Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it Live or Is It Meme-orex?

...I'm going to merely answer the questions and comments posed in response to yesterday's post.

Craig said... Did you just say, 'uber-groovy'?? . . .'a toe at very strange angles'?

Yes, I did indeed say "uber-groovy." I know that may seem like a strange turn of phrase but I am given to such things. Other verbal oddities I use with frequency include, but are not limited to: nifty, snazzy, holy moses on a pogo stick, crappalappadingdong, and bite me.

As for the toe in question, it seemed to be rotated at the joint so that the toenail no longer faced skyward but rather inward toward the next toe.

Jazz said...Could the bear have stolen the venison perhaps?

Only if the bear had been able to operate the garage door opener then remove the bungee cord from the ancient freezer in the garage which keeps the freezer door closed. Additionally, the bear would need the manual dexterity to open the door to Gracie the Minivan, turn the key in the ignition, and shift into reverse in order to back the van up far enough to allow the door to the ancient freezer to swing open. I've known some darned resourceful bears but the likelihood of that skillset being possessed by even an above average example of Ursus americanus strains credulity just a bit.

jinksy said... If I told you I'd hit 69 and indulged in a week of torrid telephone sex, which of the two statements would you believe?!

I'd want to hear more, you randy thing!

furiousBall said...i bet the bear won the laser tag game

He was given great odds even though he couldn't work the lasers.

Suldog said...Oh, please tell me that you're going to expound on a few of these during the coming days. I'm way curious!

I did not participate in the all-night laser tag debacle. I value you my sleep more than that. The day old bread came from Calypso's boyfriend, who works in a grocery store. More to come on the foot in a moment. Calypso had the close encounter of the bear kind when showing aforementioned boyfriend the door one evening. Perhaps you heard the screaming? Calypso and I both enjoyed the film festival, which featured a series of shorts 9 out of 10 were phenomenal. If 3 members of the House of Lime kill 6 deer during deer season and one 150 lb deer can feed our family for roughly 9 months and I have to ask Mr. Lime for 3 months to please bring meat home from the friend's house where the bulk of said venison is being stored and I finally give up in frustration, drive there myself and I am told it's almost all gone I begin to get curious as to the whereabouts of such a massive quantity of venison. I'd tell you more about the official reports but then I'd have to kill you. Gorgeous weather=happy Lime. Go see Alice in Wonderland. It's marvelous.

Cricket said... I'll trade my list for yours, except maybe the broken toe. The weekend here at the House O' Quills featured a four-pronged attack of dysentery.

My sincerest condolences.

Gledwood said...sounds well entertaining..!

It was!

Craver Vii said... Me?

Yes, you. Do you have something to share with the class, Mr. Craver? Pay attention now. I just posed a word question to Mr. Suldog up there and he was too busy propositioning Jinksy to pay attention and explain how 6 deer weighing an average of 150 lbs. could have been consumed in merely 4 months. Please come to the board and work out the problem for the class.

S said... Sounds like a lot of fun was had!Especially the bag of day old bread, thats super exciting!

A whole lot more fun than the migraine I've been fighting.

coopernicus said... who has the smooshed toes???

That would be Mr. Lime. He was an all night laser tag participant running around like a junior high kid until his toe forcefully met an unyielding surface resulting in a shattered end of his phalange and a damaged tendon which may require surgery if it doesn't heal up like a good little tendon. Given his disinclination to follow doctor's orders my odds are on surgery.

Moannie said... That is a good ten years worth of goings on.

Maybe that explains why I feel a decade older this morning.

g-man said...Does a bear shit on Trini's front porch?

No, it still shits in the woods. However, Calypso could wet herself just a little in the foyer when she opens the front door and unexpectedly finds the bear.

Cocotte said...Were you drinking again, Lime?

Not nearly enough, though I did enjoy a truly lovely bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne with friends while Mr. Lime was busy demolishing his big toe. I think I had the better evening.

Phyllis Renée said... I loved Alice In Wonderland! Did you see it in 3D?

No, I saw it in 4D, complete with smellavision. Ok, ok, I saw it in 2D. I'm too vain to wear the glasses. when they distribute 3D contact lenses I'll consider it.


G-Man said...

You have the profoundest commenters on the planet Trini..
Drivel from Trivel!!!

Cricket said...

You're missing over 600 lbs. of venison (dressed)? Gives a whole new meaning to mystery meat.

Another day I'd be drooling over that. Love it. For now, chicken soup sounds about right, though.

jinksy said...

I'd just like to point out, I've never been propositioned by Suldog...

lime said...

gman, lol, you among them!

cricket, we seem to have located some of it, but apparently it was being shared out much more than i realized. i'm glad to have provided meat for a lot of other people, it's just that we kind of depend on it too.

jinksy, i apologize if my joking around went too far. i hope i haven't offended.

Craig said...

Well, you know, 'groovy' is a nifty piece of anachronism that was current when I was in jr. hi/HS, around the time you were being born. . .

Of course, it's all of a piece with your 'hippie-out-of-time' persona (which, just for the sake of sayin' so, I find immensely appealing). . . ;)

And, uh, you forgot, "Sweet fancy moses". . .

Craver Vii said...

Okay, let's see...
6 deer x 150 lbs
divided by 120 days (four months)
equals one juvenile allosaurus.
a gang of ravenous zombies living in the basement.
(cracking knuckles)
That was easy! Holy Moses on a pogo stick, who's gonna clean up all that crappalappadingdong?!!

lime said...

craig, i did indeed forget that particular expression...which i must admit, i ripped off of logophile because of the way it tripped off the tongue.

craver, thank you ever so much for clearing up THAT conundrum. now i just need to hope the allosaur does away with the zombies, then i will kill and butcher it for the next 6 months of eating.

Craver Vii said...

I can't believe such a free spirited person would be vain about 3-D glasses. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

furiousBall said...

that makes sense, my bookee wouldn't even take my bet on the bear

Cocotte said...

That is a great idea for a post!

Logophile said...

You know, the 3D thing for me is less about style and more about the fact that sometimes it makes me rather nauseous, and with a migraine looming? I think that would put me right over the edge!

The toe sounds hideous, bleck

Suldog said...

Jinksy is absolutely correct. She propositioned me.

Oh, OK, not really. Fella can dream, though...

secret agent woman said...

You know what's weird? I actually did leave a comment on the last post, but apparently blogger devoured it. Why does blogger hate me so?

lime said...

craver, have you noticed i wear tie dye and birkenstocks? give a girl her one vanity. ;)

furiousball, now you know why.

cocotte, thanks!

logo, yeah the visual whackery of 3D has never done real well on me either. and if you think the toe SOUNDS hideous, you should see it. since it is lunchtime, i'll spare you.

suldog, playing kiss and tell are you?

lime said...

secret agent woman, blogger is evil like that

Jazz said...

Holy moses on a pogo stick, you CAN make a post out of anything. I am impressed, yes indeedy

S said...

Does this mean we're having bread pudding for dinner mom?
And tomorrow night, too?

Ok stay away from plaid and stripes right now, and spirographs and flashing disco balls, because I know about those optically triggered migraines which cause temporary blindness, just ask Tensy about the time we went to the Discovery museum and I stared for 10 seconds at a giant orange spirograph and next thing you know, she had to lead me around like a blind old lady while chasing two little girls...

lime said...

jazz, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

susie, oh gads, that sounds truly horrid.

Jocelyn said...

What I like best of all on this post is the label at the end. You are a marvel.

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