Monday, June 09, 2008

Flattery Will Get You a Meme

Phaedrous has been blogging almost as long as I have and I've been reading him nearly as long. In spite of such longevity in the blogosphere he only recently got his first tag. Then he passed it on to me. Now I did this meme not that long ago but I am of the opinion that we should be gentle with the recently deflowered meme virgins (plus he said some nice things about me when he tagged me) so I will take up the tag. I think Embee tagged me with the same thing a couple weeks ago and I declined at the time, so this one's for you too Embee.

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Thinking it would be nice to turn 30, maybe I'd finally be taken seriously. I'm feeling much less excited about 40 as it approaches.

2. What are five things on my list to do today?

Go to the bank
Clean the kitchen
Try not to sweat to death
Mess with someone's mind
Overthrow the government of San Marino.

3. Snacks I enjoy?

The blood of my enemies

4. Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

Two guys at the same time.

5. Three of my bad habits?

Leaving my dirty socks all over the living room.
Dumping my school stuff in the middle of the foyer.
Never helping clean the kitchen unless I am threatened with the severest consequences.

Oh, said MY bad habits, not those of my children and husband....

6. Five places I have lived?

Across the street from a high school football stadium.
Across the street from a halfway house for the State Mental Hospital.
Across the street from a former airline executive.
Across the street from a house that 2 large, live WW2 era shells were found in the walls during a renovation.
Across the street from a child molester (may he rot in hell).

7. Five jobs I've had?

You mean the ones for which I have been monetarily compensated or the 100 different ones I do as a wife and mother?

8. How did you name your blog?

I christened it with a bottle of champagne. Then I had to get a new keyboard and monitor.


Bunny said...

#2 - I'm also trying not to sweat to death
#4 - not worth it
#8 - I had a snarky answer too!

lime said...

bunny, lol @ #4. that one was a joke anyway, see "office space."

G-Man said...

How about ONE guy as big as 2 guys??

NYD said...

Lady, I like yer style.
On No.4 would one of them guys be hubby? Impertinent, I know.

Next time you visit, say hello to the Hughes' for me, will ya

lime said...

gman, so he would be 12 ft tall, weigh 400 lbs and his...uh....nose....would be really long?

nyd, pleading the 5th and greeting the hughes'.

furiousBall said...

bunny's cleavage keeps erasing my incredibly witty ideas for comments.

at least five times now

James Goodman said...

lol, I love office space. My wife and I have often throw out quotes from that movie. Great answers, Lime. :D

airplanejayne said...

#2: I am SO in the mood to overthrow a government. We can start with San Marino....

#4: Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
oh yeah.


lime said...

furiousball, dontcha hate it when cleavage gets ya like that?

james, thats' one of my favorite scenes, i must say

apj, hugh jackman and george clooney ;)

S said...

You can sleep with two men at once and it wont cost you THAT much money!

Phain said...

two men at once means TWICE the snoring and TWICE the number of sheet stealers.

oh didn't really mean that kind of sleeping did ya? *wink*

yeah...i'm gonna steal this meme too (*pfftt* like there was any doubt!)

Mother Theresa said...

I'm trying not to get wet...not fair! You do the most delicious memes! Wait, I should say your answers are the most delicious, even with the same old memes. You do realize that two men mean twice the number of annoying habits...unless you don't keep them at home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... sweating to death season is nigh. Thanks for the reminder.


Suldog said...

In order to save you some expense, I'm willing to offer myself GRATIS for the position mentioned in #4. You can give the billion to the other guy.

Wait a minute. It's a JOKE?!?

In that case, I want the billion.

lime said...

s, have you ever seen office space?

phain, steal away, baby!

mother theresa, right, those blanket stealer types get sent packing.

lecram, ugh....sorry

suldog, you are truly altruistic. i'll forward half a billion up front as soon as i take the bills off the washline.

Kat said...

You always have the best meme answers ever!

Ed said...

No. 4; you stole that from Office Space (ok, well, he wanted two girls...but you know what I mean) oh, and could you get me that TPS report and bring it in on Sunday, that would be great...

BTExpress said...

40! Your still a baby in my book. I'm turning 60 in November, so get over it!

SignGurl said...

Somehow I knew those weren't your bad habits before you told us. Your children seem to have met my children.

lime said...

kathryn, thank you :)

ve, i did indeed steal it. i need my red swingline stapler to do the TPS reports.

btexpress, i guess it's perspective

signgurl, yeah i think they are conspiring.

katydidnot said...

you are nice to no longer virginal memer's.

Jocelyn said...

Clearly, YOU have no bad habits...except ruining your keyboard at a christening!

Evil Transport Lady said...

Nice blog;) Many things to think about.

Office Space rocks!

Jericho said...

drats, and I wanted to sleep with clooney um I mean you and clooney

Taking the door off the hinges... I like that. Harsh?! hmpf! Sorry to hear about the hateful-drama, though. I have that to look forward to?

barman said...

I know of a page on the Internet that you can print all the monopoly money you need if that helps with the billionaire thing!

Mess with someone's mind... now that it seems to me would be so you.

Pam said...

lmao w the exception of where you lived.