Sunday, December 09, 2012

Just Sayin'

Today I share just a few of the observations I've had in the last week...

If one donates blood and is advised not to engage in heavy exercise for at least five hours, heading off to a yoga class a mere 90 minutes later will prove the wisdom in aforementioned advice.  It will prove it quite effectively, thank you very much, enough that you may still feel the lesson the next day.

I made Greek Avgolemono soup and Turkish red lentil soup on the same day.  I ate a bowl of each on purpose.  The nerdy history geek part of me that also engages the bizarre imagination had fun envisioning an epic battle in my digestive system.

Is there anyone out there who feels completely at ease if they wind up in traffic behind a giant car carrier?  Personally, I always have visions of an SUV breaking loose and flattening me.

Even though children may reach the ages of 19 & 17 they will still fight over who gets to put the star on top of the Christmas tree, even if one of them doesn't want to do anything else to decorate.

I am the mom who has had sex ed. conversations at the dinner table since the kids were quite young.  It sometimes causes a bit of dyspepsia in Mr. Lime.  I have discovered when the topic of bloody stools comes up at dinner, even if it's only theoretical, that is my personal limit.

Who decided potted flowers with a nice wrap on the pot were not pretty enough and thus needed both spray on dye AND glitter applied to the actual flowers?  It's official.  We've gone completely nuts as a culture if even live, healthy flowers in full bloom aren't sufficiently lovely and need cosmetic enhancement.


Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm with you on reasonable dinner conversation. And yes, car carriers freak me out Especially since the one on the end on the second level is usually slanted downwards!

And I got roses delivered once that came with glitter and perfume sprayed on them. I said to my husband, "Thanks for the rose. They're glittery." He yelled, "What!?" and got right on the phone to the florists to have them bring un-doctored replacements.

Sailor said...

I can attest to the accuracy of your "Give-blood-then-exercise" comment; never mind how I know, ooops!

Dinner conversations do have limits; we haven't had the bloody stools come up thus far, thankfully, even in theory; but we, too, do the sex ed. routinely. No signs of dyspepsia however.

I guess it didn't take glittery flowers to convince me of this culture's insanity; I've been fully convinced of that for *years*.

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you about car carriers; they do make me wonder if one will break lose indeed!

We have interesting dinner table conversations; pretty much anything and everything and all body functions are discussed; I'm sure some would be appalled, but works for us :)

Too cute about fighting over who puts the angel on top of the tree! At least the tree is up though I'm assuming.


Kat said...

Last time I gave blood I was seriously wiped out. It was bizarre. I felt like I could barely get off the couch. That had never happened before. Wonder what would have happened had I tried doing yoga or going for a run.

Craig said...

I once gave blood, then played a softball game in 95-deg heat a couple hours later. I was chasing a fly ball in the outfield, and suddenly, counsciousness started fading in and out. I didn't do an actual unconscious face-plant, but I did take myself out of the game. . .

I won't say that car-carriers freak me out, exactly, but I do occasionally tell myself, "You never hear about that last car coming unchained. . . right?"

And, before I even got to the next sentence, I thought, "Greek soup and Turkish soup. . . can you even DO that?"

Tabor said...

I have very low blood pressure so have been advised not to give blood years ago. I do agree with all the glittered poinsettias. What is up with that? Flowers are so lovely in their own color and shape.

Leave It To Davis said...

LOVE THIS POST!! You made me laugh right out loud.

And when I get behind any big semi carrying anything that is jiggling every time it hits a bump in the road,my mind goes straight to the movie Final Destination. Yep, that makes me really nervous each time!

Bijoux said...

Those glittered poinsettias are tacky, aren't they? The pinnacle of tackiness are the glitter ones that are BLUE!

I also worry about semis blowing a tire next to me on the highway. Lots to fret about on the road!

Suldog said...

I have the same thought when I get behind one of those carriers. I always try to get out from behind it as soon as possible.

As for digestion, I've always pictured the lox I have with a bagel trying to swim upstream when I drink milk to wash it down.

haphazardlife said...

I know for a fact that one day those cars will all come rolling off the truck and onto my car. It can't not happen eventually.

And yes, the glittery flowers. That is beyond bizarre.

Daryl said...

so .. who won the tummy war?

lime said...

agent, i am glad your husband had the florist rectify the situation!

sailor, now i NEED to hear your blood donation/exercise story!

corgi, the tree is indeed up

kat, do NOT try yoga OR go for a run. take it from me....

craig, congrats on managing not to do a face-plat.

tabor, i have no explanation for the glittered flowers

davis, glad to know it gave yo ua guffaw. i'm only here to serve ;)

bijoux, you and i agree completely on the height of floral tackiness. though i must say i passed by a plastic tub of plastic flowers adorning a yard today and rolled my eyes.

suldog, no i want a bagel with lox and a glass of OJ (not fond of drinking milk) so i can imagine the same!

haphazard, those carriers are just damned unnerving

daryl, my tummy did !:)

(M)ary said...

Given what I have heard about Greek and Turkish history, I am surprised you didn't throw up!

Hilary said...

Oh oh.. did you pass out?

Your observations are might amusing. Your kids... like any other. In some ways, they never grow up. And glittery flowers.. WRONG!

~Tim said...

Who decided potted flowers needed a wrap?

And I love the idea of recreating epic battles through food!

Jocelyn said...

So what you're saying is that you want more bloody stool conversation? Message me anytime!