Monday, March 26, 2007

A Report and a Meme

Well, I am back from the retreat. Susie and Logo and perhaps some of the rest of you will be relieved to learn the Power Swing I was so looking forward to was not available for our use this year. Neither was the climbing wall. Rats. No big hikes either since the spring thaw has turned the trails in the woods into deep bogs that would suck the boots off your feet. We found a place to have a nice long, brisk walk though and enjoy the mild weather and the songbirds. We also found the zipline the retreat center has in some remote corner. Yes, I hear the collective gasp you've all drawn. Calm down, all the gear was locked up as was the access to the zipline. I swear someone called this place ahead of time and told them I was coming and not to let me on any of this stuff.

There was some real weirdness to the weekend, weirdness beyond what I ever would have anticipated. Let me just say to the women of the blogosphere who seemed to understand what I meant by earlier comments about my reservations regarding the weekend....thank you for being smart, strong, well balanced, and providing affirmation. I think I'd like to have a weekend away with you next time....

That being said, I think it was mostly a positive experience. The speaker was good, the weather lovely, the food delicious, the free time relaxing. There were some really terrific ladies there and I enjoyed being in their company when it was a small group or one on one.

Ok, onto the meme...

What curse words do you use most?

Unfortunately my kids have learned every curse word they know from me. Not that I use them with great frequency but when I do....erm....they all tend to fly out in a rather memorable torrent.

Do you own an iPod?

What? I couldn't hear you. I'm using my iPod.

What time is your alarm clock set to?

This is when I want to use very curse word I know.......5:15am. Obscene.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?

Either, both....doesn't matter.

What was the last movie you watched? was something last week. Clearly, it was a forgettable experience...

What CD is currently in your player?

The one I am trying to download into iTunes.

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?

Do you REALLY have to ask????

Has anyone told you a secret this week?

Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a secret now would it?

When was the last time you had Starbucks?

Hhhmm, given that I don't even know where the closest one is, that I don't drink coffee, and that I am notoriously cheap about these things......I guess that would be November in NYC when the girls wanted coffee.

Can you whistle?

I could whistle better before my wisdom teeth came in and filled up the gap in my front teeth. In 8th grade algebra I sat by the window and chirped like a bird whenever I was bored, just so I could watch the very dim teacher waddle over to the window and look for the bird she was sure was in the courtyard.

Did you watch cartoons when you were little?

Did Yogi Bear s*** in the woods? Well, I mean not that they ever showed it know...

Do you own any band t-shirts?

Rubber bands? Who would wear a dress made of rubber bands? Probably the same person who would wear a dress of rubbers....

What will you be doing in an hour?
Finally seeing my nefarious plans come to fruition....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

What was the last song you heard?

Gawpo singing 'The Song for a Winter's Night' by Gordon Lightfoot. I quite liked it.

Last time you cried?


Desktop or laptop?

Dance or computer?

What’s the weather like?

I don't know what it likes. I didn't ask because I didn't figure the atmosphere would answer me.

What were you doing an hour ago?

Cleaning up the weekend's worth of filth that built up in the kitchen during my absence, because you realize that if anyone washed a dish or wiped a counter the Earth might stop spinning on its axis. I figured if they could let it sit like that all weekend it could sit like that until this morning.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

How well do you want me to function?

Do you eat breakfast daily?


What did you do last night?

Unpacked from the weekend, sorted laundry, ran the mom taxi, diffused an adolescent freakout, read some blogs, snuggled my boy, wondered what the hell happened to the paycheck.

Do you use sarcasm?

Me? Never.

Do you sleep on your side/back/stomach?

I hang from the ceiling by my feet.

Do you watch the news?

I aim my eyes toward the early morning news while I try not to drool on myself.

Do you have any scars?

See for yourself.


steve said...

Oh so my phone call did work huh?? Glad you didnt get hurt LOL!!

Have a great day!

Gary said...

I've never seen a zipline and I hope I never do. You have me terrified of them. :)

Phain said...

oh MAN did i ever *gasp* when i saw the dreaded Z word... do you mean to tell me you'd actually get back on one of those things?? we must have a talk with janita - she can't allow such things to happen!

and of course...i'm stealing your meme - i steal all of your meme's so why should this be any different - to be posted later this week :)

lecram sinun said...

Glad it was a positive experience (for the most part.) Glad to have you back. :)

barefoot_mistress said...

"Cool Logo, our phone calls to Limes girly camp worked!"

Oh oops! Wrong blog....

I am dying to hear about the women that you hung out with..cmon, arent you gonna give em all fake names like Pancake Polly or BO Betty and then tell us what they did?

Glad you had fun, you know there is a little meeting brewing up in Seattle in about a month or 6 weeks, in case you get some spare air miles...

snavy said...

Yeah, I want to hear all about the weirdness.

MONA said...

now I am dying to curiosity as to what the hell is a zipline...hope the dictionary will provide the answer..if no, you are my dictionary

lime said...

steve, you, barefoot and logo are in cahoots are you?

gary and phain, only be afriad of nitwits (like me) who install them in their own backyrads without taking appropriate safety measures. the one a tthe center has a harness and they require helmet usage. we took down the one in our yard but i'd go on one like the center had in a heartbeat.

lecram, thanks!

bare, dangit, i wanna come to seattle!!!!!

snavy, i'm not quite sure how to express it in this particular forum without giving an absurd amount of wasn't a nice weirdness

mona, a zipline is a cable you stretch between two points and then (in a proper and safe one) you get hooked into a harness and slide along the cable very fast by way or a pulley sort of contraption. we had one without a harness in our yard, about 20 feet up in a tree. almost a year ago i fell off and demolished my left arm (now referred to as 'janita'). hence the panic my longtime readers express when i make mention of such activities.

cathy said...

Welcome back to neverland.
curse words ..forking
what's an ipod
I wake up after 4 hrs sleep.
movie.The velocity of Gary...again.
turkish belly dancing, honest.
what's a secret?
starbucks isn't a currency?
I can whistle and hum at the same time and my feet are famous.
what's up doc.
last song your body is a wonderland.
this morning was a bit weepy
out of cheese redo from start
haven't eaten today, it's 19.40 in Greece
fork all!
does the pope wear a hat?
whatever hurts the least.
They don't have news in Greece
yes both kinds.

I only did a short post today and nobody understood it so I am doing long comments:)

The other limers are right though, give us some gossip!

Diesel said...

I'm patenting the rubber band t-shirt right now. Mwuhahahahaha!

MyUtopia said...

Great Meme I am going to have to steal it. Bummer that you didn't get to play on any of the equipment.

Sheri said...

what a fun meme!!! Glad you're back and had a good time.

Anonymous said...

you are funny, I like the way you answered these.:)

M said...

I knew it. You're a bat! (hanging from the ceiling!)

Let me guess the drama probably started with: "Bonnie gave me look. Did you see that look she gave me?" or "Why is Mabel wearing those pants? She looks hideous in those pants!" or "When she passed out the handouts, she didn't give me one. Why does she hate me?" Followed by rounds and rounds of the petty mole becoming the mighty unimportant mountain.

M said...

correction: mole hill...not mole.
what is that saying making a mountain out of a mole hill? whatever.

seriosuly, i am glad you remained positive and had a good time (-:

lime said...

cathy, well i appreciate the long comment. fun stuff in there.

diesel, i'll take mine in large please.

myutopia, i look forward to it

sheri, thanks!

tc, you gonna play? i bet yoursa would be just as funny

m, a bat or just batty? and while it wasn't about funny looks and such there was some very jr hi behavior

Anonymous said...

I want to sleep from the ceiling.. Teach me.. TEACH ME!!!

G-Man said...

Hi Limey!
Better late than never eh?
Nice scars BTW...
Welcome back...I think?

Bridget Jones said...

Welcome back Lime and great meme!! Thank Heavens they locked up the Z-thing...geez!

Dorky Dad said...

5:15 a.m. would make me use a few curse words too. ICK.

Charles said...

You have wisdom teeth between your two front teeth? Wow... now THAT's weird.

KFarmer said...

Happy to hear you made it home safely and without a new bo-bo- wait, ain't that a little bear :)

lime said...

blither, first...get some gravity boots....

g-man, thanks! anytime is a good time

bridg, all are taking away aLL my fun!

dorky, glad i am not alone in this

charles, that is quite a freaky image there

kfarmer, thanks! yes, bo-bo free, lol

lime said...

blither, first...get some gravity boots....

g-man, thanks! anytime is a good time

bridg, all are taking away aLL my fun!

dorky, glad i am not alone in this

charles, that is quite a freaky image there

kfarmer, thanks! yes, bo-bo free, lol

Logophile said...

Oh man, I missed this post!
Glad you stayed off the zip line and glad you survived the weirdness.
Just keep saying,
"It's not me,
it's them."