Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Meme-tionary

It's been a long time but once again, Empress Lime and Queen Mimi join to bring you an outrageous meme.

Welcome to the Queen's Meme #54
We are going for the funny bone today. Ouch. I hate it when that happens. Technically speaking that is the ulnar nerve. Definition: The ulnar nerve originates from the C8-T1 nerve roots which form part of the medial cord of the brachial plexus, and descends on the posteromedial aspect of the humerus.
I told you this meme was humorous!

Confession: I stole this idea from Jamie at Duward Discussion. She used British and Australian slang words recently in a challenge to her readers. I found a site today called Inherently Funny and decided to do the same with words that sound ridiculously humorous when you pronounce them....IF you can pronounce them.
I have given you 8 funny sounding words. You have to supply a definition without looking at the website or dictionary first. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Let's get started.

1. Diphthong: When your thong does not peek out of the top of your pants to properly highlight your tramp stamp.

2. Houp-doup: Well, my grandfather always referred to his handkerchief as a "shnoop-doop" so I reckon a houp-doup might be used to wipe something in more southerly regions.

3. Skullduggery
: I believe the grave digger in Hamlet was engaged in this activity just before Hamlet said, "Alas, poor Yorick!"

4. Reintarnation
: Well my driveway needed sealing and the roof was kinda leaky so we had to reintarnate them.
5. Glom
: This definition will only make sense to Susie and Logo but here goes...The sound a spurious brontosaur makes when he is presented with roses.

6. Gobsmacked: The promotional name for the big Halloween fight event between goblins.

7. Assmosis:
When you sit out on the deck furniture after it rained and you accidentally find a puddle in a chair you experience assmosis.

8. Lugubrious: Especially shiny lug nuts.

And now dear readers, the Empress shall add her own twist by offering you 8 words of Trini and Pennsylvania German origin for you to define in your own post or in the comment section.
1. Hinnerdale
2. Dingolay
3. Stroobly
4. Yampee
5. Ferhoodled
6. Mamaguy
7. Grex
8. Pull bull


Xmichra said...

I think I liked your definition for assmosis better, because there has to be a word for THAT! lol... good answers, very currious about your dinosaur hunts ;)

Cocotte said...

I'm quite certain a 'Mamaguy' is the overweight 40 year old who lives in his mother's basement, drinking cheap 'Stroobly' with his pet 'Hinnerdale' at his side.

Beach Bum said...

I suffered from Assmosis last weekend, we go twenty-some odd days without a drop of rain and I go outside Sunday morning and for some reason sit on a soaked patio chair cushion.

Craig said...

Ah, good words, Empress. . .

1) Hinnerdale - butt crack

2) Dingolay - When, you know, Australian wild dogs, um, copulate. . .

3) Stroobly - How one licks an ice cream cone on a warm day

4) Yampee - the color of urine after eating sweet potatos

5) Ferhoodled - Fer why you put on yer hoodie when it were cold out. . .

6) Mamaguy - synonym for 'baby-daddy'

7) Grex - multiple gray drekky things. . .

8) Pull bull - how one artificially inseminates one's cows. . .

How'd I do?

Debster said...

Really liked your 'assmosis' answer--made me giggle.

S said...

Good lord, when I saw the shoulder diagram I thought there was another injury in the house!

Yes to the glom!

Cricket said...

Wow - I was going to tell you that "assmosis" made me laugh, but it seems I'm very much not alone... I'm going to have to remember that one, as I am particularly prone to it, especially when near resin chairs.

Anonymous said...

i bow to your creative madness...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Assmosis was really funny!

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Diphthong was hilarious!

Palm Springs Savant said...

good one. You are so creative and funny too

(M)ary said...

Hinnderdale: over there...as in ' I live here, he lives hinnerdale '
Dingolay: doing it Australian doggie style
Stroobly; stroobly stroobly doo! Scooby's cousin
Yampee: a yankee tramp ...those college kids from up north are such yampees on spring break
Ferhoodled: bamboozled...ok that was just me making a word association...I actually don't have a clue what this word means!
Mamaguy: a test men get to check for lumps in their man boobs
Grex: what they were going to call Shrek but changed their minds because it rhymes with sex
Pull bull: what consultants do for 3 times the money employees make...they pull bull out of the air and sell it to managers who refuse to listen to their employees

Cosima said...

hinnerdale = hinterteil = your back end

dingolay = a crispy dingo, cut in thin slices and deep fried

stroobly = strubbelig = the way my hair looks in the morning

yampee = a pj worn the other way around

ferhoodled = verhunzt = it didn't go well at all

mamaguy = the opposite of "Papagei", a female perrot

grex = greek mexican food of course

pull bull = Pennsylvania's answer to Spain's bull fight?

Btw tramp stamp is called "Arschgeweih" (ass antlers) in Germany, which is a bit nicer to say :), and the "funny bone" is a "Musikantenknochen" (musician's bone), because it sings and swings a long time after impact.

Mimi Lenox said...

I agree. You are too funny today!

Hinnerdale - a breeding disaster between a Budweiser Clydesdale horse and Heineken beer. Right beer. Wrong neighborhood.

Dingolay - A dingbat on a Hawaiian necklace

Stroobly - rhymes with goobly. It's late. That's all I've got.

Yampee - Orange urine

Ferhoodled - Wearing a hat with "fer"

Mamaguy - the last date I had .....and I DO mean the last

Grex - great ...never mind

Pull bull - I dont' know. I'm going to bed.

Jamie said...

Very good answers to the queen. I shall attempt the 8 additional before looking above

1. Hinnerdale - Alan A Dale's cousin

2. Dingolay - Australian animal's mating season

3. Stroobly - Crooked strobe light

4. Yampee - I didn't know sweet potatoes did that.

5. Ferhoodled - Stolen Mink

6. Mamaguy7 - Someone you definitely shouldn't marry.

7. Grex - A truly great king

8. Pull bull - Leader of an ox team.