Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Game That's Sweeping the Nation

Ok, so I made that up but I am sure once you all join in here it will sweep through the minds of at least 50 people for maybe 10 seconds. It's a start. I've long enjoyed Dave Barry. His columns sort of seemed to work like my brain, which is to say, there was clear evidence of mental unbalance and defective wiring but in an amusing way (laugh dammit).

One of the quirks of his column I used to enjoy was when he'd come up with some odd phrase to describe something and parenthetically note how the phrase was not only apt in description but also a great name for a rock band. It's something I do on a regular basis myself much to the annoyance of some humorless folks but more for my own amusement.

Yesterday, at three different places, I read or left comments containing phrases suggesting great names for rock bands.

1. Dearth of Socks

2. Redbone Coonhound

3. Sprained Synapses

In the distant meme past I made some other suggestions:

4. Lime and the Shattered Ulnas (after I lost a battle with gravity)

5. Underwired (the acoustic band of buxom babes who face a different sort of loosing battle with gravity)

Now it's your turn. Describe your boss or job, or someone strange, or a weird habit, or strange animal, anything. Just make it a great name for a rock band.


Suldog said...

One from my recent writing past comes to mind. Ladies & Gentlemen, here's the band you've been waiting to hear...

"Indolent Juvenile Delinquent Pigeons!"

OK, maybe not.

How about...

"Tasty Grease And Heart Attacks!"

No (though it sounds like it would make a swell song by Tom Waits.)

One more try...

"Powdered Temporary Happiness!"

Sorry. I give up. Carry on.

G-Man said...

Billy Boil and The Puss Poppers!

I was always partial to.. Clymidia!

Cooper said...

Wednesday's Neurosis (would take too long to explain)

IceBox Mold (kinda self explanatory)

Rectal Cranial Inversion (a classic)

Death by Obsession (for the perfume marinated)

Shattered Uvula (just a wish)

Weasel Sputum (applies to so many...)

misticblu said...

Suicidal Squirrels- they perform in my yard everyday.

Desmond Jones said...

Well, shoot, just take the title of any blog post, and you've probably got something like a 90% chance of success. . .

I mean, just look at a few of your recent ones -

Breathing Deeply
Becoming Our Mothers
Lack of Subtlety

Or a few of mine -

Gin & Tonic
Open Letter
Kegel Class
Beauty & Truth
Paychecks & Menopause (OK, maybe not so much)

But you get the idea. . .

And a personal tip of the hat to Cooper for 'Rectal Cranial Inversion'; a classic, indeed. . .

Hilary said...

Unyielding Migraine
Olfactory Aura
Borderline Queasy
Lethargic Apathy

All of which I'm feeling at the moment.

Craver Vii said...

Let's see. How 'bout:
*Undeliverable Packages
*Antisocial Hamsters

No wait... this is better:
*Skidd Marks and the Hood Ornaments
*King Toot and the Brass Sphynx-ters

74WIXYgrad said...

Here's some:

Buzzard Vomit
Miss Terry Meat with Sam and Ella
Hugh Suck and the Opinions

and my favorite...
WIXY and the Fuzzbusters

Craver Vii said...


Desmond Jones said...

Hey, Craver made me think of another 'Band Name Generator' - phrases taken from songs by John Lennon -

Toejam Football
Monkey Finger
Yellow Matter Custard
Dead Dog's Eye

etc. . .

Beach Bum said...

Discribe my job as a rock band?

The only thing that comes to mind for me is "Sterilizer Apocalypse."

Sorry, all I got right now.

~Dragonfly~* said...

How about...

Hormones in Sneakers
Discipline Ditchers
The Entitled (or so they think)

Effort Evaders !!!!!

Y'all realize I teach 7th grade Science?!?!?! :)

Desmond Jones said...

And, uh, 'Underwired' sounds like an electrical problem. Or maybe a caffeine shortage. . .

Anonymous said...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: My HOD ( You can read about him at the new blog post))

Cooper said...

Yellow Matter Custard was used by a beatles cover band in the NY area...

~Tim said...

My brain is to mushy to come up with a good name right now, but some years ago my school hosted a bttle of the bands contest. A group of teachers also played [but did not compete]. They called themselves The Grade As. I called them The Grey Daze....

My word verification is erebucta. How's that for a rock band?