Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Overheard in the Office...Only in a Rural Area

We live in a rural area with a lot of urban transplants.  Sometimes the culture clash is rather amusing, like when someone brings up the topic of butchering meat chickens.

Chicken Farmer: First we dunk 'em in a vat of boiling water so they pluck easier.

Avian Sympathizer:  Oh no!  I can't listen to this!

CF:  Ok, we put them in a Jacuzzi.

AS: That doesn't sound so bad.

CF: Then we toss 'em in the Whizz-Bang machine.

AS: What's that?

CF: Well, it has a bunch of rubber fingers and it bounces the birds around to pluck 'em.

AS:  Oh no! This sounds horrible.

Me: Think of it as a massage after being in the jacuzzi.

CF: Right!  And we are just "undressing" the chickens.

Snarky Therapist:  Give them a couple drinks after the Jacuzzi and I bet they'd undress themselves.

Me: Chickens doing tiny little shots.  It's Chickens Gone Wild!


secret agent woman said...

As an avian sympathizer - they are dead before they are dunked in boiling water, right? Because it's not torture if you're already dead.

lime said...

secret agent woman, yes, they are already dead before the "jacuzzi." it just loosens the feathers so plucking is easier.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the bdsm chickens wear little col. sanders masks....

KFarmer said...

The dunking and plucking was my job as a youngster. I can tell you this~ chicken is way too cheap to go through that awful, foul (pun intended) smell again if not through necessity~

What was interesting was the little eggs dad showed me once he gutted them. : )

Beach Bum said...

...butchering meat chickens.

I'm not proud of this but I worked in a chicken processing plant for a couple of years back in the mid-90's.

It was bad, never got sick in the place until I saw the room where the chickens were hung upside down then shocked with electricity so they could be easily "dispatched" for further intense processing.

It was medieval.

Anonymous said...

There is something totally surreal about that conversation.

Kat said...

Mmmmm. Chickens is good eats. ;)

Craver Vii said...

I can always count on something amusing when I visit you here!!

G-Man said...

I've butchered many a Chicken.
You are dead on about giving the tiny little shots to loosen them up. The best booze for this?
Wild Turkey!

silly rabbit said...

Ha! This recalled the "Cotton-picking-finger-licking-chicken-plucker" song that the Smother's Brothers used to sing. LOL!
But the image of clean, relaxed, drunk chicks stripping their own feathers off seductively can't be ignored. I can hear the cows in the audience cheering.

just jane said...

I live in rural America, and I am a carnivore, so I see the humor.

I wonder what a chickens drink of choice would be?


Bijoux said...

I'm scared of farmers.

Hilary said...

Snort.. you do have fun people at your office. Case in point.. you're there.