Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pros & Cons of the Weekend

I survived the retreat.  In the interest of ending on a positive note I'll start with the cons.

1. A speaker who seemed to enjoy introducing hot button topics not to encourage discussion but in order to bludgeon with her opinion.
2. Having to get up early.
3. The same undercurrent of Stepford Wife attitudes that drove me away years ago.

1. Not having to clean up after anyone but myself.
2. Having time for some really excellent and deep conversations with "Thelma."
3. Not having to cook all weekend or wash a single dish.
4. Not having to be the taxi driver.
5. Having time to think without every thought being interrupted by some urgent demand.
6. Hugs.
7. Being reminded of some important things.

There were a number of reasons why I didn't want to go.  Among them was that it felt like one more demand (to conform) being placed on me and quite honestly, I am weary of that right now with all the pressing needs I have to deal with every day. I didn't have the energy to deal with a crowd of women. I had no desire to be asked all weekend about how things are going with the continuing medical drama in my house even though I know the questions were motivated by care and concern for the most part.  Being asked for updates just highlights how many unanswered questions still remain. 

All that said, it worked out.  I got some rest.  I enjoyed time with Thelma.  I was given some good food for thought.  Oh yeah, I strapped into a harness and flew through the air at 30 mph after Thelma helped hoist me up about 3 stories.  No gin was consumed in the execution of that adventure.


Beach Bum said...

Having time to think without every thought being interrupted by some urgent demand.

Oh Lord in Heaven, that's the one killing me right now! Everywhere I turned this weekend someone was calling my name.

Cricket said...

Well, I'm glad it worked out for you, after a fashion. What is it? A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter... So there's that at least.

If it's solitude you're after, you might enjoy my sort of retreat sometime. There are no requirements of any sort. Rising at 3 am was entirely my choice, though I have to say it's worth doing at least once if you were to go.

The closest Abbeys to you are in either VA or IA. Not all that close, I realize.

Anonymous said...

No gin was consumed in the execution of that adventure.

But what about the rest of the weekend?

- Jazz

Craig said...

Food for thought is a good thing. . .

As is a respite from the daily humdrum. . .

Flying thru the air @ 30mph???

(*sadly shaking head*)


Susan in the Boonies said...

"Thelma"s sure can make our lives more bearable, can't they? I'm thankful for Thelma.

Logophile said...

Everyone needs a Thelma!
Glad you survived it and found some positives in the experience.

Too bad about the gin

Bijoux said...

The older I get, the less patience I seem to have with all women events. But your Pros do sound worthy!

Anonymous said...

seems like the pros outweighed the cons...hmmmm......

Anonymous said...

is that you holding the "21' on the human calendar?????

Cricket said...

Just one last thing. As far as I know, bungee jumping from the monastery bell tower is discouraged. Just so you know. A personal supply of gin, however, would be your call ;-)

secret agent woman said...

On balance, seems it was worth it?

Dave said...

That women's retreat sounds like it was 'just what the doctor ordered' for you Michelle! - Glad you enjoyed it! - Dave

Mona said...

that must have been a teetotally satisfying adventure!

Moannie said...

I wish there was a picture of you flying through the air.

Veri word: copum: a dithering policeman.