Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stung by Ella

She got me.

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Winning the lottery
2. Winning an Oscar
3. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize
4. Winning at checkers
5. Checking groceries
6. Cashing a check
7. Checking my coat at the theater
8. Getting coated in chocolate

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Took Isaac to the doc so he could get a refill for his asthma inhaler and we could find some more effective allergy treatment for the kid so he doesn't have to walk around with wads of tissues in his nostrils like corks (which is his current solution).
2. Had an entirely reasonable discussion with the doctor and Isaac about how to alleviate his symptoms.
3. Cursed the environmentalists who lobbied to make the inhalers we used to use illegal.
4. Cursed the drug companies who decided the environmentally mandated reformulations of inhalers are proprietary so we can look forward to 7 years of expensive inhalers before we can get nice cheap generics again, even though the drug is the same, just the propellants are different.
5. Cursed my insurance company beancounters (who have no medical training and yet get to dictate how my doctor treats us) for quibbling over the $5 difference between the inhaler they want us to have and the one that actually works.
6. Got lectured by the pharmacist when I said the kid would use my inhaler (we use the same drug) until the insurance company got its head out of its ass and decided to let us have the inhaler that works.
7. Went home and ranted about the stupidity and brokenness of the system.
8. Watched my kid continue to feel completely miserable

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. The ever delectable Hugh Jackman
2. George Clooney
3. Oh wait you meant what, not who...hhmm
4. Oh alright...that thing with the chocolate
5. That thing that makes me sigh
6. That thing that makes him sigh
7. Ok, ok, ok. I'll stop....eradicate evil insurance company beancounters from the face of the earth. (The good ones can stay)
8. Restore some sanity to the health care system. It's a total pain in the ass for my son and me but at least we aren't in some life threatening situation. If I had to muster up the energy to argue with the damned insurance company while fighting some major trauma or life threatening disease how much worse would it be?

8 Shows I watch:
1. The neighbors when they dance naked in their front yard as they celebrate the full moon
2. My children arguing over the TV remote
3. The parade of inbred humanity at the Walmart
4. My own slow death march toward mortality
5. The cosmic tease of one 24 hour period of lovely weather followed by 8 days of overcast, grey skies
6. The evolution of the piles of dirty laundry in my daughters' rooms into intelligent life forms.
7. The low speed scooter races on senior citizen day at the grocery store
8. The squirrel mania in my backyard during acorn season (our house is in the middle of an acre of oak trees)

8 People I tag:
1. Hugh Jackman
2. George Clooney
3. Evil insurance company beancounters (I'm tagging them with a wooden stake through the heart...bloodsuckers that they are)
4. The naked neighbors
5. The ladies blocking the cereal aisle with their scooters while they catch up on the latest hip replacement news
6. Whatever life forms lurk under my daughters' beds
7. The Walmart greeter
8. The squirrels


for a different kind of girl said...

Until recently, the allure of Hugh Jackman had escaped me, but lately, I'm getting it. If by some wonderful karmic twist, you hear from Hugh, please extend my greetings!

Craver Vii said...

"low speed scooter races on senior day?" I'd watch that.

Jeni said...

Yesterday, my daughter was singing pretty much the same refrain about the "cosmic tease" of the weather but surprisingly enough, today looks very pretty outside but may be a tease and may actually be colder than a witch's tit, ya know!
Great post!

Shadow said...

sheeeesh i love your thinking...

Cocotte said...

Someone I know knows Hugh Jackman quite well (my son's former tap teacher was in "The Boy From Oz" on Broadway with Hugh.) Apparently, a very nice guy.

S said...

You've got fun neighbors, sounds like!


Ananda girl said...

"Low speed scooter races..." I've always thought it would be fun to get a hold of two of these scooters and have jousting contests using those long foam swimming pool "noodles".

You go neighbors! lol

G-Man said...

Hugh Jackman could use a manicure!

Desmond Jones said...

Sounds like you have fun neighbors! Can I come over sometime and watch with you?

And don't get me started on inhalers, etc. The first hour of every day at our house is, at least on an auditory level, pre-empted by sneezes, snuffles, and 140-decibel nose-blowings from 5M. Poor kid just has miserable allergies, and we've had pretty similar struggles to yours, it sounds like, trying to hook him up with some meds that work. . .

And listen, not to get all morbid with you, or anything, but you ain't on a death march TOWARD mortality - you are mortal right here and now. Just, you know, to cheer you up, if you needed to be. . .

And come on - today's WordVer is 'follys'. . . You tryin' to tell me somethin'?

Cooper said...

low speed scooter races would be better at narrow-aisled hardware emporium where items knocked off shelves can create more damage than a box of Lucky Charms
Oh..and to get them to move...just stand in the aisle holding a double whopper with cheese and extra mayo...one of them will crack eventually...

lakeviewer said...

I just dropped in from another blog. I agree with you on George Clooney, and insurance companies, and the rest too. Great post.

Suldog said...

I have almost as much fun reading your meme answers as I do writing my own. Oh, hell, I have more fun reading yours. You are one seriously demented woman. Of course, that's why I love you.

Mona said...

The health care system really sucks!

I would love to come to your house just to see those neighbors tango!

Hope Issac feels better soon!

lime said...

I took literary license in creating the naked neighbors for the purposes of this meme. i'd probably actually be the most likely candidate for such bizarre goings on...but not until it gets a good bit warmer.

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy Hugh Jackman! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate dealings withthe insurance and doctors... I feel your pain!

Margo said...

I get so tired of being lectured by pharmacists. My daughter and I take 3 of the same medicines (one an inhaler) Fun post! First time visitor.

Ella said...

i absolutely can not think about hugh jackman without thinking of you as well. thanks for playing along!!!

Hilary said...

Your mind floors me. :)

I hope you resolve the insurance issues soon. True that it's not as serious as it could be, but when your child is uncomfortable, it's painful to stand by.

Desmond Jones said...

I figured the neighbors were probably fictional. . . But you don't mind if I play along with the fun, do you?

EmBee said...

SURPRISE! You and I seem to be watching the same shows... Wish those naked neighbors looked less like Jackie Gleason and MORE like Hugh Jackman.

Fred said...

I'm looking forward to hearing from the naked neighbors.

lime said...


playing along with my demented imaginings is greatly encouraged.

i reserved all rights to hugh jackman by virtue of sharing the exact same birthday as him, year and everything. of course i will defer to his lovely wife, but ya know, right after her, i claim all rights...in my own demented imaginings. now play nice

truckdriver_sefl said...

I like the "theme" goin oh here:-}

RennyBA said...

Hope #9 will be to come and visit us in Norway :-)

San said...

That dirty laundry is slowly evolving (or would that be devolving?) into insurance company beancounters. QUICK! STAMP IT OUT!

(M)ary said...

oh! u are not kidding about insurance companies and those dumb ass pharmaceutical companies. what i think happens is that highly paid brokers from the ins companies negotiate deals with highly paid sales reps from the pharm companies and wham,bam, you pay more for one drug over another while the broker and sales rep have dinner and drinks to celebrate screwing the patients and doctors out of having choices.

Jazz said...

The whole pharmaceutical world is evil. Yes it is.

And insurance companies are their nasty sidekicks.

Sarah said...

I love the parade at Wal-Mart..

I also love House..

Jocelyn said...

These lists are so gorgeously woven together. You are an ARTIST.

The inhaler stuff makes me crazy for you and Lovely Lad. So much in life and the world already makes it difficult to take a clear, deep breath, so why put any further stumbling block in the way?

jillie said...



Voyager said...

You had me at Hugh Jackman.

misticblu said...

I hate insurance and am considering asking my family dr to take the monthly payment instead (410.00), I would pay for my medication when needed and cut out the middle idiots.

jinksy said...

Oh, no not more lists? Point me to the nearest padded cell, quickly... xxx

Beach Bum said...

I hate beancounters and down here in the South watching people in Wal-Mart is high entertainment. Especially since Hee-Haw was canceled so long ago.