Friday, June 26, 2009

55 Things Worth Counting

Ok, so you know I got a concussion. You know I got into a head on collision a short time after that. You also know that after making it all the way to the final round I didn't get the job (which after wrecking my car I wanted even more badly because I really need some cash flow so I can put enough money together to buy at least some old clunker). Those are the three big hits I've taken in the last month. I haven't even told you about the series of smaller hits that came along with those big ones and I am not going to. I think you all have a feel for how much I just want to crawl in a cave and just forget about things. When one blogger emailed me I shared a little more and said I really didn't feel like doing Da Count this week but that's when I most need to do it. Truth be told there were a number of count worthy things I was able to come up with off the top of my head. That being the case, I decided instead of a 55 word story you'll get a 55 item list of things I am thankful for.

1. There was no bleeding in my brain after the concussion.
2. The CT tech was really nice.
3. No one involved in the accident was killed or maimed.
4. Although most of the ER staff was kinda jerky the CT tech there was really wonderful too. What is it about CT techs?
5. We have 2 pastors at our church. One works on my last nerve, the other is fantastic. The fantastic one showed up at the ER when I was there.
6. Pastor Fantastic understood my fears about the concussion thing because last year he was on medical leave for 6 months due to his own impeded recovery from a far more serious concussion.
7. My mom was at my house when I came home and gave me the hug I needed really desperately.
8. My mom stayed the night and whipped the kids and house into shape in time for my mother-in-law's arrival the next day.
9. My MIL made sure I didn't have to worry about cooking the week she was here.
10. Diana, my mom, my MIL, and my stepmom all worked together under a bit of direction from me to prepare a birthday dinner of Trini food (of those people Diana has only limited experience making Trini food, the others have none, and Mom...uh, well let's just say the kitchen is not her area of expertise at all) for Calypso. Really, just pause and consider the dynamics of that group of people working together in such close proximity and so cooperatively. The history that had to be put aside is astonishing. This one alone is a mind blower.
11. The weather held for Diana's graduation. I had scheduled Calypso's Sweet 16 bash with friends around what should have worked with the rain date for graduation only to have the school change the rain date at the last minute. The threat of rain was very real.
12. The weather held until the end for Calypso's pool party.
13. We have friends with a big pool and a huge backyard who very gladly offered to let Calypso have 40 friends over for a party.
14. My mom offered to take a day off work so she could take me to and from our family reunion.
15. I survived the weekend that had graduation, a Sweet 16 party, and a family reunion even though I was still pretty wiped out just from recovering.
16. Diana got a job with regular hours so she could leave the one where she never knew when or if she was working.
17. Mom came up again to help me get ready for the grad party.
18. Three great aunts and one great uncle came up to the party. Out of my whole extended family I've only had a handful ever be willing to come up to my house. I was really glad to see them.
19. My closest friend from before Trinidad and my closest friend since returning to the US got to meet each other at Diana's party.
20. They loved each other.
21. We had a ton of food leftover so I didn't do a lot of cooking this week when I took the last hit. (Though I am not entirely sure my family would include this on their list. They got pretty tired of the same thing over and over.)
22. A lady I don't know very well offered to help get me to my chiropractor appointments if Mr. Lime needs to be out with the truck.
23. The same lady picked me up to go to a pool party for grown up women.
24. The grown up pool party wound up being a very small affair and we sat sipping drinks and eating poolside while we watched the sun set. I much preferred that to a big crowd.
25. The assistants who work with me at the chiropractor's office are such lovely people.
26. Physically I am feeling much better than I thought I would be at this point.
27. My cousin in Boston has been calling to check up on me regularly.
28. I found my new quiet, thinking spot this week mainly because I don't have a car and was forced to find one I could walk to.
29. God didn't throw a lightning bolt at me when I told Him I was mad at Him.
30. I really wanted that job but there was one aspect about it that I was very uneasy about so I am slowly reconciling to the idea that maybe it was better not to get that job....but, uh...I still really need one and this area is not exactly crawling with opportunity...I'm working on it...
31. I'm not wallowing any more.
32. Just as I was dejectedly telling someone I didn't get the job a package from Suldog and his wife arrived.
33. It contained the Mr. Rogers Swings CD, which was like a gentle, musical hug.
34. Listening to it also brought back some really happy memories.
35. I've gotten phone calls and emails from other bloggers who took to time to care this week.
36. I've gotten bunches of supportive comments even from people who have never read me before because WIXY asked his readers to come by for that purpose.
37. I did get my official certification from the PA Dept. of Education as a Library Assistant so at least I can put that on my next resume.
38. My criminal record check is free of things that prevent employment with children.
39. The fine the judge imposed for the expired car inspection was less than I expected...still more than I wanted, but less than I expected.
40. I had enough money last week to pay for camp for 2 kids.
41. I think I will have enough to pay the fine this week.
42. There were 2 nights last week that Isaac and I had some nice, quiet time together.
43. He had a fantastic school year this year.
44. Calypso had a fairly dismal year academically but she pulled it together at the end.
45. She had an amazing affirmation when she was accepted into a performing arts school for next year.
46. Diana finished school strong.
47. She got accepted into the honor's program at her college.
48. Mr. Lime has been teaching Isaac a lot of practical repair skills lately and it seems like they've enjoyed working together.
49. Cooper got a genuine guffaw out of me yesterday with this post.
50. A friend called out of the blue and asked if I want to use her car while she is in California, all I have to do is drive her to the airport.
51. It saves her parking fees and it saves me filling the gas guzzling Jezebel.
52. Jocelyn pointed out I have great hair...
53. well as zest and pizzazz.
54. I am continually amazed by good things when I get my head out of my butt and look for the good.
55. Lecram was smart enough to start the whole idea of Da Count or I might not be doing this today when I most need to.

That said, I'd encourage you all to take a moment to visit Lecram and give him a kind word because his mother left this word this week. And if this post isn't the most amazing example of finding something to count even in the midst of great sadness I don't know what is. I would be very grateful to those of you who are kind enough to give your condolences to him.


G-Man said...

This is the wordiest 55 that I've ever seen. But since you've been so pathetic as of late, you are forgiven, you are welcomed, you are appreciated, you are loved, you are a typing dynamo!!!

(Glad you are a little more chipper)

Have a Great Week-End...G

Pouty Lips said...

You had enough money to pay for camp for two kids - that's huge! What a blessing.

Desmond Jones said...

Hey, Counting to 55 is a very good thing! Yer brain must be clearing up, if you can count that high. . . ;)

13) Those are some pretty good friends, who will have 40 kids in their pool for someone else's party. . .

19/20) I love it when my friends from different times and places meet and like each other. . .

38) Good to know. . .

53) You are one of the pizzazziest people I know. . . ;)

54) Butts are very bad places to be keeping one's head. Especially one's own butt. . .

Jazz said...

I'm starting to think I really should do such a list myself... I've had my head up my butt lately too.

Cocotte said...

Thinking of you, Lime. Hope your weekend brings you some stress free lving.

Suldog said...

I wish we could send that CD to everybody who might be having a tough time of it. It's a beautiful thing.

There are many ways to say "I Love You"...

Ananda girl said...

Wow... powerful post, lime. We all need to stop and count our blessings. I'm so glad that while having all these other troubles you have good as well... and that you see it. A lesser person would fail to look for them.

God's pretty good about getting grumbled at isn't He? Just like any parent I guess. ;-)

I'm off to follow your links. Thanks for being an inspiration!

S said...

Well now, there you go. Lots of positive spins on the entire situation.
I think that everything happens for a reason,and you will later see the big picture. It doesn't matter if it makes sense now.

Just the miracle of having your family come together for you, wow!

The Zombieslayer said...

What a splendid post. I'll head over to Lecram's blog. That sucks.

As for your concussion, I've had two. They suck, but hopefully there's nothing long-term. Cool about the cool Pastor coming to visit you and even more cool your bestest buddies got to meet. :)

anthonynorth said...

Counting blessings is always a better alternative to the alternative, I find.

Missy said...

Lime, I haven't been around for ages, so I'm just now finding out about all your woes!!

It's amazing the hits we can take to the psyche and still trudge on. Doesn't mean we don't have the highs and lows, but it's a tribute to you that you've decided to push forward.

If i've learned anything about you from reading your blogs in the past is that you are a resourceful woman whose heart is the size of Texas and has compassion beyond compare towards others.

Bad things happen to good people, because of the unforeseen things we can't control daily, but it sounds like you've got a pretty good support system with friends and some of your family members.

I wish you well and I hope that things will play out so that you find the perfect job, right car and peace and happiness.


Desmond Jones said...

And yeah, God is usually pretty good about us yelling at Him. I mean, He can certainly take it. . .

(Altho, you know, it's always good to bear in mind just Who it is you're yellin' at, right?)

Craver Vii said...

If I was a pastor, I would want my name to be Pastor Fantastic. It almost sounds like a Marvel superhero.

Your mom whipped the kids? Oh, I just finished reading the sentence. Nevermind.

Hey, that is really a big deal if your husband and son enjoy working together. I would have taken it for granted, except... that's a story for another day.

RennyBA said...

This was a long list Lime and very readable.
You know we've thinking of you a lot and are glad you are able to see all the good things in your life too!

Hope you'll have a good and recreational weekend :-)

(M)ary said...

awww...i hope writing that helped! it made me feel good on your behalf!

i think #10 is the scheme of things, very cool to have family who can put aside differences on your behalf.

Mona said...

I admire the knack you have of transforming the blues into positive thoughts. typing them down in black and white make them more potent!

Thanks for teaching us valuable lesson in the art of gratitude!

You are admirable and awesome!

Cheesy said...

I adore you for being a positive gurlie.. thanks for sharing your ions with the world... [[[ u ]]]

secret agent woman said...

Good to remember all the blessings buried in a difficulty.

Palm Springs Savant said...

How nice! I like the preponderance of things to be thankful for, its good karma

Jocelyn said...

What came through the strongest from all this wonderful counting was: 1) Your mom is AMAZING; 2) Your kids are way cool and are ready to amaze you more and more; 3) You haven't lost a bit of your real self in the midst of all this externally-heaped crud.

So, yes, zest and pizzazz under that Hair With a Life of Its Own.

ciara said...

one of the best 55s ever. i'm sorry things have been so hard for you. i haven't been visiting blogs lately, because lot of things going on here. just getting to busy. i'm glad you're ok, you've recovered, and you had wonderful friends & family to rally around and help out.

Cosima said...

Sorry to be so behind on all of this. Get 100% well soon!!!