challenged person.

VE said...

You are just too good at these things. Go take a quantam physics class. I'm sure it will help for work. Oh, and you wouldn't believe what I'm doing now on my blog...

lecram said...

OK... number 20 suddenly presented an image of you crumbling to the floor with a smile on your face. :)

S said...

You havent had any pets since you were 9?

This just doesnt seem right somehow.
Goldfish dont have fur or hair, but yeah, they are kinda hard to pet.

Mona said...

Kneejerking indeed!This meme does extract knee jerk reaction :D

Great answers Lime!

I Love that song from Bodyguard by Whitney Huston!I love to sing it too!

Love is indeed elusive...

tsduff said...

I love reading your memes! They are all so snappy and funny, straight from your heart.

This morning I too wanted a warm body to roll into and snuggle with... and yay, I got one!

I think I shall do this meme - thanks :)

Queenie said...

Great answers Lime, not long now till you've that warm body nexy to you. Just enjoy the space whilst you've got it, and sing on top of your voice I'llllll will always looooooove yooooooooooooooooou!!!

EmBee said...

I got as far as #8, remembered there were Reeses in the fridge, stopped right there and now I'm engaged in #8 too! That's the power of suggestion!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey Lime...i like this one...and your answers as always of course...!!! i'm gonna steal it and see if i can be half as entertaining...!!! mwah xxx

ps - duh...i need to read it back more carefully before i post...hhhmmm...

M said...

i hate passive aggressive bullshit too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Reeses suggestion worked on me, too, and unfortunately I have a pack avaiable.

Craver Vii said...

Peanut butter cups? Must... have... peanut butter cups!!!!

Diesel said...

If it makes you feel better, I don't think anybody really understands quantum physics.

Beach Bum said...

Number 5 is one I have to deal with as well.

DianeCA said...

I like this meme too maybe I will steal it sometime when I am stuck. I liked the first question. My answer would probably be interesting LOL

Cheesy said...

#20 is SO right on spot!