Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander... let's take a gander at how Isaac cleans up when HE's the one going to a formal event, rather than is sister.  A couple weeks ago he was asked by a young lady to be her escort to her formal with her school.  With all the enthusiasm reserved for answering a question of similar magnitude to, "You want blue socks or black socks?" he gave a blase, "Sure."  I wrote out the check for a ticket, went to order a corsage (Holy crap, but I had no idea how much those things cost!), and then realized this boy of mine has only the khakis and polos required by school dress code....and I the back of his closet somewhere...if I'm lucky...a single white dress shirt.  And good grief, not even a pair of dress shoes.  The dollar signs were rolling fast.

Then I realized the boy is about an inch taller than his dad and about 15 lbs lighter.  His dad owns exactly one suit, which I required him to purchase 16 years ago when I was great with child (Isaac, in fact, you may all start humming The Circle of Life now as you consider the then unborn child now wearing his dad's suit) and we were invited to a bar mitzvah for the first time.  The invite said "Semi-formal." I dragged Mr. Lime off to the menswear department to purchase a suit.  Mr. Lime was perhaps 10 lbs lighter then than he is now so I had hope that Isaac would be able to wear his dad's suit and save me the expense of purchasing one. 

Of course, I also envisioned the suit being just short enough to make the kid look like a very tall Pee Wee Herman, in which case my contingency plan involved merely buying a red bow-tie to complete the look and coaching Isaac on the mannerisms and giggle of the aforementioned character.  Alternately, I envisioned my son resembling David Byrne of the Talking Heads in an over-sized suit, and then I'd have to teach him the lyrics to Burning Down the House or And She Was  or both, and frankly, I didn't have that kind of time.  So it was his dad's suit.  I'll put up the pictures and let you draw your own conclusions about the fit

Oh yeah, dream date right here. Nice hat.

Choosing the tie was the one bit of choice he had, not that he much cared.  He did opt for the Gary Larsen Far Side cow tie, which is all the rage this season.  I thought it was a fun choice and far better than his dad's suggestion of going with the Star Trek Mr. Spock tie simply because it was blue and theoretically coordinated with the date's dress.  I'm sorry, no girl wants to dance with her very tall date and stare into the eyes of Leonard Nimoy...unless of course she happens to be dancing with Mr. Nimoy himself.

We had a brief tutorial on corsage application at home. That was after we defined the term and explained the social custom.

And here is the adorable couple all ready to step out.


Craig said...

A few years back, I saw a tie version of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel, and I immediately purchased it. Now I wear it almost exclusively to weddings and baptisms.

But you know, in order to fit the picture on the tie, Adam is cut off just below the waist. I was, um, surprised by how many women, seeing the tie, turned it over to see if the, uh, goods were faithfully rendered on the hidden portion of the tie. . .

Wrist corsage is a good idea. For my prom, I bought my date the pin-on-the-dress kind, and when her mom told me I had to slip my fingers inside the neckline of her dress to hold things steady while I pinned the corsage on, I nearly passed out. . . ;)

Anonymous said...

They are SO CUTE!

That"s all.


Almost makes me wish I'd had kids.


Kat said...

Well now, doesn't he look handsome! And the suit is a great fit! Haha! Perfect! The boy cleans up nicely, doesn't he. Indeed. And I happen to like the hat with the suit. I hope he took it with him. :)

A very good looking couple. I hope they had a great time!

Dave said...

Isaac and his date look great Michelle. Hope they both hit it off OK? That suit looked great and unless someone mentioned it no one would have know it was his Dad's. - Dave

Beach Bum said...

Totally awesome tie!

Truthfully, its been so long since I had to wear a tie I don't know if I could tie one. Bummer, now curiousity is going to force me to try in the morning.

Jocelyn said...

Adorable, indeed, although I am disappointed that the PeeWee Herman angle didn't work out. Of course, had that happened, he would have ditched his date midevening and come home with a guy, so it's probably best he went Far Side.

I love this stage of life you're at--the whole formal event thing and giving tutorials.

Hilary said...

He looks wonderful.. they make a great looking couple. Gotta love that tie.

snowelf said...

Oh what a sweetheart. And I loved the GQ pose. I hope they had a nice time. :)


Craig said...

And, uh, just so I'm clear. . .

She asked him to escort her?

Yer son, he's, uh, quite the babe-magnet, ain't he?


Cricket said...
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Cricket said...

Another handsome Limelet.

Never got the corsage thing, myself. Now, if a woman wants to wear a flower in her hair and can pull that look off, well, fine, but a small centerpiece stuck on dress or wrist?

Nah. That "style" should have gone out with the advent of indoor plumbing/regular bathing.

Come to think of it, the same goes for ties. Since they no longer tie your collar closed, what's the point. It's like a vestigial tail.

I once saw, I forget where, the following: Ties are worn to indicate employees who will do whatever they're told.

I once was required to wear a tie working as a stockboy in a supermarket? Wtf? I'm hot, sweaty, dirty from the warehouse, wheeling out cases of canned peaches on a dolly and putting them on the shelves. Good thing I have a tie on. I look much more presentable to the customers now.

Since this was the 80s, we usually wore our ties with polo shirts, but that's another story. My name tag said "Irving."

I won't even tell you where on my apron I put my "How May I Help You?" pin.

Bijoux said...

Very handsome couple!

My son doesn't have a suit or dress shoes either. He had an interview last Friday and had to wear his black marching band shoes to it.

choochoo said...

the hat totally makes the outfit, it does. It could only be topped by a matching tie.

clean and crazy said...

what an awesome couple!! great job saving the suit!! so glad it fit!! what an adorable couple they make!!

Anonymous said...

the boy does alright for himself. "bullshit" tie????

Mona said...

Awwww! That couple sure is adorable!!

I have my late husband's wardrobe waiting for my son to step in yet!

g-man said...

She's a Hottie!!!
That boy done good.... Real Good!!!

S said...

blogger ate my comment and I liked it

I said
He looks 50's era Frank Sinatra which is very cool and I like the hat adding to the "forget you" look to the prom scene!
Good job on saving the dough too, mom!

secret agent woman said...

Aww, that's very sweet!

Susan in the Boonies said...