Monday, March 21, 2011

Word Verictionary

 Ever notice how some of the word verifications are almost like real words?  Sometimes they just beg to be defined, or maybe I just lack any real ideas.  Either way, here are some I am defining.  Feel free to offer your own definitions in the com.

Orlness: a quality one develops after consuming excessive amounts of synthetically based foods or buying into political double-speak.

Oveludi: the newest dance craze, a fusion of the polka, classical Indian dance, and square dancing, which is done to the music of slide whistles and didgeridoos.

Glermica: a pudding made from the insides of those silica gel packets you find in everything from shoeboxes to pill bottles.

Plyske: a spade like tool used by politicians for shoveling their particular brand of bovine excrement or for stirring glermica,

Munness: the quality exhibited by an exceptionally boring lecturer or filibustering politician.

Ateraph: a little known Pharaoh whose sole achievement was the ill-fated construction of a pyramid of camel's milk cheese.

Sperhum: the retching sound made by crowds assembled to celebrate a pyramid of camel's milk cheese in the middle of the Egyptian desert.

Fluddy: torrential blithering.

Peranics:  the teachings of a newly emerged religious cult which requires adherents to dance the Oveludi in celebration of the life of the great Prophet Hyphert.

Hyphert:  cult figure revered for his great dance moves.

Phalf: the word denoting the contents of my brain which are responsible for such a fluddyrific post.


Hilary said...

You aberfust me.

Aberfust: The unique ability to unfailingly amuse, delight and make ones day better by sharing thoughts, sillyness and general Limeness.

How convenient that it just happened to be my word verification.

Cricket said...

Heh, heh. Thanks for the morning laugh. i've often found the word veris to be funny myself, though strangely difficult to remember. One that I do remember: prehab... perhaps the place where I belong?

Word veri for this comment: lunst. I dunno, if you have a leftover cold cheeseburger for breakfast, are you having "lunst?"

G-Man said...

Trini's Seventh Collegiate Dictionary???

Mona said...


Ok, My word verification on your comment box is 'grasmse' which might be Ramses' grandma!

Craig said...

I always thought that 'glermica' was the mixture of dead skin and grime that builds up behind your ears on hot, humid summer days. . .

And 'peranics' is the study of frog urine. . .

'Hyphert' is obviously a special bit of German punctuation.

And 'phalf' is what you get when your frog doesn't really have to go. . .

And my WordVer today is 'scros', which. . . never mind. . . ;)

Anonymous said...

Orlness: the level of one's conviction to televangelists.

Oveludi: the word no one understands in the song Tutti Fruitti...Tutti Fruitti, Overludi.

Glermica: a kitchen counter surface made from glerms.

Plyske: an internet video service for dyslexics.

Munness: the level of attachment one feels to old, corny sitcoms involving monsters.

Ateraph: a word often uttered to the craft used to successfully transport one over dangerous water rapids (wow, that's a stretch...i thought Munness was as far as I could go).

Sperhum: a blowjob from an insane singing idol.

Fluddy: description of certain pants worn by geeks.

Peranics: a unit of measurement used by people substantially depressed people.

Hyphert: a hyphen used strictly by Scott Adams.

Phalf: slightly more than half, as in 'that answer is phalfassed'.

Anonymous said...

I find you very intelligent and that in itself makes me crazy about you. I have been following your blog for a year or so now and just now thought i would share that with you. I hope you will one day bring hnt back because you are one sexy gorgeous woman.


Moannie said...

Oh, this is fun, and as usual your way with words is unique.

My veri word is Hemeray: A haemorrhoid welcomed by a masochist.

S said...

wheres that word that you used to define you hair?

Like a big mess o noodles?

(M)ary said...

Omg! I love this post 1) because I am a word geek and 2) it is SO true that these verification words are begging for definitions!

My verification word for this comment is 'rooty'


Rooty: a word used by wine critics to describe crappy wine without saying it is crappy. 'Pungent, with an after taste. Suitable to use as a cleaning solution but too rooty to drink'

secret agent woman said...

I especially like it when the almost word is appropriate for the post.

Here: You don't have to be so squileus just because you know how to make up definitions.

Jocelyn said...

So you're saying I need to rename my blog "Fluddy"?