Friday, December 18, 2009

Da Count-Because I Really Need To

I'm still in a crap mood. Sorry. The two day migraine this week didn't help. I could go on but I won't. I tormented you all with my foul mood yesterday and to your credit you responded kindly. Thank you. This week I need to do Da Count as a matter of discipline, not to muster up holiday cheer that doesn't exist but just so I can get out of this funk and not drag everyone else into the vortex with me. So it's just going to be a list of stuff I can be grateful for.

1. All of you. That the comments left yesterday were kind and encouraging.
2. Flannel sheets and thick blankets to keep me warm.
3. Enough migraine meds to keep me from self-harm.
4. My kids are healthy.
5. I had enough money to get winter coats for 2 kids who had outgrown theirs.
6. Last weekend Mr. Lime and 2 limelets did some of the decorating.
7. A box of chocolates.
8. Finding a cheaper way to meet my continuing ed. requirements to maintain my teaching certificate (Got notification I need to get 60 hours in my June and thought it would run me about $600. I think I might be able to do it for half that now.)
9. I have a job. (I hate it. It increases my stress exponentially. I have fundamental disagreement with certain underlying principles related to it...but I have a job when so many don't.)
10. The patients who come into the practice. I like most of them, even the two totally grouchy guys who come in scowling (the parents who come in with screaming kids and let them grab fistfuls of lollipops while they demolish the waiting room, not so much). It's become a game to get the grouchy guys to crack a smile.
11. As one friend noted...I haven't killed anyone. This is always a good thing.
12. Another friend who made this grouchy girl laugh in spite of her attempts to wallow in misery. Being willing to stick around and bring out a better side of me when I am behaving in such an unlovable fashion...well, that's really something I don't take for granted.
13. That I have friends.
14. Clean, warm socks.
15. A hot shower.
16. A recent unexpected conversation with my mom.
17. A bowl of grape nuts, blueberries, and milk with a lil dab of raw honey all heated up in the microwave so it's warm in belly.

On that note it's time for some warm grape nuts.

Thank you all for bearing with me lately. Allow me to share a video that made me smile too. Thanks, Dragonfly!


~Dragonfly~* said...

Another thing to be grateful for... snow is coming!!!! YAY!!!!

I'm glad I could make you smile. Feel free to stop back over and check out Santa Bear again... he makes me crack up every time I look at him!!!

I wish all my photos came out that good!!! Every now and again I really get lucky!!!


Jazz said...

Bubble baths always help. Really. They do!

Craver Vii said...

Well, the list made ME feel good... I hope good cheer finds its way to you soon.

Loved that video!

(big hug)

S said...

I love grape nuts but I used to get late all the time because the chewing is such a time investment!

Have a good weekend, Lime, you are loved.

Suldog said...

Love, I'm grateful for YOU. You make me smile.

Cocotte said...

Grape Nuts? Seriously?

Have a merry Christmas and hope you get a big box of chocolates!

secret agent woman said...

When things suck, as they have for me this month, I spend a fair amountof time doing what I call "blessing counting." I need the constant reminder.

Cricket said...

Wow. I'd forgotten about Grape-Nuts. Didn't know they still made them. Back when I had molars, I used to like those. Kind of like eating tasty aquarium gravel.

My grandmother used to make a Grape-Nut pudding that was pretty good. I think I could still manage that. OK, today I'll be grateful for you reminding me of Grape-Nut pudding.

VE said...

Err...aren't "Silent Monks" singing an oxy-moron?

Anonymous said...

well done....

The Zombieslayer said...

Got a chuckle out of #7. The reason? Last night, Mrs. Z was having a horrible day. So I took her to the local bar we like and bought her a few stiff drinks.

Well, the bartender was a woman. Never saw her there. We used to be regulars awhile back but haven't been there in months.

Anyways, she was quite a conversationalist. We started talking about flowers vs chocolates and I told her that I learned the hard way that if you really piss off a woman, give her chocolates. She can be so pissed at you that she'd just throw the flowers, but she won't do that to a box of chocolate.

lecram said...

My count will come over the weekend.... putting together a video one.

I hear you on the feeling on grouch... but you mustered a great list to counter that. Which in itself is count worthy. Cheers!

snowelf said...

Lime, I have to do this from time to time too--especially when I am at the point of uber crankiness. Like you said, it's a good discipline to have. Your list did make me feel good too!

My mom and Prof Shorty have had migraines this week too! I swear these things are related to the weather. Shorty was fine when he woke up this morning, but he went to bed at 6:30 last night and didn't get up until 5:30 this morning, so I hope its gone and doesn't come back later today!

Now, off to get caught up on the rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Babe! As a fellow migraine sufferer. I agree having meds is a blessing! My dr gave me this pill called arthocet which is a pill for arthritis pain and combined with an execdrin pill. It has wiped out the headaches with no rebound headache which I had been getting since july...anywway. hang in there!
Mary (ox)

~Tim said...

I <3 Lime.

choochoo said...

Aww. Hope you're feeling better :D

Palm Springs Savant said...

Its okay to have down moods now and again. Actually I think its healthy and our brain's way of recharging for the natural high moments. Or maybe it helps appreciate the high points. Who knows. But regardless, as you aptly point out, there are plenty of reasons for us all to be grateful.

Moosekahl said...

Glad you are feeling up to Grapenuts. My post-migraine headache food is chicken ramen noodles. They taste absolutely disgusting to me any other time but like heaven after a migraine. I'm all for flannel sheets and thick comforterts too. Sort of how I'm spending my day today! Thinking about you! Take care.

BBC said...

I'm still in a crap mood.

It seems like being pissed off at the world is what keeps me going. Well, that and camping in three days.

Christmas can go to hell, I don't do christmas anymore, I just wage a one man war against it.

Sorry about the headaches, never get them myself.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, Puppy, this is an admirable list, considering the crap you've been mired in.