Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Trini Tuesday-Trivia

Ok, I am kind of at a loss for a Trini Tuesday post that doesn't require at least 15 minutes of extensive research to assemble. I also can't think of any amusing anecdotes from my time there so you shall now be subjected to whatever random Trini related trivia I can come up with off the top of my head*. Aren't you thrilled beyond words? Put on your seat belts kids, this is sure to be an exciting ride!

  • Trinidad was 'discovered' by Christopher Columbus during his third voyage to the New World. He had decided whatever chunk of land he bumped into would be called Trinidad in honor of the Holy Trinity. When he saw the 3 peaks of the southern range as he neared the island he was sure this was God's way of confirming his plan and blessing his efforts.
  • Trinidad was largely ignored and served mainly as an outpost for the search for El Dorado during Spanish rule. It wasn't until the Dutch, British and French started fighting for it that it got tossed around before settling into British rule and became a sugar and rum producing colony which attracted settlers who brought slaves.
  • It's one of the few Caribbean islands that still has a tiny population descended from indigenous peoples.
  • It's an island that is only 55 miles by 35 miles but the population centers are not terribly close to the beaches so plan on a long, albeit scenic, drive to get to a beach.
  • Trinidad is world famous for its birdwatching and for the variety of butterfly species.
  • The population of those descended from Africans and those descended from East Indians is roughly equal, which gives it a distinctive cultural flare that is decidedly different from the other islands, including its sister island of Tobago, which is almost entirely African.
  • It has the world's largest natural asphalt deposit called Pitch Lake in the south of the island.
  • It also has large oil and natural gas deposits and used to be called the Kuwait of the Caribbean.
  • It's national bird, the scarlet ibis, migrates back and forth between Trinidad and Venezuela each day.
  • Miss Universe 1998 was Wendy Fitzwilliams of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Recipients of the Noble Prize for Literature, V.S. Naipaul and Derek Williams, (who was born in St. Lucia but spent large portions of his life in Trinidad, founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop and continues to promote arts on the island, thus is considered a native son) are from Trinidad.
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar's parents are Trinidadian (bonus fact, his given name is Lew Alcindor)
  • Alfonso Ribiera, the dweeby kid from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, also has Trinidadian parents.
  • Trinidad is the birthplace of steelpans, calypso music, and the limbo.
  • Though I've never researched it to confirm it the truth of the claim, Trinis are fond of boasting they have more public holidays than any other nation on Earth.

Happy Trini Tuesday!

*This stuff is accurate as far as I know. The only research I did was to check what year we had Miss Universe. Use of this TriniTuesday may lead to hair loss, halitosis, widening of the ass, sinus infection, smelly feet, and and motor tics. Erections lasting longer than 4 hours require my attention. Do not use if you are pregnant or hoping to make me pregnant. A simple blood test and credit check will determine your suitability.


Hypersonic said...

Oh I bet the Brazilians have them beat on the national holiday thing. What with state holidays, patron saints of states town villages and your granny's back yard and the like. We get in at least 1 day off a month. Sometimes once a week!

G-Man said...

I can't keep it up for more than 3 hrs!
( must try harder )
(( hey, thats almost a pun!))

S said...

Very interesting info...how come there are no East Indians on Tobago..cant they swim?

Har har you know I kid!

Breazy said...

Thanks for all the info on Trini! I absolutely love your Trini posts Lime and I hope one day when my kids are grown and Mr. B and I are traveling that this is one of the places we go!

Have a good day!

lime said...

hypersonic, like i said...i did no research to verify that claim ;)

g-man, i'm sure you wood succeed ;)

susie, the indians were brought to trinidad as indentured servants a little over 150 years ago when slavery was abolished. trinidad is bigger and was more about sugar production so the indians were needed more in trinidad. also the two islands were not really governed as a single entity (and in some ways still aren't even though it is one nation) until after the indian arrival. good question :)

breazy, i'd love to be your travel guide :D i hope you all make it there!

Logophile said...

Trinituesday solved all my erectile dysfunction problems!

lime said...

logo, thank you for that glowing testimonial!

Jim said...

ROFLMAO at the 4-pt. type disclaimer at the bottom.

Wow . . . I had no idea you had so much interest in history.


Jocelyn said...

Ah, Miss Universe of 1998. She really was my all-time favorite.

And I'm having one of my "duh" moments: Trinidad = Holy Trinity. Uh, yea. Got that now.

Anonymous said...

Between you and g-man my head HURTS!
Thanks for the warning at the bottom, I'll make certain I don't use this information ANYWHERE.lol

I didn't know Chris Columbo made the trip 3 times.
I read once a fellow sailor said all he would do is sit in his room drinking rum and shout out "are we there yet?"

jillie said...


It has the world's largest natural asphalt deposit called Pitch Lake in the south of the island.

Is that were the widening of the ass would come from? Seeing it's the world largest "ass fault"

ok...I'm a little stir crazy right now...lol


lime said...

jim, I am glad you are a read the fine print sort ;) and yes, I do have an appreciation for history.

jocelyn, she was lovely, and several others from T&T have made in into the top ten.

tc, ROFLMAO!!! i can see CC as a drunken version of my kids now...are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?

jillie, have i ever told you how brilliant you are?

Moosekahl said...

great facts but the disclaimer at the bottom has me rolling. Love ya!

ttfootball said...

de disclaimer take win! LOL

why yuh didnt say Trinidad also had the first colored Ms. Universe in 1977 (my namesake hehe did i just give away my age...)

~Tim said...

Can I have a couple days to study for the blood test?

lime said...

moose, big grin:D

tt, why? because i forgot and it would have taken more than 15 seconds of research. and yes, i think you did give something away there ;)

tim, nope, it's a pop quiz!

Brian said...

I love these Trini posts. I never fail to learn something interesting!

Rusty Nails said...

I've come across several Trinidadians & Tobagoans (?) while in the Navy. All great guys. And, uh, about the small print...OMG who knew that reading your posts on Trini Tuesday could do all that. You forgot anal leakage though. Sadly, too, I don't suffer from the 4 hour erection but I'd like to as I'm sure Logo would like it as well.

ttfootball said...

u mean u didnt KNOW that off the top of your head????

snavy said...

FYI - The Julia butterfly hails from Trinidad.