Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 55-Drowning/Da Count-Breathing Again


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Silent descent
drifting downward
where water's embrace lulls me
in the gentle pull of gravity
until my lungs burn
I beg for air
and reach
for sunlight
to grasp only aquamarine
see the last few bubbles
rising from my lips
escaping to the surface
as I swallow blackness
and the sunless deep
engulfs me


Calypso is a bright girl who hasn't always lived up to her potential. She's a middle child situated between a tenacious, over achieving older sister and a popular brother for whom academic success comes easily. She is musically talented but hasn't wanted to put much energy into honing her natural abilities. She hasn't wanted to put any real effort into academics. You may recall she began at a new school in the fall and then transitioned back to her former school in January. She had come to the conclusion herself that the academics at the new school were sorely lacking. She admitted without any prompting that she simply had not applied herself at her old school. She has definitely taken things much more seriously since her return. There have been a few glitches but she has persevered through them unlike her previous inclination to give up. Earlier this week I got an excited call while I was at work. "Mom, guess who made the honor roll for the first time!" I congratulated her and said I knew she had it in her but I was proud of her and glad she knew it too now. It was a breath of fresh air to get that news.


Brian Miller said...

wow. intense 55...hope i never just let go...

my 55 is up!

Craig said...

Congratulations to Calypso!

Alas, I'm all-too-familiar with the 'talented-but-unmotivated' phenomenon. . . But, it seems, it is possible to 'grow out of it' (or however it is that it gets gotten out of. . .) And when that comes about, 'tis wondrous indeed to behold. . .

WordVer = 'briedom'; the state of being softly cheesy?

G-Man said...

I'm so proud of the girl!
Plus your 55 was fantastic!
Thanks for your weekly insightful brilliance Trini...You Rock The Keystone State!
have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Suldog said...

That is so very cool. Please extend congratulations to her, from me, on behalf of the internet :-)

John's comments said...

Go for the heights. Late for me, this week, what with work demanding I do what I'm paid to do. I mean, what a cheek. My 55 story here

lecram said...

This is a wonderful count. I am so happy that she is starting to hit her stride. You must (and should) be a proud Mom. :)

Craver Vii said...

Good for her! Congratulations; that's fantastic!

That is an interesting image you used today. I think I may have a cool idea from it...

Monkey Man said...

Great news on your daughter and wonderful 55. I like em dark. My 55 iss HERE .

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Very well done, Calypso!
You must be so proud of her!
Excellent picture and 55!

Mine is here
Have you a great weekend!

for a different kind of girl said...

How awesome for her! I hope she enjoys the view there on the honor roll!

secret agent woman said...

Well, wasn't that a cheery and uplifting 55! :)

sheri... said...

ooh, this was creepy good! i've heard there was peace when you finally give in but who has survived this to know?? i'm just saying :) great 55!

Kat said...

Ooooo. Great 55. Love it.

AND YEAH!!!! for your girl. That is great news. How exciting to see your child reach potential. :)

Dave said...

Well do0ne to your daughter for her achievement Michelle. Sad little poem above... - Dave

Buzzard said...

Good stuff, and a great moment for your daughter.

DianeCA said...

Glad to hear she is making honor roll now and does not regret her decision. However, Mom, not living up to her potential. We can't know what her potential is. Sometimes it takes a long time to find out. She is a wonderful girl growing and changing and developing and her potential is surely something wonderful and unexpected. School is just a was of measuring us up to societies expectations. Her potential is endless and imesurable. But of course inside you know that!

Jocelyn said...

My sister is a middle daughter who has, in some ways, never recovered from that fact. I am, therefore, thrilled that Calypso is finding her own mojo and rejoicing in its rise.

cathy said...

Glad to hear that Calypso is finding her feet. Nice 55 too:)

Anonymous said...

Totally coloured the act of drowning [swimming pool incident when I was ten].

Pleased to hear that your super daughter has disccovered the joys of learning all off her own bat.

Mona said...

Nice lyrical 55ve. Its feels so good when our children achieve something great! Congratulations to Calypso & her super mom! ;)

PattiKen said...

Very powerful 55. The shape really pulls you down along with the words.

My 55 is up here.

Cricket said...

Great 55 - really liked it.

Part of the poem I posted in your comments was inspired by my family tree. When my Dad did our genealogy he reached a whole slew of Gloucester folk "lost at sea." Again and again it came up. I thought, rather irreverently:

"Oh how they drowned, they drowned by the dozens, Fathers and uncles and brothers and cousins...."

I couldn't really go that route, though.

Congratulations to Calypso.