Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Meme Club

VE has tagged me. I'm not entirely with what since the only rules are that you must not talk about the rules. He is as notorious for shredding memes as I am. In fact, he even has espoused the idea of making a Meme into a Themthem. So anyway, he proceeded to say he was going to list 6 random things about himself and then 6 habits but that only one of each would be true. I figure since I can't even talk about the rules and VE did whatever he darned well pleased I can do the same.

Following that, Desmond Jones tagged me as a friend. I also have other awards that have been collecting dust around here. I have a tendency to be the dead letter office of blog awards, not out of ingratitude or greed. (Hhhmm, as I am looking around I am having a hard time finding where I put them.) All that to say, today I am going to make VE's tag into some sort of bizarre themthem by making my own strange awards.

First allow me to bestow the Fly Guy Award upon Desmond. Anyone who takes a picture of a pumpkin cheesecake with a crack in it that looks like the Greek letter Pi and earnestly presents it to a math teacher exudes geeky cool. I just know he is right now trying to figure out how to replicate those fly specs.

G-man gets this too because the man's house has got to be some sort of museum dedicated to all things retro. He's just always been fly.

Cooper gets it because his mind is twisted toward puns in a similar fashion to mine (Yeah, puns are fly. I made the award. I'm bestowing the award. I get to define the parameters of fly-ness.), he's a drummer, and the graphics in his sidebar speak to me.

NYD gets it because the guy seriously rocks the tie dye socks.

Next, I have to thank VE for his fascinating view of the world. I often leave his blog thinking, "Wow, I never thought of it that way brain may never be the same."

Suldog gets this award too because he can link the most disparate ideas in a single post and it makes sense. Also, he shreds any award he is given and I just can't wait to see what he does to this one.

Well, Logo actually IS a biker chick so she's an obvious winner here.

Susie traipses all over India without a worry and manages to get Kashmiri businessmen to mug for some crazy photo shoot for her blog.

Moose picks up and moves to the Arctic Circle just to mix things up a bit. She's cool in more ways than one.

Jocelyn writes with panache about her beloved's wounded man bits. She lets her wee Finnish boy refer to himself as Paco. And she vents frustration with annoying students by satirizing William Carlos Williams.

Citizen of the World
cooks some of the most amazing looking meals, does her own landscaping, and has has close encounters with "aliens" who do their own landscaping.

UPDATE: Mary gets this one too because I love the way she handles the people who feel compelled to find her dates. She finds some hilarious things on the interwebs and often has a slightly skewed way of looking at things....of course, that would qualify for the award where those guys are kissing their own butts. Mary, take the one you want.

This requires some explanation. My dear limelets have described my laughter when I get on a real gut splitting guffaw as "Hyena Mode." They have let me know they can't decide which is more disturbing, the sight of me howling, cackling, and turning purple in the process or the sounds I make in such a state. This award is for all of you who crack me up on a regular basis. There are too darned many of you to list. If I've ever commented on one of your posts telling you how hilarious you were or if I ever responded to some crazy comment you've left me saying you made me spit my drink all over my monitor consider yourself a recipient of this. If you are feeling neglected or just think a slobbering hyena I pilfered from a Disney site and slapped a caption on is something you want in your sidebar have at it. It's yours.

I was going to use this graphic for the folks who make me laugh but those teeth made me think of Moannie's dentist Stavros, and Suldog's dentist (Look! You're getting another one to abuse!), and Furiousball's woes at the dentist. If you guys want the award or want to print it out and send it to your dentists, go for it.

And finally, here's an award which should require no explanation at all.


furiousBall said...

haha, yep - dentist is latin for satan i'm pretty sure

Desmond Jones said...

Golly-gee-willickers, Lime. . . Thanks! (I think)

But, um. . . that 'Perspective Award' photo is just. . . wrong. . .

S said...

Wowee someone's getting jiggy on that photoshop software!!
What time did you go to bed, missy?

Thank you, I am honored to be in same category as a real biker chick, as long as I dont have to ride one by myself. You know, my feet dont touch the ground on those things...
Growls erm peeps out some toughness!
Thank you madam!

Craver Vii said...

(lol) You attract the most interesting crowd, Lime!

Jocelyn said...

Ah, schmoopie, I love you. How fun...and each of these graphics is a scream.

lime said...

furiousball, i wish i could introduce you to my dentist. he's really terrific.

desmond, please take everything as a compliment.

s, uh...11:30 or so. no real biking is required to accept the award. it's all about exuding cool.

craver, you would be a member of that crowd, my friend ;)

jocelyn, right back atcha, babe! as for the graphics, some of them have been sitting in folders for a couple of years waiting for just the right moment to add captions and use them.

lecram said...

LOL on your last award. With all the ballyhooing especially among politicians these days with the situation... I can't help but flash back to that scene in "Casablanca"...
Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]

Cheesy said...

hehehe I too am digging the photo shop skills!

G-Man said...

"He's a fairy
Do you suppose
Flyin thru the air in his pantyhose"!

(Rappers Delight lyric...Hey Fly-Guy, whats your name?)

I'm much obliged for my award Limey...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Aw thanks! And I look all soft and fluffy, yet unmistakeable tough! I like it!

VE said...

Ha ha! I love it. In honor of that award I'm going to try and get into that position and shoot a picture...just for you! It's gotta be good for checking hemerroids at the very least! You rock the meme/award abuse category... again!

lime said...

lecram, LOL, that's a good one for sure.

cheesy, all i did was add text. the photos are otherwise untouched by me.

gman, i'd very much get a kick out of seeing you fly through the air in your pantyhose.

citizen, very glad to hear you are pleased

ve, oh man, i would LOVE to see that photo! that alone should be good for one of your posts.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha!!!!! OMG, those awards are awesome! :) Love your creativity!

S said...

I think the buckets I sweat while in India blow my "exuding cool" cover!

Kat said...

HAHAHA! The interesting perspective award had me laughing so hard I went into a coughing fit. Too funny.

Congrats on your many awesome awards. :)

Cooper said...

I'd like to thank the Lime Acadamy for this honor. It wasn't easy. I have a long history fly paranoia following the tragic kindergarten events of forgetting to "zip-up" after hiding in the lavatory with the guys rolling super balls around the enormous round community sink for a half hour.
Not to mention the trauma endured when I found a half eaten Vincent Price in a spider web in the back yard (yes I KNOW VP wasn't The Fly it was David Hedison so just back off).
I'd like to thank Vishnu, Buddah, my agent (all one and the same) and Phyllis Diller for the constant fly supply. Bless you all.

snowelf said...

Haha!! Cooper's acceptance speech was the best!

If I could use Photoshop--or even had photoshop to be able to learn how to use it I'd make you an award too! :)


NYD said...

Thanks for the award! I'll just keep on sporting the socks.

Logophile said...

wooo hoo
Awesome awards

It's funy to me that your family calls that hyena mode as well.
I have the same problem.

(M)ary said...

i kind of like the guys who are kissing their own butts. it took me awhile to figure out what was up there. those butts look unnaturally firm and round.

San said...

Damn. I want that Biker Chick award.