Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Interupt the Seattle Revelry...

....for this blogiversary and birthday.  Today House of Lime turns six and Lime herself turns....uh....considerably older.  Ok, if you must know Hugh Jackman and I are exactly the same age.  So if you're really curious, you can Google him and find out how old I am.  The year  (many years ago) this little tidbit of information was discovered Diana asked, "If you guys are the same age how come he looks so much younger than you?"  Picture me non-plussed.  (muttering under my breath about the darned fresh kids and how their snotty observations have an aging effect)

Now I have already told Mr. Lime I am regarding the trip to Seattle as my birthday present this year.  Is that a sigh of relief I hear from him?  Why yes, I believe it may be.  However, I want to begin planning for a future birthday because I think Hugh and I ought to be able to share one together. This year I begin the campaign for just that.  Of course, with all deference to our respective spouses, I will include them in the celebrations.

Aside from the obvious talent and drool factor Mr. Jackman possesses I have several other reasons I am a fan of his as well as some similarities we share.  It is these aspects I use as the basis of my argument that we should meet and celebrate a birthday together.  Allow me to list them and see if you don't agree.  Coincidence or fate...

Good lighting helps...not that he needs it.
1. We share the exact same birthday.  Really!  We do!  Though I suspect with the time difference and knowing that I was born in the evening he is AT LEAST several hours older than I am.  Still he looks younger than I do....dammit. (No, this will NOT motivate me to begin dyeing my hair!)

2. He is an award winning actor. (2004 Tony for Best Actor, among many others).  I am an award winning actress.  You think I am making this up?  HA!  Go read this post about my Golden Phallus Award from 1985, you doubters!

Good fathering is very attractive.
3. I am an adopted child.  He and his wife are adoptive parents.  Honestly, I really like that he is involved in adoption advocacy.  Anyone who is immediately earns my respect.  Yep, I'm biased.

I just know he's thinking of where the best ziplining venue might be.

4. We have both had unfortunate zipline incidents.  Mine was in the backyard and resulted in the impressive mangling of my left arm requiring two surgeries and 6 1/2 months of occupational therapy to regain use of said arm but I have some TOTALLY awesome scars I am sure would impress.  I wear them with pride.  His incident was during the taping of an interview with Oprah.  His stop was rather abrupt when his face met the set.  Hey, the guy needed stitches and everything.  It probably stung!  For this reason I think which ever birthday we celebrate together should involve ziplining.  We will both be properly harnessed and wear helmets but we WILL dominate the ziplines, thus proving to the world that we are fearless conquerors...or else completely foolhardy.  Take your pick.

5. We were each raised by single parents.

6. He is Australian.  I own land in Queensland, Australia.  No, I am not kidding.  Gees, you people never believe me!  Check out this post.  Heck, I even own an Australian flag, which I may or may not be allowed to fly on my own land.

7. My birthfather is Greek.  One of his great grandfathers is Greek.  I say our celebration also involves tossing some wine glasses around.

8. His character Wolverine is supposed to be 5'3" according to the comic books but Hugh is 6'2".  I am only 5'4" but my son is 6'1/2".  Oh, so you think I am really stretching for commonalities now, do you?  Well...well...ok, just shuddup or I'm gonna have to go all raging mutant on ya!

9. He's a proponent of microcredit and Mohammad Yunus as well as working with other organizations dedicated to helping the poor.  I worked with squatters for the year I lived in Trinidad.  I'd still be there or someplace else doing something similar were it not for certain circumstances beyond my control. I'm still involved in other ways.

10. He's really athletic.  I can enjoy looking at the results of his athleticism.  I consider it a good cardio workout for me.


11. He can do that funky arching of one eyebrow trick and so can I.

12. He's not in the least bit embarrassed to dress/act like a complete nut to have some fun.  And if six years worth of ridiculousness chronicled in this blog isn't evidence enough of my own self-effacing lunacy here is just one reminder.


Susan in the Boonies said...

Happy Birthday, Lime, and thanks so much for those marvelous pictures of Mr. Jackman. And now, I want a six pack. :-D

Beach Bum said...

Happy Birthday!

As for Jackman, I suppose I can give Wolverine a pass on that movie "Real Steel." I just find it bizarre that some producer based a movie on the old "Rock'em Sock'em robots game I had as a kid.

I never thought things could get any worse after Tranformers.

Craig said...

Happy Birthday, my friend; I'm glad you were born; and your blog, too. (And, you know, what you see of Hugh on the screen has benefit of some really top-shelf make-up artists; just sayin'. . .)

But, uh, can I join yer party? 'Cuz, like, I'm adopted, and the father of one of my daughter's friends has done Hugh Jackman's hair. . . (But, you know, the whole 'Wolverine' thing could kinda stick in my throat, so maybe I should just stay home, after all. . .)

And, as re the Golden Phallus, I'll just say, 'Hmmmmmmm'. Sounds like something you picked up at one o' them Tupperware Parties what doesn't sell Tupperware, iffen you know what I mean. . .

Logophile said...

Hope it was a truly fabjous birthday!

Not everyone gets a whole city for their birthday, you are very blessed, and so am I since I got in on the whole deal


In what I'm sure is an omen my wordveri is


take that however you like


Cricket said...

Well,happy birthday/blogiversary. I wish you and Hugh all the best for the future.

I'll have to check out those links next.

Anonymous said...

if you own land there, what are you doing here????

Happy Birthday. Are u & hugh throwing a joint party? (and by that I mean a joint party not a "joint" party")

silly rabbit said...

Happy birthday to both of you! I think there is some common ground here. He would be crazy not to befriend you!

Dave said...

Happy Birthday Michelle. Does Jackman know he shares his birthday with you? - Dave :-)

Craig said...

Oh, and I can do the arch-one-eyebrow thing, too. . .


Craver Vii said...

Happy birthday Lime and Hugh. (I just KNOW he reads this blog!)

Lime, I was a little disappointed with the picture for #10, where you talked about his athleticism. Somebody cut-n-pasted his head onto my body. That's not fair; I never gave permission for my picture to be used that way. ;-)

S said...

OMG hheee heee hoo hoo
I specially love the zipline and Australia references!
I hope both of your birthdays were awesome!

secret agent woman said...

Happy Birthday!

Hilary said...

A belated Happy Birthday and Blogiversary. May you have many, many more.