Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flash of Inspiration

Yesterday Flash posted a list of the 10 best compliments he's ever received because as his mom advised when he was a kid, “Forget the bad stuff said about you and always remember the compliments.”

That was advice I needed to hear in light of yesterday's post and the hurtful things that have been hurled at me this week. So, with that I will share my Top Ten...well, 10 that I can remember and that made me beam or made me laugh.

1. Your breasts make splendid pillows. Spoken by Isaac when he was about 9 or 10 and we were snuggled up on the couch watching TV. I almost split a gut laughing.

2. If I'm going to die, I want to die in your arms. I don't know if you'd call this a compliment but when it's spoken by someone who doesn't have a lot of time left it tends to stick with you.

3. Do you still write beautiful stories? This was what my second grade teacher asked me every time she saw me over the years, even after I was married with children.

4. I knew you belonged in college but didn't know how you'd do it financially because I had no way to help you. I'm proud of you for figuring it out. I didn't realize how hopeless Mom felt about this and given that she is about the best problem-solver and most resourceful person I know, this meant a lot.

5. Well done, Miss Lime. Nicely argued. (with a slight bow and a smile) Said by my 12 grade Economics teacher who I was sure would hit the roof when I finally nailed him to the wall in a debate. Instead he had this classy response. My respect for him took an exponential leap when I realized he wasn't about winning but about proving you reasoned well.

6. You make a damn fine Funny Cake. Your mother taught you well. Dad is not one to ever give praise. On the exceedingly rare occasions he does it is always qualified by some statement of how I missed perfection in some way. This is the single bit of unqualified praise he gives and he includes my mother (who he often took delight in criticizing) so it's a bonus.

7. Even at your worst you are still beautiful to me and that's when I get a chance to show you how much I love you. Well, that still makes me choke up.

8. I LOVE your mind! I've heard it after spirited discussion on points of disagreement and after describing creative forms of retribution for deserving parties. It's all good. This is high praise to me.

9. Thank you for helping me finally beat this bozo with a better patient story! Upon my discharge from OT to get my arm working again, one of my therapists gave me a hug and said this knowing me well enough to know I'd laugh (Hey, 3x a week for 6 and a half months, you get to know a person). Apparently the previous winning patient story of how a person got injured was a lady who dislocated her shoulder when she threw her hands in the air during a roller coaster descent. My tale of backyard ziplining disaster demolished that along with my arm. Woohoo!

10. Your grandmother was so proud of what you were doing in Trinidad. At Nana's funeral I was a weepy mess. One of her friends said this to me and I can't tell you what it meant because when we told my family we were moving to Trinidad EVERYONE was against it.

Now, as you know I have had some crap days lately. Yesterday, was a continuation of that unpleasantness and by the end of the day I was just spent. Then Isaac announced he needed art supplies for a project that is due today so off I trudged to the craft store. The cashier was a pleasant, cheery girl with a beautiful smile. After she handed me the bag and receipt and smiled again, making eye contact I said, "I've been dealing with grouchy, miserable people for 3 days. Yours is the first smile I have seen today. It's lovely. Thank you for giving it to me." She turned 10 shades of pink, smiled again, and said, "Thank you."

So my request of you is to either steal this and do it at your own place or share your favorite compliment in the comments. Then make sure you give someone around you a sincere word of praise.

Thanks also to those who took time to leave words of encouragement yesterday whether it was here or in email or any other fashion. They are very appreciated and not at all taken for granted.


mary said...

yahtzee? hey is everyone sleeping in this morning?

Anonymous said...

That's a marvelous exercise when you are feeling ow. I'm tink I'm going to start working on my own list just so I can have it around when I need it.

M said...

i am not good at taking compliments so i don't remember many. i might think about this and post them on my blog.

i remember my mother once saying i pick good friends.

Phain said...

lately the best compliment from The Boy has been, "you make da bestest cheese gwits eva Momma." i could just gobble him up when he says that.

EmBee said...

Lime, this made me tear up. I had a low day yesterday but TODAY, I vow to make it better. Isn't it wonderful how kindness and friendliness spreads and warms those we come in contact with (or read about.)

I LOVE your list. I'd find it difficult to come up with one of my own without feeling like I came off sounding 'full of myself'... However, yours didn't come of sounding the least bit that way. It was very touching!

Liquid said...

This is the positive message I needed this morning.

Bravo, Miss Lime!

lime said...

mary, they must be!

citizen, i thought it was a god exercise too. glad you agree.

m, i understand. it's not easy to take them for me either. being able to pick good friends is a valuable skill though.

phain, well if that doesn't make you want to cook more cheese gwits i dunno what would.

embee, hugs to you. we mothers of teenagers need those form time to time. i am glad to know i didn't sound full of myself because i was worried about that. i'd encourage you to do a list anyway. i'd love to see it. even if you don't post it, do it for your own sanity.

liquid, glad to give you the lift you needed.

NYD said...

"I've been dealing with grouchy, miserable people for 3 days. Yours is the first smile I have seen today. It's lovely. Thank you for giving it to me."

You have a heart of gold, Lime. That you actually noticed that something beautiful was happening right in front of you is a pecial gift. To compliment it is nothing short of wonderful.

Kathryn said...

What a lovely reminder that sometimes it is as easy as a smile to brighten someone's day.
I hope you get many, many more compliments that make YOU smile. You deserve them!

VE said...

I wish I could come up with a list for you but my arm still hurts and it takes awhile to type one handed. I'll just say tht your post complimented my day...

Flash said...

Wow, I'm glad my post could inspire you!

And I love #1. Such a guy compliment to a woman. Better from a kid.

SignGurl said...

You are my hero! Always finding the positive.

The best compliment I ever received was when my mom told me that I was a great mother, comparing her parenting style to mine. That made me cry.

furiousBall said...

your son is wise, boobie pillows be da best

Craver Vii said...

#7. Wow!

Those are great compliments. I'll have to think for a bit to remember the last one somebody bestowed upon me. Ah! Here it is: (ahem) "Craver, you'd make a better door than a window; please move."

That's kind of a compliment, isn't it?

lime said...

nyd, thank you for your kind words

kathryn , yep it's small things that can give someone a big lift. thanks so much

ve, you're excused, you have my full sympathy. feel better soon.

flash, your post was so timely you just have no idea. just what i needed to pull me out of my pity party.

signgurl, that compliment from your mother is a priceless one for sure.

craver, allow me to give you a real compliment. i appreciate the positive tone you set over at your corner of the blogworld.

S said...

Thanks for the bloggin inspiration Lime. I posted my favorite compliment today.

I'd certainly call #2 a compliment and so much more.

Breazy said...

Lime..I am so sorry I didn't make it over yesterday, actually that I haven't been able to make it around for a couple of weeks. I read yesterdays post and I wanted to say that I am truly sorry you have had some terrible days of late. You are always so upbeat and happy and always, ALWAYS ready to give encouragement to those in need of a bit. I am not good with words so I will just say that I will be praying for you to find peace without having to leave your home to find it and that God would open the eyes of those giving you a rough time so that they might see that the road isn't always straight and easy for busy moms.

I hope you are having a beautiful day today!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HUGS!!! I've been slacking and I've missed a lot!

You are absolutely amazing and I think you are doing a wonderful job hanging in there!

My boyfriend told me, "You are a beautiful woman and now that I've gotten to see the real you, all of you I think you are fucking gorgeous."

I about cried. :)

thank you for the idea, I'll have to start remembering the good and throw out the bad!

lecram said...

These are beautiful, Lime. :)

The one that I get pretty often is:

"You know this is the first time I've noticed your arm (Jimmy)... I always thought you were a regular person."

You may think it a backhanded compliment (pun intended) but I consider it high praise... mainly because it will come anywhere between 2 months or 2 years after knowing the complimenter.

G-Man said...

You certainly gave me one of my greatest compliments of my life when we met in person..
You said.."Galen, you have the warmest brown eyes I've ever seen..And you are not near as fat as I thought you were"!!
*sniff* That still chokes me up..G

Fred said...

This is a good idea for a post. I'm really going to have to rattle my brain a lot to try and remember at least ten of them, though.

I love the list.

Ameratis said...

I didn't realize how much I missed reading blogs until I was able to read them again tonight! Great compliment blog :) Hope things cheer up for you!

katydidnot said...

that pillow breast one is good. i will steal this i think. or meme it.

Mona said...

I love those compliments, whether they were meant for a moment or for sincere lifetime!

It is so nice of you to remember & acknowledge them!
You are the most sparking gem amongst gems!


& I did pay sincere compliment to James about his book on my blog!

Please come & read it whenever you get time! :)

barman said...

I wrote a nice replay but blogger ate it. I am so sad. Oh well, the general idea was I love your post here Lime. It is wonderful. I am so glad you decided to do this with your lovely Lime flair. It really brightened my day until blogger and I did not see eye to eye.

I would say off had I do not have any nice compliments like you have said but that is not true. I do not take compliments well and I think I tend to dismiss them but I know they are lodged back in my gray matter somewhere. I will see what I can come up with as I reflect on this wonderful post.

My most favorite of your wonderful compliments:

Do you still write beautiful stories? Yes you do. You have some of the most enjoyable stories and wonderful writing style that I simply enjoy. What a great thing for your second grade teacher to say.

Well done, Miss Lime. Nicely argued. What an awesome teacher to encourage you on like they did. I think they deserve lots of recognition.

Even at your worst you are still beautiful to me and that's when I get a chance to show you how much I love you. OK, I know it is not my place but that one just chocked me up too. Super.

I LOVE your mind! This is my favorite because I could not agree more.

OK, lets toss in the patient thingy too as only you could do.

Thank you so much Michele for taking an already wonderful day (my boys are bringing home Lord Stanley's Cup :) ) and making it even more special. Even when you do not realize it you make a difference to me Lime.

david mcmahon said...

Do you still write beautiful stories?

Tell your second grade teacher from me that the answer is:

Y E S.

Moosekahl said...

#10 is my favorite. I hope someone says that to me after I head North.