Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Pilfered from Coopernicus

is for your age:
Old enough

B is for your burger of choice:
Veggie burger with some leaves of basil, sliced tomatoes, black pepper, and either mozzarella or provolone melted over the whole mess.

C is for the car that you drive:
That would currently be Mr. Lime's truck Jezebel since my van is STILL waiting for a $!@^&#*!! transmission...that is on the rare occasions when Jezebel is available.

D is for dog’s name:
Quat would be a good name. That way I could call it by saying "Come, Quat!"

E is for an essential item you use each day:

F is for your favorite television show:
You know, I am really pining for a marathon of that show Paris Hilton and whatsherface did when they drove around in a RV and lived with normal people and behaved deplorably. Vapid brats RVing is great TV...not.

is for favorite game:
Well, up until I was 17 I had a gap in my front teeth. I could do some pretty convincing bird calls through it. My Algebra I teacher was not the brightest woman nor did she do much to aid our understanding. Our classroom had a window out to the courtyard. I sat next to the windows and whenever things got excruciatingly dull (pretty much most days) I'd chirp until she waddled over to the window to look for the pretty birdies while the class stifled giggles. She'd give up and haul herself back to the front of class then I'd start chirping again. I could burn up about 10-15 minutes of class on that. Yeah, that was a fun game.

H is for hometown:
A place known for producing caskets and baseball players.

I is for instruments played:

J is for favorite juice:
Orange. If you think deprived coffee drinkers are ugly in the morning just mess with my OJ supply and see what happens.

K is for what you’d like to kick:
The person who drank the last of the OJ and didn't tell me we needed more before the morning.

is for last restaurant you dined at:
Panera when I had my little escape from rude children and unsupportive husbands. I had a strawberry poppyseed salad, with a whole grain baguette, chocolate crumb pastry, and a half lemonade/half iced tea to drink. I enjoyed every mouthful. It was delicious.

is for your favorite Muppet:
I always loved when Grover was a waiter and he drove his poor customer out of his mind. I am terribly fond of Ernie for his joie de vivre (and the way he got under Burt's skin too). Kermit was smart and gentle and I loved him for it. I think it is heretical that Cookie Monster now eats only healthy food. Part of his appeal to a kid is how he got away with a bad diet and bad manners. We all knew that was naughty. Give us some credit for being smart enough to know he wasn't intended as a positive role model. Moving from Sesame Street to the Muppet Show...Animal ROCKS! Miss Piggy irritated me beyond reason. Kermit was utterly henpecked...pigpecked? Ok, so I've expounded at some length rather than answering'll live.

N is for number of piercings you have:
I'm told my screams are piercing.

O is for overnight hospital stays:
No thank you, the beds are lumpy, the fashions are drafty, and the food is ghastly.

P is for people you were with today:
Do you mean only those who are physically present or all the ones in my head too?

Q is for what you do in quiet times:
What are quiet times?

R is for regrets:
I've had a few...

S is for status:
Socio-economic? Financial? Marital? Mental?

T is for time you woke up today:
Blessed joy that is mine...whenever the heck I felt like it. I set this to post automatically while I am still snoozing under my tie dyed sheets and visions of chocolate dance in my head.

U is for what you consider unique:

V is for favorite vegetable:
Cacao grows on trees so that makes chocolate a vegetable or a fruit at least, right?

W is for your worst habit:
Procrast.....meh, I'll get to this when I have time.

X is for x-rays you have had:
Crimony, my arm alone has had dozens of them taken. And I am really annoyed that when I asked for copies of that dramatic compound fracture they wouldn't give me one. Yeah, I am weird. I know. You're not the first person to tell me that. You certainly won't be the last either.

Y is for yummy food you ate today:
On the day I answered this I made more of that German Potato Salad for another picnic. In the last 4 days I have consumed my USRDA of bacon grease for the next decade.

is for zodiac sign:
Traditional? Chinese? Or Madame Lime's Chocolate Zodiac?


KFarmer said...

I always love your meme's~ :)

G-Man said...

I always thought hospital food was pretty decent....
I'd love to hear you scream...;-)

James Goodman, Author said...

lol, fun answers as always, Lime. :D

M said...

oh. the bird calling game is soooo funny. it is too bad adult life affords us too few opportunities for this sort of harmless monkey business.

i remember in 9th grade English when a fellow student took the letters out of our teachers beloved bulletin board of boring lit. he took out enough letters to spell Ozzy Osborne. the teacher noticed one letter at a time, getting more and more upset. she couldn't figure out why those letters were taken (2 z's? why? she said) we hooted with laughter.

i wish you had been in our class, i think she would have totally ran to the window looking for the birds!

EmBee said...

I just KNEW when I clicked on 'Unique' I'd be rewarded with your stellar choices in oddness... Thanks for not disappointing me! <:-D

Suldog said...

You know I love you, but I must correct you. Today C is for CELTICS!


furiousBall said...

i can't believe you did the whole alphabet.

high five

S said...

I only made it to J then skipped to Y is for that german potato salad.

Im sending the CNP over today to check your cholestorol!


NYD said...

If there is reality and truth among bloggers than this one of it's fountains.

I am in accord with the muppet pig and I have always felt sorry for the wishy washy frog, but it is Oscar. Ultimately Oscar4 that I identify with.

Has anyone told you lately just how awesome you are?

mssolitaire said...

:) LOL.... The Sweedish Chef is by far my favorite puppet! :)

Yay for fun memes!

Mona said...

A To Z of Lime juice here!

Great answers!

You have been tagged mi lady!

lecram said...

I was really expecting you to belt out into song on "R". Cheers!

Craver Vii said...

I TOTALLY agree with your Muppet answer.

Lime for president!

coopernicus said...

Excellent....pigpecked...I'll have to remember that..

Breazy said...

I wish I could think of answers as good as you do when doing a survey or questionnaire.

Have a great day!

david mcmahon said...

Mister Lime has a Jezebel? Oh, I see, it's a car!

That's okay, then!

citizen of the world said...

I did an alphabet meme once -it was fun. That burger sounds perfect.

Fred said...

What's so unique about that?

Liquid said...


You rock at this creative meme thing!


Evil Lunch Lady said...

Another good meme! One day I'll stop being lazy and copy it:)