Friday, June 23, 2006

More Weirdness of Lime & Friday 55

I am either one of the weirdest bloggers going, or my weirdness is quite entertaining or people have missed my prior examples of weirdness here and here . In any event AirPlane Jayne has tagged me for 6 more weird things about myself. She's lucky I tilt the weird-o-meter pretty far to the right!

I am taking some of her weirdnesses as a launch point.

1. When I was a kid I could not eat the ends of hot dogs. This was in spite of the fact that from the age of 3-4 I only ate hot dogs, buttered noodles and applesauce for dinner each night. The way those ends pinched off just looked way tooooo weird to me. For the life of me I still CANNOT believe my parents tolerated that nonsense for a year. They really were not overly permissive people. Hhhmmm, come to think of it, I believe there was mention made of my antics causing the death of permissiveness...go figure.

2. APJ tells of dreams about the Lady with Flashlight eyes. When I was a kid, any time I had a fever I had the exact same nightmare. It started out with Tinkerbell iceskating in a dark ice arena. Then the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk came stomping in and he started throwing boulders at Tinkerbell until she was buried under tons of rubble. The giant was very angry and started coming after me in the stands. The really weird part was that he had no face, just two eyebrows knotted in fury. Every stinkin time I had a fever! As if being sick wasn't bad enough! The last time I had the nightmare Tinkerbell climbed out of the rubble, grew bigger than the giant, and buried HIM in boulders.

3. I'd like to skydive but the idea of SCUBA diving scares the crap out of me. Somehow the possibility of having my feet be the last thing that goes through my mind is less bothersome than a malfunction of my oxygen supply.

4. When I was a kid I used to like to peel my dad's sunburn. He'd burn himself at the start of every summer and I'd gleefully pull sheets of skin off his shoulders. Ok, I am sorry if you all are getting nauseous now.

5. As a result of working in the laundry of a nursing home one summer during college I now have to fold all my sheets and towels very precisely. The hemmed edge must be to the inside. Fitted sheets, which most people find challenging, will always look like they just came out of the package. When I was casted and unable to fold my own sheets and towels it was difficult to watch other people fold things the wrong way. When I got out of the cast, even though I was still in tremendous pain, I spent hours fixing the linen closet. Thank God for Vicodin. It helped with physical pain and the mental torture of improperly folded linens.

6. After I eat ice cream I have to have a beer pretzel. It's something about needing to balance out smooth and sweet with crunchy and salty.

Weird enough for ya?? Tell me some of your weirdness.

And now for something completely different...Friday 55!

My tongue ran along each side then swirled around the end slurping the precious dribbles there. I took the top between my lips sucking gently until it slid from my mouth. Gripping the base firmly, lost in the pleasurable act, I found my hand and mouth covered in stickiness.
Mmmmm, I simply love ice cream cones.

What did you think I was talking about?

Have a great weekend!


AlRo said...

Weirdest thing i can think of about myself is - i had a belly fetish when i was a kid.

When i was around 4 or 5 years old, we'd walk throughout the department stores, and my mother would temporarily disown me as I mugged the maniquins to lift up their tops, and then mine to press the bellies together...

Yip.. that's me!!!

Cootera said...

How could you assume that we all have weirdnesses, huh? Tell me!

Ok, I give. While I'm not superstitious (really), I WILL throw salt over my shoulder if I spill some, and I will knock on wood if the occasion calls for it.

I drink dill pickle juice if I'm hungover.

I hate sweets but loooove frozen Ding Dongs.

And I am the most nit-picky person in the world about certain things and MUST know your secret to folding fitted sheets!! Now, please. Comply!

barefoot_mistress said...

I knew it was an ice cream cone, ya big weirdo!

I know the feeling. Ive done the weird thing twice....:P

Logophile said...

Wow, you are such a freak!
Just kidding!

Very nice 55, ya twisted thing.

Wow, I've called you a freak and twisted in the same comment, here...
You are also:
Cute and

snavy said...

Yeah - I knew it was ice cream too! It kinda segued from your last weird thing.

However, I don't find #6 weird at all - I have always wanted potato chips right after ice cream. I've actually dipped potato chips in ice cream - saves a step.

Solitaire said...

LMAO! Awesome 55 Fiction! LOL...

Your 6 degrees of weirdness are great! I totally understand the whoel sheets folding thing. Every night at "The Women" I had to fold the towels I took on stage to make them look and sit pretty. I couldn't handle misfolded towels onstage! LOL!

I recapped about the Opening last night..

Happy weekend!

steve said...

Mmmmmmmm! I said as I took the nice hard tip between my lips. I licked and nibbled and playfully bit as I enjoyed each sweet delectable irresistable incredible mouthful. They were both so wonderfuly firm as my tounge licked and played with each one.God it was almost like heaven taking me over the top!

Yummy I like a double dip of ice cream:-}

Have a wonderful weekend!

MyUtopia said...

LOL, I love reading these post of yours. My brother-in-law worked in a laundry room and he still folds everything just so. He does an awesome job. I use to have him help me fold towels.

lime said...

alro, that's too funny!

coot, dill pickle juice??eww. maybe the sheet folding thing can be a future post...

susie, you're too smart for your own good, lol

logo, twisted freak that i am i consider it a compliment, but i'm happy for the other words as well.

snavy, how do you keep the chips from breaking??

solitaire, congrats on a great opening night!

steve, oh my..i think we should share some ice cream sometime. hehehe

myutpia, properly folded linens are a thing of beauty

miss_lissa said...

I can't eat the ends of Bananas, I tend to tell odd jokes, I love love loooove to eat Cream cheese, liverwurst and mustard on Ritz crackers, I count out my steps on the sidewalk so I don't step on the cracks.. 1,2,3,.. step, 1,2,3,.. step.. If I loose my pace I feel like I could trip until I get the rhythm going again, I'm famous for starting to sing or dance whenever the moment hits me and I'm scared to death of grasshoppers and teeth.

I so knew it was ice cream but loved your flash fiction!
Now I need to go work on mine.

Caitlan said...

Hey, about skydiving: I was playing the Worst Case Scenario Survival Board Game and it turns out that when you are skydiving you need not breath, your skin will breath for you.

Laurie said...

All women understand the sweet/salty thing... especially when PMSing!! LOL

Dang, you turned me on at the end, there.. ;-)

M said...

precisely folded sheets...ugh. i can barely stand reading about it! the stupid fitted sheets with elastic, how do you get those to look like they just came out of the package? i roll mine up in a ball and throw them in the closet.

so, here's a guess, is your favorite ice cream cone flavor, Mr Lime? I mean lime, just lime...

Charles said...

Sounds about right... so where is the weirdness post... cant find it?

Alistair! said...

Now I have to get my Friday 55 out.

lime said...

lissa, i'm allergic to bananas so i never eat any part of em. and i've been known to dance in stores when good music comes on

caitaln, wild! i had no idea!

laurie, perfect pms snack is peanut butter and choccy dipped pretzels..mmmmm

charles, bwahahahahaha

alistair, out with it man!

lime said...

oops forgot m......

m, i really am thinking i may need to do a how-to post on this. i never knew it bothered so many people, lol

lecram sinun said...

Crazy, loony... cool! :)

airplanejayne said...

Agree about those weird hotdog ends -- they DO look freaky!!!

Shit! I mean SHEEET! can you teach me to fold a fitted sheet? "Cause mine end up looking like they're rolled in a ball.

peeling sunburns. trying to get a big piece.....

airplanejayne said...

Wanting to avoid the stickiness from the last adventure, I poured Magic Shell all over it, waiting anxiously for the chocolate to harden. Tentatively, I teased my tongue up under the edge to verify its firmness. Gleefully I bit the tip of the chocolate shell –
“Hey!” he interrupted, “I thought I told you ‘No teeth!’”

Fred said...

Peeling sunburn? Ack!

James Goodman said...

I'd like to skydive but the idea of SCUBA diving scares

My wife also has a fear of SCUBA diving. She loves to snorkel, but refused to strap a tank on her back. Me on the other hand, there's not much out there i wouldn't try at least once. :D

snavy said...

Well, you have to let the ice cream get a little melty.

Try chocolate ice cream with hot caramel & strawberry sauce. Stir a bit and dip the chips.

gloria jean said...

No wonder you're a teacher. You have such a creative and fund mind!

gloria jean said...

BTW Limey... I want to ask some personal advice about my grandson who is visiting this summer but I couldn't find an e mail for you in your profile. Would you be willing to e mail me? It has to do with story telling and writing and some details that I'd rather not share in a public forum...

Moosekahl said...

I was terrified of my big pink piggy toy box...Terrified, I swear it's eyes glowed at night. I fold my sheets the same way too, fitted sheets HAVE to be folded flat!

It's only 11 am here and I want to go get an ice cream cone :)

lime said...

lecram, she's creepy and she's kooky, she's all together hooky....

apj, yeah...i think i feel a post coming on! lol. glad i'm not the ony one weirded out by ends of hot dogs and lmao@ magic shell ;)

fred, sorry

james, it has to do with uncontrolled asthma as a kid. kicks in a total panic response to have my air supply messed with.

snavy, sounds good ;)

gloria, thanks! yes, i will try to email you within the next day or so.

moose, i'm glad i'm not the only sheet neurotic! i was really beginning to wonder. heheheh

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this stuff about you, thanks for sharing with us.
When driving I can't stand having a van, suv or large vehicle in front of me, I need to see what is on the road in front of me.
I will go nuts until I can get around and have clear vision.
dittos on the salty thing after ice cream, mine is potater chips.
ps, great to see you smile in you HNT pics below.:)

Ari said...

Cool blog! I always have to drink water after ice cream. :)

Gary said...

Ice cream and pretzels sounds pretty weird to me.

I never comp or brush my hair. I keep it fairly shory, so when it gets messy I just smooth it down with my hands.

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