Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilts on Tuesday-Old and New

Let's start with another old quilt. This is another of the many quilts I recently acquired from my Dad's side of the family. My mom seems to think Dad's grandmother made this Sun Bonnet Sue baby quilt in hopes that a baby girl would use it. Since my dad only had a brother that has yet to occur. I am thinking if I ever have a granddaughter (though let me be very clear this is not something I am in a hurry to have!) she ought to get to use this.

Here's a close up so you can see some of the pretty calicoes used in the background. If you click you can get a better gander at the hand stitching done to applique Sue to her square. I find it interesting that the actual quilting on such an old quilt is machine stitched.

Although Sun Bonnet Sue is the main focus in this girl's quilt I find it really charming that the border fabric is in a cowboy print. Could there be some sweethearts trying to round up Sue?

In new quilt news, this is what 900 flannel quilt squares look like. I finished cutting them all this week so now I need to start assembling the 3 layer sandwiches that will make each block. I've had some good suggestions from other folks who have made flannel quilts in the past. I appreciate the words of wisdom from experienced quilters. One has advised me that the flannel will stretch around and pinning is important. That might seem obvious but I have to admit I tend to avoid pinning when I sew straight seams. My mom also suggested I do some test blocks with scraps to see whether or not I may need a walking foot for my machine since I am working with so many layers of fabric.

Finally, Mom suggested I give poor Betsy (my sewing machine) a tune up before I run her so hard. I am realizing I also need to clear a sufficient space on my sewing table to do all this sewing. Somehow that seems more daunting than actually sewing this quilt...


Cheesy said...

OMG I hear that [the making room on the sewing table]~~ has delayed many a project in the house of cheese lol.

I dug out my machine the other day in hopes of starting SOMETHING during this time at home, but have to wait for the dr's ok before I take on so much "standing"... Sure was hoping I had some pre-cut project ready ...

I adore the old appliqued quilts. But alas I never have gotten "into" that skill.

Cocotte said...

I love SunBonnetSue. I've seen that figure before in Amish shops.

Good luck on your big project!

Craver Vii said...

My wife would love a sewing machine, but I have never put that into the budget. Right now, there wouldn't be any space for it anyway.

NYD said...

If I had seen Sun Bonnet Sue before the evil genius contest I would have demande that you include her on the socks. And no I am not ghey, only stylish.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of anyone who can sew, but is there a word that describes my admiraton for a QUILTER?


Mona said...

wow! Quilts seem to make a family heirloom amongst the people of America! Even Charles says that his grandmother made him one which he will hand down to his daughter!

That sewing machine looks so Cool! I have never seen one like that in India!

lime said...

cheesy, i hope you found a pre-cut project so you have something to keep you occupied while you are laid up

cocotte, she is a popular figure

craver, oh...room or not, may i encourage you to work it into the budget as soon as possible. if she's been wanting one it would be such a thing of joy for her.

nyd, a tie dyed sun bonnet sue...interesting concept!

moannie, my mom awes me with her sewing/quilting skills. i am just a novice

moan, quilts really are heirlooms here.

Kat said...

Three layers sandwiches? You're gonna have to show us (me) what you mean with pictures. I know absolutely nothing about quilting. But I do know I would LOVE a flannel quilt.

I love that little girl quilt. So cute. :)

Craver Vii said...

She had an old one that was built into a table. It flipped up, and although it was old, it still worked. I cleaned it up real good, but it's in storage now. Not because it is old, but I think if she had a sewing mentor, she would be less intimidated by the workings of the machine and the complicated details of various projects.

She bought a little, cheap one for our daughter, and I think that one will gather more dust than cotton, too.

Breazy said...

I love the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt. All the women in my family are quilters but it is something that I have never been able to do well and I haven't had enough of a go at a sewing machine to do it that way either.

I can't wait to see the flannel quilt you are making, I hope you take pics of the entire project.

Good luck!

Cooper said...

I want a quilt with sewn on appliques of my favorite desserts...that way I can be assured of sweet dreams....

Jeni said...

I love this pattern! I had a quilt, made by my paternal grandmother, that although it wasn't identical to this one, it was very, very similar. That grandmother died in April of 1947 when I was 2 1/2 years old so the quilt had to have been made between October of 1944 and April of 1947 -if one were trying to date the pattern. It lasted a long, long time too -through me, and both my girls used it on their beds too -till it finally gave out completely about 6-7 years ago -still well over 50 years it gave and gave warmth and beauty too as well as much sentiment each time I looked at it, knowing my Grammie had labored long and hard over that for me.

g-man said...

Quite a Manly post....

Anonymous said...

I like the fabrics, although it loks a bit like her head has been eaten by her hat.

S said...

Oh i wish I was there to help you with that.

Take out bobbin case use a paintbrush and get out all dust threads and all.
Wipe down dust which will get on fabric.
Oiling, delinting and changing needle often is all you need.!
Have fun

Jocelyn said...

900 squares? No, really, you should work harder, puss.

I note with the sunbonnet pattern that old quilts are able to "sell" precious things that otherwise would make me gag. They can get away with it.

Btw, have I told you this month how much I adore knowing that you read my blog? You make it for me.

S said...

900 hundred squares phhoey thats nothing.
Reminds you of the king size mostly velvet 2" squares (before sewing) that I made...took me a year....ack.
You can do it.

I have always loved Sunbonnet Sue.
Wonder why

barman said...

Wow that will be a lot of work for the quilt but what a wonderful accomplishment when it is done.

I have a small portable sewing machine but so far I have not figured it out. Somehow I managed to get the bobbin on wrong and what a mess. I got to get things figured out because ... well I found myself getting excited over the possibility of what I could do with a sewing machine. Over the weekend we sewed a pocket on a sheet I bought to form a backdrop for taking portrait photography. Such a simple thing if you know what you are doing.

If you happen to see me all tied up in thread sometime ... could you please cut me lose?

Looking forward to seeing the progress on you quilt.

lime said...

kat, basically i will be making each square with 3 layers of flannel. i will be sure to take pictures when i get to that point.

craver, fair enough. if there is a fabric store near you they may have sewing classes that would help mrs craver gain some confidence.

breazy, well, as i have said...this will be my first full sized quilt

cooper, what a wonderful idea!

jeni, that must have been one well made quilt to have lasted so long. what a keepsake!

gman, well, my grandfather sewed and did embroidery and he was quite manly.

citizen, lol, yep, that's sun bonnet sue for ya

s, thanks for the professional advice. it would be fun to be working on this with you :)

jocelyn, good point about the old quilts making certain things more palatable. i quite agree. and thanks for the kind words. (blushing)

barman, yes, i promise to detangle you if need be. i'll tell you what i told craver. look into classes at a local sewing center. they can be a great help in building confidence if you don't personally know any good seamstresses who could teach you.

Anonymous said...

That quilt is SO cute!! And I applaud your bravery to tackle such a project! Bravo!

(M)ary said...

quilts rock but i am lousy with the sewing machine. my fingers are shaky and clumsy and i can't keep the fabric straight.

Lolly said...

Love that baby quilt! I started a quilt about 4 or 5 years ago....