Friday, March 27, 2009

Da Count-A Stroll Around Boston

Sunday after the food show Jacob had a birthday party to attend. Lisa offered to drop me off wherever I wanted and let me explore the city alone. I asked her to take me to Boston Common and I decided to hike most of the Freedom Trail which leads visitors to various historical sites around the city. The last time I walked the Freedom Trail was when I was pregnant with Diana. It was a hot summer day and there was a noticeable dearth of public restrooms. Although the company I had was pleasant the heat and constantly overfilling bladder made it less than delightful. This time I enjoyed a solo trek through the city and a brisk early Spring afternoon. It was far more relaxing and offered a peaceful time to wander with my feet and my thoughts. Today my count is mostly pictorial just to show you the city through my camera lens. The first two are actually from the day before at Castle Island but I was pleased with the results. Many of the pictures from various buildings are at odd angles or of specific details because some spaces are too tight to back up and get a full shot or else there were so many cars or other distractions that I felt would take away from the picture. It was kind of an interesting challenge.

This just struck me a humorous. I can't help but laugh when a statue has a pigeon on its head.

I love checking out different architectural details.

Park Street Church where abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison gave his first anti-slavery address.

Granary Burial Ground. Paul Revere is buried here as well as the 5 victims of the Boston Massacre. This marker was a little different and a bit more macabre than the ones I saw last year. It intrigued me.

King's Chapel. Built in 1688 on orders by King James II as an Anglican church, a Georgian chapel was later constructed around the original wooden building. Later it became the first Unitarian church in the U.S. I just loved the ironwork.

Old South Meeting House. It was used for public meetings and was the site for many events leading up to the Revolution. During their occupation, the British used it as a stable and hacked its furnishings into firewood. This picture also displays some of what intrigues me about Boston, the way old and new nestle into the city side by side.

Old State House Museum is the oldest public building in Boston. It is in front of the balcony supported by this brace that the Boston Massacre happened.

Old State House

Faneuil Hall was a meeting place and open market. Opposition to British authority grew from the seeds sown during impassioned speeches given here. After independence the abolitionist, women's rights, and temperance movements found audiences in Faneuil Hall.

Another example of old meeting new. On the right is the Bell in Hand Tavern which was established in 1795. On the left is another old tavern where some important historical figures presumably found liquid courage. I forget the name of the place and who sought solace there. I was too busy ambling around thinking and occasionally snapping pictures. The other historical tidbits I am taking out of the $3 tour map I bought. I sound like I know what I am talking about don't I?

Old North Church. It was from this steeple that the two lanterns signaling Paul Revere's ride were displayed. I didn't need the $3 guide to tell me that. I arrived here as dusk was falling and pondered how that beacon must have shown without all the other tall buildings around. Cobb's Hill Burying Ground was locked so there was to be no twilight ambling through that cemetery. The next sites were across the river in Cambridge. I decided perhaps it was time to head back home but thankful for the chance to wander the city and ponder its history. I am very much of the opinion that every American, if at all possible, should make a trip to both Philadelphia and Boston simply for the historical value of those places. I'm grateful I've had the chance to do so.

I-93 bridge. Sun was setting as I left the Freedom Trail to find the nearest T station to take the train back to my cousin's. I stepped out of historic Boston and back into the modern world, which does have it's own interest.


Desmond Jones said...

Thanks so much for this, Lime.

I agree w/ you re Boston/Philadelphia. But alas, so far, I've not yet fulfilled my pilgrimage duty (drove thru Philly once, but didn't stop to look around; D'oh!)

furiousBall said...

as someone that grew up near philly and nearly went to college in boston, i 100% agree. great, great shots

Suldog said...

Always a kick to see your own city through someone else's eyes. Nice shots. Next time you're here, we'll show you some of the sights the tourists don't usually see. Heh-Heh.

Jazz said...

I love those pictures. Those with the juxtaposition of old an new remind me of my own city, Montreal.

g-man said...

One if by land,
Two if by sea...

I love Boston...Thanks for the travel log..

Nice 55...Oh wait, you didn't do a 55?

Aitch Oh Zee EE Are....

endangered coffee said...

excellent photos of stuff I normally see while stuck in traffic.

hopefully, I'll get to compare our fair city to Philly one of these days!

S said...

Boston is so cool! I once spent a few days in Cambridge and Boston...I got that feeling inside when you know you are surrounded by rich history, all that energy swirling around, standing on the same spot where the massacre happened, the tea party, stuff like cool.

I thought you said for a minute that William Lloyd Garrison was an abortionist. Sheesh glad I found my glasses!

Awesome pictures Lime!

Anonymous said...

I love that skull gravestone.

Boston is one of the best walking cities I've ever been to.

Cocotte said...

Loving these photos, Lime. Maybe we'll make it there someday.

jinksy said...

Blimey, a skull and crossbones and two pigeons on two heads - love the variations on subject my grave information?!

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos. I just love Boston.

Desmond Jones said...

Oh, my grandmother used to regale us with 'Paul Revere's Ride', which she'd recite from memory. . .

'Twas the 18th of April in '75
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

lecram said...

These are beautiful, Lime. Thank you for the tour. I agree that cities like Boston and Philly should be on the American "must visit" list. The one and only time I was in Boston was in the dead of winter... yet it still fascinated me to no end. Oh, and thanks too fore the gravestone pic. ;)

lime said...

desmond, i hope you get the opportunity sooner rather than later

furiosball, ain't philly great too ? :)

suldog, i would LOVE that. there is nothing like being taken to the off the track places by a you and your lovely wife demonstrated at the pleasant cafe.

jazz, i'd like to see montreal sometime:)

gman, ya know, i was tempted to post 55 PICTURES just to keep you quiet :P

coffee, glad you liked my shots of your city. thanks so much for dropping by :)

s, oh yes, it's really something to imagine the lives that were led and shaped in those old buildings

citizen, kind cool innit?

cocotte, i hope you do. it's worth the trip

jinksy, it does kind of dovetail doesn't it ;)

desmond, i remember my great grandmother reciting her poems and passages like that

lecram, thanks so much. i wanted to make sure i got some good headstone shot because i knew you'd especially like it.

lime said...

oops, i missed hilary, thanks for the kind words! :)

VE said...


You know what this reminds me of? A Beatle's Michelle parody just for you (ok, it has nothing to do with the post...I'm just using it as an excuse to torture you)...

Michelle, owes Ma Bell
For roaming charges made on her cell
Oh Michelle

Michelle, get well
Phone calls to France add up as well
Poor Michelle

She owes them, she owes them, she owes them
That’s all I have to say
Until she finds a way
To pay then she can’t stay up
And make more expensive calls
Dumb Michelle

Akelamalu said...

Great photographs and I loved the history lesson. I really must put Boston on my places to visit list. :)

Mary said...

I've never been to the East coast, but Boston is a town I'd really love to visit. I love the history and the architecture.

That tombstone is very cool!

Gledwood said...

They're fantastic photos, Lime ;->...

barman said...

Wow how wonderful is that and all those lovely pictures. What a wonderful day you had. I must admit I find that bridge realy intreaging.

You know this is a terrible thing. I keep saying I want to visit Alaska and New Zealand, Australia, the east coast. Now I think I need to add Boston on there.

Mama Zen said...

I think the angles add a bit of uniqueness to the pictures that's really cool!

lime said...

ve, lovely :|

akelamelu, you won't be disappointed

mary, it's really a terrific city

gledwood, thanks :)

barman, well the bridge intrigued me enough to take a picture of it ;)

mama zen, thanks, i thought so too. thanks for stopping by :)

Craver Vii said...

You rose to the photographic challenge in superb fashion! These are fantastic pics. I love the angles, and the simplicity of the subjects.

About the statues... I was wondering why monochrome statues would have highlights in their hair, but it must have been bird poop. You learn something new every day. ;-)

RennyBA said...

What a wonderful guided tour with great pics and lovely pictures and interesting story.

Did you know I was in Boston once - together with my beloved wife! So thanks for taking me down the romantic memory lane :-)

~Tim said...

Very cool! Thanks for taking us along.

TorAa said...

You have really captured details here that most people don't see. And never realize does exists.

must have been with lot's of memories you went along the same streets as you did long ago, when pregnant.

When I write, I can understand, it's not really true, cause I happens to be a man. But, I do think I can understand some of your feelings.

Have a great weekend.

Here we hot nearly 10 inches of snow. I did not help even though I shoutet out: No no no no more snow

Jocelyn said...

I nannied one summer during college in Boston, and you've just taken me back.

The family I lived with would cook fish for dinner, and I hate fish, and then they'd lay the thing on my plate with its big eye still in its head, and it would just sit there, staring at me, mockingly, and so thanks a lot for bringing that all up again.

And I was doing so well, too.

Mona said...

those are such great picture Lime. Its so nice to see the world around via internet! :)

Eaton Bennett said...

Excellent tour of Boston, Lime. Thank you, as I have no idea if I will ever realize my dream of visiting American shores, I kind of devour all the photos I can. :)

55 FFF

lime said...

craver, thanks. i'm glad you liked them. bird poop as highlights, hhmm...i do have a lot of white in my hair...

renny, i'm glad this sparked some happy memories.

tim, you're very welcome

tor, yes, it did stimulate a few of my own memories and lots of thoughts about the future as well

jocelyn, oh dear, i hope i haven't set you back too far!

mona, it is amazing to think of how many palces we can explore through our blog friends

eaton, i hope the feast was satisfying. thanks so much for stopping by.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Boston really is a swell town. I enjoyed living there and have so many fond memories of it.

Anonymous said...

That was some walk, thank you for sharing your superb pictures. You know you might be chasing David for interesting angles. What a City.

Cheesy said...

Holy crap I adore that first photo hun but-- Looks mighty dangerous to this gurlie on crutches LOL

Moosekahl said...

Thank you for the slice in time. Boston is on my wish list of vacations. Someday...

Kat said...

"The British are coming, the British are coming.
Stand your ground men.
Do not fire unless fired upon.
If they want to start a war,
let it begin here..."

Sorry. I went to Boston with my best friend and her parents when we were in 9th grade and her mother made us memorize that and say it whenever someone said Paul Revere. Now whenever I think of Boston that phrase comes to mind.

Great pics! The pigeons made me laugh too. :)

cathy said...

I had no idea that Boston had so many beautiful buildings.

Anonymous said...

great pics Lime...and boy, do i feel like a stinking Limey now...!!! lol ;) but then you know i'm a bit of a barbarian anyway...!!!

Boston is now last on my American cities to visit...!!! heheheheh ;) :P just kidding...second to last...!!! lmao

jillie said...

Boston is one of the MANY places I have never been to. I've always wanted to go there. Those pictures have really wanting me to go there. I like the headstone, very intriguing indeed ;o)

San said...

The bridge shot is absolutely mystical, modern world or no. May be my favorite of this wonderful set. No, I take that back. The statues nonchalantly bearing pigeons on their heads--that's my favorite. No, the fissures in the walking path--that's what really sucks me in. Or could it be...

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Spent a day in Boston when we lived in Montreal. It seemed like a fab ciy. These are great shots.