Monday, October 18, 2010


The Empress and the Queen once again join forces to bring you a Meme.

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #57. 
We're talking THREES. Answer these questions all having to do with the number 3. I predict this meme will take about 3 minutes to do. 
Of course I could be wrong. 
It's been known to happen. 
And watch out!  Question #3 is a doozy. 

3.  Where were you 3 hours ago?
Trying to reason with numbers which seemed entirely irrational

3. Is there anything pink within 3 feet of you?
Pink elephants on parade

3. Name the 3 scariest places in the world.
In the barbershop responsible for Donald Trump's hair.
Between the ears of Dick Cheney.
In the presence of any member of the cast of Jersey Shore.

3. Name the 3 loveliest sights you've seen lately.
A large Godiva chocolate gift basket.  I'll name it Theo.
A house 2 of my kids had cleaned.  I'll name it Ziggy.
And this.  The name should be obvious.

3. Name the top 3 Bands in the year you were born.
One Man

3. Walk to your front door. Go outside and get in your car. Drive 3 miles East. Describe 3 things you saw on your way.
Molasses Swamp
Gumdrop Mountains
The Lollipop Forest

3.  I, Queen Mimi, have sentenced you to a 3-day diet of your most sinful cravings. 
What will you be partaking?
Hugh Jackman wearing nothing but a layer of gently warmed hot fudge.  Did you really need to ask?

3. Go back to question #3.  Change the first word to "travel" and let me know if you survived.
Banana pondering stubbly doorknob pudding jumpers.  Zing! Cockroach monopoly harbors?

3.  If you are the 3rd person to do this meme and sign the Mr. Linky as #3 you win a prize! The prize is you don't have to do this meme. Oops.  **Don't you know you should always read all the instructions/questions FIRST??**
I did, I opted to reinterpret them.


jennifer said...

The Hugh Jackman image will keep me warm tonight :)

Have a wonderful week!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

LOL !!!!!! I like this one ;-)

Anonymous said...

similar thoughts here....

G-Man said...

Ooooh Godiva....
Somebody must Love you Trini!

~Tim said...

I think the number 3 should be spelled threee.

Mother Theresa said...

What, huh? Um, I'm still stuck on the seventh three....mmmmmm. ;)

Cricket said...

Banana pondering stubbly doorknob pudding jumpers. Zing! Cockroach monopoly harbors?

You just made my morning.

Judy said...

Happy Tuesday and ROFL.. love your answers. And, what's not to like about Hugh Jackman????

Suldog said...

I especially liked the answer to number three. Pure genius!

Craig said...

Of course, you understand that, as numbers go, 3 is eminently rational; heck, it's whole and integral. Pi and e, and the square root of 10, however, are right in the neighborhood, and quite irrational.

But then, pi and e are SO irrational as to pass into transcendence. . .

Ommmmmmmmmm. . .


And three hours ago, I was still blissfully asleep (but not for much longer. . .)

Hilary said...

Ohhh there's too many people in here. So it's true what they say.. "3's a crowd."

Jamie said...

You had me at number 3, but I linked 71 pictures of his godliness.

Craver Vii said...

Three!!! That's Mrs. Craver's favorite number! Mine is 25.