Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Autumn is well upon us and I took Boom-boom for a stroll one day to capture some of the changes. First stop was some bush I don't know the name of.  It had some interesting berries and both red and green leaves.

Next was a hydrangea that was drying out but still had a few pink petals showing.

Here's another drying thing.  I think it might be an azalea but don't quote me.

No idea what this plant is but it was one of the few splashes of summery color left.  When I leaned in close for the picture I finally saw several bees resting on it.  And by resting I mean barely moving.  In the summer I have to chase them all around to get a shot of them.  These bees were all just sitting there very lazily and ignoring my presence thoroughly.

Hey!  I know the name of this because Hilary taught me.  It's wild chicory closing up against the cold.

Our neighborhood is heavily wooded.   Can you guess the most common tree here?

I know what this one is too!  Ok, fine, admittedly it's only because I planted the darned things and have managed not to kill them.  They are what happens to lilies of the valley when autumn rolls around.  I have no idea if they are supposed to be cut off after they are done blooming but they are one of the few plants that thrives under my brand of neglect and incompetence.

Again with the oak.  Our acre of land is almost all oak.  When it's acorn season (autumn) it can sound like we are under siege when they start falling on the roof.

I don't know what this is but I like the colors.  So there.

I have no idea what this is either but the black berries intrigue me.

And finally, another typical scene in our backyard, especially when it's been a wet season like this one.


Craig said...

Nice photos. That first one looks like Christmas (I won't tell Suldog if you don't).

In our yard, it's all maples, and a couple black walnuts. . .

Stephen Hayes said...

Your pictures do a good job of revealing Autumn. Postcard pretty.

Bijoux said...

Saw a bee just like that yesterday. She's probably still there! Love the unique colors of autumn.

Daryl said...

benign neglect is what i call it .. and that erstwhile azalea has leaves that remind me of gardenia .. not sayin' it is ... just sayin'

G-Man said...

There are few things better than a Red Bush!!

Craver Vii said...

I love the mighty oak. We do not have very many around here. I don't know why. Maple and Pine, mostly.

Anyhoo, those are nice pics you took with Boom Boom. I like the shroom and oak leaves best!

Beach Bum said...

Cold weather can not get here soon enough for me, my own personal evidence of climate change is the fact my grass is active and has to be cut later every year. Plus, I have a tree in the backyard that I pose the kids in front of on their birthdays.

My son's birthday is in October and when I started this tradition back in 2000 it would be bare of leaves. As the years passed the leaves have stayed on longer to the point it is still completely green until November.

Logophile said...

Hey, I have trees and plants and stuff at my house too!
I know even less of the names of mine than you know of yours. I am actually impressed with you.

I think the trees around my yard are mostly... maple, maybe?
Yeah, I have no idea

Your yard looks lovely though

Kat said...

Beautiful pictures! I love fall. :)

~Dragonfly~* said...

I like your photos....very revealing. When I'm feeling low, feeling as though my life is lacking ....I retreat to the natural world to seek out the details and colors, finding serenity. I feel you.....thanks for sharing.

Other Mary said...

Great photos. Looks like a lovely neighborhood. I think I'll stick around to find out who Boom Boom is. I'm singing on to follow you, this looks fun! :o)

Secret Agent Woman said...

Nice snippets of fall. So far, just my dogwoods have gone red.