Saturday, January 08, 2011

Not Again

Saturday morning I was laying in bed reading after sleeping in.  I was enjoying the rest because of being so sick all week and not really sleeping well.  I was also happy knowing that Mr. Lime and Calypso were out enjoying a daddy/daughter breakfast date together.

Then the phone rang.

Calypso was sobbing and barely understandable.

We were driving and Daddy started to drift into the other lane and I looked over.  His eyes were rolled back in his head and he was shaking and then we hit the curb.  And he wouldn't wake up and I didn't know what to do.  I called 911.

You did the right thing, baby.  Where are you now?  Where is Daddy?  Are you ok?  Is he ok?

He's awake but confused and he doesn't want to go the hospital.  What do I do?

It's ok.  Don't worry.  He has no choice in this.  He's going.  911 will send the police and an ambulance.  They will get him there.  I'm coming to you now.

The police are here now.

I spoke to the officer, then to Calypso again before hurriedly dressing and driving as carefully as I could through the falling snow that was slickening the roads anew to reach the scene of the accident.  The van was being hauled onto a flat-bed trailer.  Calypso emerged from another car.  A friend had happened upon the accident and saw her and Mr. Lime.  She stayed with us until the ambulance was ready to take Mr. Lime to the hospital.  Mr. Lime was white as a sheet, still disoriented, and weak.  Calypso was quite shaken.  After 8 hours at the ER it was determined that Mr. Lime had a seizure at the wheel which means he now has his driver's license suspended until he is seizure free for 6 months.  It also means lots of testing to try to determine the cause of the seizure.

Mr. Lime is really down about the driver's license and had screwy reactions to the meds they gave him.  Calypso, who has been under so much stress for so many months already, is seeming fragile, for a lack of a  better word.

I need to do Da Count before I close or else I will dissolve in a puddle of tears myself so here goes...

1. They were not physically injured in any serious way, though I intend to have the chiropractor check them out.
2. They did not hit any other cars or people.
3. They were driving Gracie the Bondo Queen that was already bashed in from me hitting the deer in November so it wasn't Jezebel or Leon that were damaged.
4. The officer was very compassionate and understanding.
5. The friend who drove by and stopped to provide comfort for Calypso in the midst of the chaos.
6. The youth pastor and his family who came to the ER and then took Calypso home so she could rest rather than sit around in the ER all day long.  They also brought us dinner.
7. The ER doc and the neurologist, in spite of the ER being jammed packed, took plenty of time to do examinations and answer questions.
8. The 2 nurses we had also had a wonderful demeanor.
9. Upon our release we went back to the scene of the accident to try to find Mr. Lime's the dark in 3 inches of snow which accumulated since the accident...because he was wearing them there but they didn't make it to the ER.  We gave up and knocked on the door of the closest house to ask if we could leave out number in case glasses presented themselves as snow melted.  Turns out it was the local DA who said not only could we leave out number but he'd look in the morning and he'd call the police to ask the officer if he had them in his car....since I had called the station and gotten nowhere.  He said, "Don't worry.  They take my calls and take them seriously."
10. The love of family and friends.

I welcome prayers, good thoughts, positive energy...though I am tired of having need for it.


gautami tripathy said...

Smething really bad did not happen. And that is GOOD thing. And you have thought of that.

We all need prayers, positive thoughts and best wishes. Nothing wrong in asking for those.

I send you positive vibes from this side of the world, India.


Craig said...

Ugh. . .

No wisecracks from me this time. That is utterly horrifying.

Praying for Mr. Lime, and you, and Calypso, and your whole family.

tsduff said...

You have had more than enough of hardships thrown your way this past few YEARS...

Thanking the powers that be that you are all okay - very scary experience for all involved.


Dave said...

Michelle, I am so sorry that this has happened on top of the unfortunate year you have just had. My thoughts are with you and your family - Dave

Mother Theresa said...

Oh wow! What a way to start the New Year....and what a scary thing to go through, but I am glad that Calypso and Mr. Lime are okay. And I do hope the rest of the year will be filled with only good things for you all.

Moannie said...

You have me in tears, this is so not fair, you have had your share of troubles.

Clear thinking from Calypso-holding strong thoughts and love.

Cocotte said...

Offering up prayers.....

~Tim said...

You are an incredibly strong woman, Lime. I'm sending positive energy your way.

G-Man said...

You have the right attitude.
It could have been MUCH worse!

Suldog said...

Prayers are being said, right now as this posts, and if you need anything - and I mean anything - just drop me a line. Do not hesitate. If we can help in any way, it will gladly be so.

Anonymous said...

i'm telling ya, you should be writing the past years events could be the next big reality show...
As The Lime Turns
The Lime and the Restless
The Lime Challenge
ChicoLime and The Man
I Dream of Sanity
Lime Street Blues
The Lime Whisperer
The Daily Lime Show hosted by Evil Knevil...
Extreme Makeover: Lime Edition

Craver Vii said...

It is remarkable, how you choose to count your blessings in such a time as this. Before responding, I immediately prayed for your family. Please keep us posted.

secret agent woman said...

How terrifying. I'm glad to hear that he hit only a curb and there were no serious injuries. The inability to drive for 6 months is a serious problem. My thoughts are with you all - please keep us posted.

for a different kind of girl said...

How scary! Prayers, prayers, and more prayers to you and your family.

(M)ary said...

oh my goodness. I am speechless.

I am so glad your husband and daughter are safe and well. Just focus on each moment and stay strong.

Hilary said...

Oh Michelle, I can't believe what you and your family have had to endure lately. I hate this for you. I'm sending my very best thoughts and warm hugs to you and all of yours.

snowelf said...

Lime...I just...great googliy moogily...

Honey, I love you and the Limelettes and Mr. Lime to bits and pieces, so please, please let me know if any of you need anything.


Moosekahl said...

Thanks for sharing the Da Count with this...I often get frustrated with people up here b/c people like the friend who stopped, the DA that will call about the classes and so forth sometimes don't seem to exist up here. So happy it wasn't worse.

Cricket said...

Oh my God, Lime - I've been mostly off line for a while. Was just trying to catch up. Yikes!!!

Sorry for you and yours, happy for you and yours, praying for you and yours...

I don't know what else to tell you, but all my best thoughts are with you all.

lecram said...

My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh mercy, I've just read about Mr. Lime. I know the shock of seizures. And since I pray, I'm praying. Our son, a grown up, began having seizures 10 years ago. I can only say what the D.A. said, "don't worry" with a TRY not to.... before that advice. Waiting to hear some answers with you. - Jan P.

Jocelyn said...

But I'm sittıng in the middle of an Internet cafe between hairy guys who are smoking and playing fırst-person shooter games. So how can I be crying?

EmBee said...

What the hell? It's a whole new year... This was NOT supposed to be the way 2011 is supposed to go for you.

This was the year of the BIG LOTTO WIN! This was the year of GIANT Windfalls, of Health, Wealth & Happiness to spare... Again I say, WHAT THE HELL???

Okay, so this is what you need to do... You need to get back the positive mojo... So, do the following:
1. Get some glitter, any color will do, but silver would be best.
2. Wear you brightest tie-dye outfit.
3. Tuck a flower behind your right ear.
4. Now stand in the middle of the room which best exemplifies the heart of your home, hold the glitter in your left hand and toss it over your right shoulder as you dance the hula in slow circles all the while chanting "Send some serendipity super-dee-duper-soon, bada-bing-bada-boom!"

Now I can't guarantee things will take an upturn immediately but I'm pretty sure this little exercise just might bring a much needed smile to your face.

Now, if you need anything you just let me know and I'll see what I can do. :-)

P.S. The best part of carrying out the little serendipity dance? You'll have glitter on your floor and it'll help bring some sparkle to your world. I just LOVE glitter!