Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slice of Lime-Smile

Over the weekend I got an email from Snowelf. She has a tendency to associate a particular song with everyone she knows. She sent me the mp3 of the song she says is mine, Vitamin C's Smile. It made me grin ear to ear so I just had to share it. Life is a little crazy this week so I am using old pictures but I still hope they make you smile.


First of all

When you wake up in the evening and the day is shot
Find yourself complaining 'bout the thing you ain't got
Never crossed just the way that you wanted it to
Cliché of the day, cest la vie that's just

Life, it ain't easy
It's so tough
It ain't easy
(Whatchu wanna do, say whatchu gonna do)
Put a smile on your face
Make the world a better place
Put a smile on your face
(Whatchu wanna do, say whatchu gonna do)
Put a smile on your face
Make the world a better place
Put a smile on your face
(Whatchu wanna do, say whatchu gonna do)

And another thing

You can say that I'm a dreamer and you think it's uncool
Preaching 'bout the better life I learned in school
But you get what you give in this life that we live
And all that you do come back to you

(Repeat Chorus)

When things isn't right there's no need to fight
Come on be nice
No need to fight
Stay polite even when you're hurting don't forget to smile
Give love to (?)
When you do good you'll get your reward
United with undivided we fall
Put a smile on your face and greet one and all

(Repeat Chorus)

People love you when you smile
And hate you when it's through
Lots of happiness
We are wishing you
If you come from Jamaica or Honolulu, yeah
Keep a smile on your face
I'll see the good that you do

Smile (smile)
And everything will be fine..


Mona said...


Mona said...

now I've got a reason to Smile :D :)

The first picture is gorgeous as are the others!

The song is perfect! :) Just for you!

James Goodman, Author said...

Great song and even better pics, Lime. :D

snowelf said...

I can't help it--this song is just 100% you! :)


furiousBall said...

danka amiga, i needed that

Craver Vii said...


Keep smiling, Lime!

Bunny said...

Great smiley pictures!! You have such a beautiful smile.

I think I recognize that minivan upholstery - one of mine had the same upholstery (yeah, two kids and I'm on my third minivan).

Happy Thursday!

Maddy said...

Music and images, I think I'd be 'wheels on the bus' ugh! Yours is a much better link.Cheers

Queenie said...

That has made me smile:)
It is you lime, well done Snowelf...

Suldog said...

I'm with Queenie. This made me smile. Thanks!

SignGurl said...

Your happy pictures make me want to smile :-)

barman said...

Snowelf is SO RIGHT. That song is you. Life is not perfect but you make the best of it and rarely do you let us see you down. I know that you work at doing that but it is one of those things I assotiate with you. That and your awesome smile as evident in the first picture. I remember half those pictures but I love them all.

Thanks for sharing and sparking up my day.

S said...

Love the first one....I remember when it was your profile pic.
All great and happy smiles!

Blissfully Wed said...

I love these little peeks into your life. Keep smiling and having fun. :)

lecram said...

Aye, this Smiling Slice brightened up my day. Cheers back at ya!

airplanejayne said...

Great choice!!!!! I love the pictures and the lyrics. Perfect.

Lime! What a great idea for a tag/meme!!!PUH-LEASE!!!! Pick a song for me!!! I will find pictures to go with it. And then I will song someone else, etc...

Mona said...

What a flawless complexion you have!

ciara said...

love the photos! yeah, i can see this song representing you :)

Breazy said...

I love that song! You have a very beautiful smile Michelle.

Have a very HAPPY smilin' day!

BTExpress said...

Your looking sexy as always in those pics!

Moosekahl said...

Grandma Lena always told me that as long as I put on my smile I could tackle anything. Amazing how right she was. Thanks for sharing so many of your beautiful smiles with us this week.

RennyBA said...

Hmmm haven't I seen the first picture on someone's FB profile?

Btw: The rest of the pics was great too - typical you ;-)

Moosekahl said... have received an award :)

G-Man said...

Looking at the world through Chocolate Covered Glasses again Meesh?

Cheesy said...

The only thing sexier than that chocolate is YOU in chocolate!

the blogger formally known as snavy said...

i love your smile


Dorky Dad said...

Great pics. Nice smile! I don't smile because I hate my teeth and I'm usually grouchy.

Logophile said...

I love this song
I love this lime
I love these pics
Its the perfect combo!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I've smiled that very same chocolate smile!

Gledwood said...

How I lurve Vitamin C...

hey: 3rd pic down ~ ya look just like my old music teacher...