Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday 55-Budget Cuts


Mrs. Lime,
my mom says we might not have library
next year.
Will you still be here?

I honestly don't know the answer
but I hope so.

I hope so too
because I LOVE books
and I like YOU.

I'm glad to know
the library is important to you,
and I like YOU.

There is a very distinct possibility (actually it's a real probability) my school district will eliminate all art, music, PE, and library instructors in the elementary schools next year.  They may keep the paraprofessionals like me and expect us to run the libraries without a librarian.  I'm capable of that but assuming that level of responsibility for what we are paid is really just an example of the school district taking advantage us while shafting the folks who have gone through the professional development and jumped through the hoops to become "highly qualified" as required by federal legislation.  Then again, even the paras may be furloughed.  Only time will tell.

This is an urban district whose students are overwhelmingly from low-income families.  Multitudes of them start out with so many strikes against them already.  Now the school district will hinder them further by stripping down their education to bare bones and giving them nothing enriching, not even providing them a foundation of library skills to prepare them for research in higher grades.

It's not about me having a job, because I don't really know how long I can continue there because the pay is so low I am just making a little more than I made on unemployment.  It's about these kids who both deserve and desperately NEED better than they are being provided.


g-man said...

Budget Cuts Grrrrrrrr...
And I bet that do nothing Asst Principals
Are still getting Big Bucks
Loved your fiscal 55 Trini
Sorry about the anxiety though
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End!

g-man said...

Hey, thanks for the Big Casino

Leave It To Davis said...

I'd be willing to bet they don't cut money for sports, though. If that is the case, this nation that we call home deserves the kind of students it puts out. Seriously, this needs to stop. When will we put what matters ahead of what makes money?

Opal Zushaquon said...

The good stuff always gets taken away first. :-(
Leave it to Davis is right, they probably don't cut money for sports programs. Nothing against sports, but we need a workout for the creative spirit as well!

Tabor said...

Unless we keep our citizens uneducated or educated at the lowest possible levele, how on earth are the oligarchs going to get their dupes elected?

Bijoux said...

It's a shame that instead of our govt moving forward by supporting education, we are constantly moving backwards. Our state has continually cut the budget for education, while taxpayers refuse to support school levies. My nephews' district has been on teacher strike for three weeks now. It's NEVER about the kids, like they claim!

Brian Miller said...

nice...cute...and what a compliment as well to what you do...ugh on the school cuts it gets rather disgusting honestly....

Daryl said...

those budget cuts infuriate me .... apparently one cannot legally withhold salary of those in congress but wouldnt that be a lovely way to encourage them to stop this madness

Kat said...

Oh man. Those classes are just as important (in my mind) as math and history. It is so important for kids to have those outlets. SO IMPORTANT. It is crazy what is happening to our schools across the country.

Mama Zen said...

This breaks my heart.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

It's terrible how such poor decisions keep getting made.

Flash 55 - Witch Love

Anonymous said...

The state of education sucks. My position is almost certainly being eliminated for next year too.

Jazzbumpa said...


It's all part of the Republican plan to turn us into a nation of serfs.


Margaret said...

This happens under Dems & Repubs. It's about wasting money, and that means "Government". I could scream. I think books, arts, are so MUCH more important than sports. Charter Schools, honestly, hold my interest much more these days.

Suldog said...

God bless you, Lime. It's folks such as yourself who made school at least bearable for kids such as me. If it wasn't for books and gym class - both were extremely important - I probably would have burned the damn school down to keep from having to go.

(M)ary said...

It is shameful that our country fails to fund education in a sustainable way on the federal and local level.

Logophile said...

breaks my heart for the future but gives me hope for the precious little faces who get to see you.
Love that you get to make a difference.

Hilary said...

Those kinds of budget cuts are just devastating to the kids. Particularly those from low income district as significant fundraising isn't even a viable option. Music, library, phys-ed and art are so essential to their rounded education and mental/physical well-being. I'm sorry that everyone is struggling.

BKS said...

So sad to see budget cuts like these and so many things our governement is currently trying to do. Educating the kids should be a top priority

Sailor said...

I have to wonder where people's *heads* are, sometimes; cut the school's budgets, take away the programs, then wonder why kids don't "know" things, later.

We've been working through the budgeting process, and now will be closing a school, moving all the kids to a different one; so, crowd them in, increase the class size, strain the facilities- because our local taxpayers refused an increase in funding.

Drives me nuts, ugh.

Craver Vii said...

I liked that interaction you had with the student. But I'm not surprised to see you having that kind of an impact. You rock, Lime!