Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday 55 & Da Count-Music

Friday 55


Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso

People pass by me on the street, never daring eye contact. Occasionally, young lovers stop to twirl momentarily before they run along giggling. I close my eyes, gently hold the neck, and tenderly strum. I lean into the familiar curve as my fingers softly pluck the passionate song that reminds me of you, my love.

Da Count:
This week I am counting music. It soothes me when I am stressed and enlivens me when I am tired. It gives clarity where words fail. Before I was married I went through this 'get rid of worldy possessions' phase. Though there was merit in the exercise I figured out too late that it was exceedingly stupid of me to get rid of my records and cassettes. I needed them. When we were robbed the possession I nearly went bonkers without was the stereo.

I have a singing voice that could peel paint but I always sang to my kids when they were small. For Calypso, singing to her and holding her firmly were literally the only things I could do to get her to sleep as a baby. Just last week Diana, who is not generally given to expresions of tenderness, told me that when she was little and didn't know better she thought I had the most beautiful voice, now that she knows better it's beautiful because of the memories it gave her. I cried. I have wonderful memories of my grandfather and mother playing and singing to me when I was a child.

Isaac has started learning trombone so we have some very interesting noises around here, but his excitement makes those odd honks a joy. Diana and Calypso are full swing into marching band and loving it. I'll go to football games and ignore every second of the game but nobody better interupt me for the 6 minutes they march during halftime tonite.

One way or another, Janita and I are going to play my guitar again. Maybe not well, but well enough for me because I'd go crazy in a world without music.

Want to count along? Check the big green button in the side bar and see what other people are counting.

Update (11:45am): I just got back from a therapy re-evaluation and I have made progres in everything except wrist rotation (no suprise there since we backed off on that after last visit). The big gains were in strength which is a really good feeling...good enough to make me do my happy dance and sing 'Woohoo!' I find out on Tuesday if the hardware has to come out or not.

Update (9:45pm): Go check Insane Asylime for a very brief entry on the musical 'talent' my son displayed this evening.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


barefoot_mistress said...

You just keep playing that guitar, I'm sure Janita will cooperate as best she can!

Ack! Trombone! I just spent $240. on a clarinet our school, if you wanna play, you gotta buy it!

Ah yes, music and kids...warmed my heart the first time I heard my little 2 year old singing a Tori song....uh, of course, she had to choose this one:

" dont show much these days
it gets so f*****g cold......"

But, I was still was a Tori song, afterall!

Thanks for playing along, Lime!

James Goodman said...

Oh, your 55 was just marvelous. and I hope you get to play your guitar again soon.

Music is what makes my world go round and round...

Cosima said...

Unfortunately, my musical talent is very limited, but I still sing and dance with my son. You are right it's such a joy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Blither said...

Always so very astounding Ms Lime :)
I love your stories!
Happy Weekend!

Spitfire said...

I could not live without music!!!

Great count!!

Jodes said...

awesome!! life without music would be very boring. have a good one, come by today.

lime said...

susie, that is a priceless story about lil rita!

james, thank you so much for the compliment. here's hoping too...

cosima, talent or not that is pure beauty!

blither, thank you dahlink

spitfire, it keeps us going, no?

jodes, much agreed.

Jericho said...

kudos on the therapy progress...

music ... now that's something I have too few fingers & toes to count....

I love your writing, Lime... this just reminds me.

~have a great weekend~

Amber said...

That was great. I love picasso. What a beautiful painting.
I did another art inspired 55. I did The Scream actually, I know you just did that one too.

lecram sinun said...

Hey, you and Os have music as your count! Cool! And I'm sure Janita will work with you on getting back in the saddle of the guitar again. Cheers!

Bekah said...

I absolutely love music! When I listen to it I can feel it in my soul. I sing to my child too and I hope when he is older he remebers that fondly.

Thanks for sharing, that was a lovely post!

I'm up too!

AndyT13 said...

Congrats on your progress. Nice count. I'm still doing FOAD Fridays because frankly I'm an ungratefgul bastard. Everyone says so. :-)

lime said...

jericho, thanks for sharing my happiness and for the compliment. love your writing too.

amber, i've always liked this particular picasso.

lecram, one way or another yes indeed.

bekah, i am sure he will!

andy, thanks! there's a good guy under all that bile spouting, hon ;)

Dr. Psy said...

Music really is such a beautiful thing. The way it can make us feel. It's connection with our spirit. And, it's such a wonderful creative outlet if you can play an instrument.


Anonymous said...

Music and life are made of the same stuff. As are we. A tender post. Thanks.

m said...

I hope you get the wrist rotation back soon. You may need it to play guitar. (-:

Gary said...

The guitarist was playing pensively when he noticed something moving on the floor. He said to himself "As soon as I finish this song, I'm going to kill that damned cockroach."

lime said...

dr. psy, there definitely is a spiritual connection

kien, well said! and thank you

m, i definitely need it, it's extrememly painful and currently i'm restricted from it until the doc decides what he is doing.

gary, LOL!! I love it!

Logophile said...

Thing One is just taking up guitar lessons. Good luck to you both.
Congrats on the progress, soooo happy to hear it.
I know what you mean about the music, gotta have it

Nancy Drew said...

Keep on singing
Don't stop singing
Spread your music from town to town
You're gonna make a lot of people happy
Don't you put that guitar down

Ditto what they said up there takes hard work to recuperate...well done on the progress and keep on going!!!

Music is love
and love is music
if you know what I mean
People who believe in music
are the happiest people I've ever seen!


RennyBA said...

I'm sure I would get to sleep listening to your lullaby too;-) My mom used to sing " beautiful, beautiful brown eyes....." and I always closed my eyes to see them LoL.
How great to hear your kids are in a marching band. So is my bonus child too and I just love it when seeing them parade:-)

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

tunes are everything.
-I remember hiding in the stairway of my dads studio when I was little to hear him play piano (he's been playing jazz since the 40's ---he caught me when I was blubbering over Somewhere over the Rainbow and Irish Eyes.

My mom was a Sweet Adeline (unreal amature barbershop chorus... beautiful stuff...

(nice choice from Picasso's blue period, by the way...)

Limelet 3: Arm-farting to Skynyrd... I'm going over the whole song in my head, totally appropriate, (easier than Stairway to Heaven,) --maybe Susie can teach him Sugar Magnolia...

Keep me posted regarding the wrist and hardware...

maybe Marching band is a better choice... I was in choir m'self, --and the girls were so much more stable in band...(of course, gettin' 'em to date a choir fag wasn't easy, but hey, it builds character.)

Moosekahl said...

Music is our lifeblood. I play the organ, piano, tenor saxaphone and have tabbled in chimes, clarinet, classical and bass guitar. I now want to learn to play the steel guitar and the dobro. can't sing worth a crap either but do it all the time anyway! Glad your kids are learning music too!

lime said...

logo, good luck to thing one!

nancy, dancing now...

renny, what a sweet memory! my grandfather always sang' you are my susnshine'

lacquer, i have had a couple of friends i would sneak to listen to them play and they'd refularly bring me to tears. you make good points about what's easier to arm fart too. tis a pity the girls didn't like the choir boys....i was a drama geek myself so i had no such biases.

moose, you rock!!