Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Frost

Last weekend we had our first official frost.  I took Boom-boom for a walk and captured some of nature's icing.

Looks like lace, doesn't it?

Sno-caps, anyone?

Last little bits of green are edged in crystals.

The  queen anne's lace almost looks like it is blooming again.

It was worth the cold toes to see the frosty fringes on red leaves...

...or the icy tiara on a purple flower.

Red veins course through the frozen skin.

As the sun came  over the hill and began burning off the frost I saw these tiny blossoms catching some rays.

I think this must have been a coneflower now decked out in a spiky wig of frost.

I couldn't resist one last leaf with only a bit of frost left clinging to its underside once the sun came up.


Logophile said...

Gorgeous, you have a great eye, my dear.

I am glad not to have had any frost yet but I did really enjoy that tour of yours!

Suldog said...

We've not had a frost yet, but I expect we'll have one this week. Nice shots. Everything has it's beauty on God's (sometimes green) Earth.

Craig said...

Lovely photos.

As far as I know, we haven't had our first frost yet (tho we have been in the 30s overnight a few times). In fact, the weekend was T-shirt-and-shorts weather for us crazy late-season cyclists. Ya just can't beat 60deg and fall colors. . .

Craver Vii said...

This is an outstanding set of macro shots you've presented. It really adds value to hear your poetic descriptions of each of these little wonders.

G-Man said...

When there's frost on the pumpkin,
Its time for...Peter Dunkin!

Jocelyn said...

Don't we feel ridiculously close to summer still, though? This year, more than ever, I can't believe winter is suddenly looming. Just last week--literally--I was wearing tank tops.

~Dragonfly~* said...

These photos are beautiful. I had to rush out the morning of the frost.....wish I could have taken some time to shoot.