Wednesday, September 30, 2009

While You're Waiting...a Meme

UPDATE: Well crappalappa ding dong, I don't know how this thing got posted without allowing comments. I never considered myself a comment whore but sure was bummed out to get home from work and not find any on this post. Thanks, VE, for pointing out the problem. Of course, now it's late in the day. Oh well, par for the course today...

I am not properly motivated to fool around and make my newer PC work with my camera when my trusty old eMac (Yes, an eMac. That thing is as reliable as the day is long even if it gets a little overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles embedded in websites these days.) It is still willing to play nicely with my camera and even communicate with Blogger. However, I have to be willing to let them have long, drawn out conversations so pictures have been downloaded onto the trusty old eMac and are waiting for me to sort through them. I hope to have some of them up tomorrow. In the meantime....
Can you count in Roman numerals?
Why should I? As far as I know they don't even count that way in Rome anymore.

Do you know how your car’s engine works?
The gas goes into the thingies and the doohickies make a spark and then the gazoochies go up and down and a whatsit turns around and the car goes.

Can you program the time on a VCR?
Isn't this a little dated? It's nearly like asking if I can thread a projector.

How many email addresses do you have?
How many do I need?

Do you own a slinky?
Well, I once asked Mr. Lime when a VS catalog came in the mail which items he might like me to purchase for his viewing pleasure.....oh wait, you meant the coiled metal toy for children, not nightwear....never mind.

Do you talk to yourself?
*mutter mutter mumble mutter*

Do you have a tough time remembering people’s names?
Who are you and why are you here?
Did you go stag to your Senior Prom?
Why on Earth would I dress up like a deer?

Is any leftover food currently residing in your refrigerator?
It hasn't established legal residence so it's more like squatting.

Are you high maintenance?
Basic hygiene, periodic lube job, and I'm good to go.

How do you want to be proposed to?
What are you proposing? Do you know how to use a toothbrush? Can you define the word "bedraggled?"

Do you work out regularly?
Arm curls with Hershey bars

Do you care about your appearance?
If I did would I go out in public like this?

Describe the person of your dreams:
Well, he was about 20 feet tall, wore medieval clothes, had a terrible temper and a violent streak, and his only facial features were angry looking eyebrows. Actually, he was more a recurrent figure in childhood nightmares.

Do you like to be tan?
It's better than being blue and easier than being green.

How much money is in your wallet/purse right at this moment?
Ahem, only a couple of bucks because I am still waiting for a paycheck. Lessee, couldn't get a paycheck at the end of the first week because I hadn't gotten the W2 to fill out. Couldn't get one last week because boss couldn't be bothered to initial the hours she told me to write on the time card from before I got my W2. Won't get one this week because time cards are supposed to go in on Monday but it was Yom Kippur so the office was closed and time cards couldn't be faxed. Not that I mind really. I'm doing this job out of the goodness of my heart because I am just that kind of person.

What does your name mean?
Apparently, it means she who attracts carnies and works for free.

Do you give your pets holiday presents?
I'd like to be pet as a holiday present, but not by a carnie.

When doing up your jeans, do you button then zip? Or zip then button?
I just paint them on

How far would you go on the first date?
Well, let's see, if we leave at 7 and I want to be back in time to get enough sleep to wake up ok in the morning but still have time for a fun date I'd say 30 miles should be about the limit.

Do you sleep on your side? Stomach? Back?
Suspended by my feet

Are you ticklish? Where?
Yes, Going from one town to another doesn't seem to change that fact either.

Do you believe in saving yourself for marriage?
I'd like to say save yourself from marriage but that would just be mean and we already established with the whole lack of paycheck thing that I am just too sweet, kind, and wonderful to ever be demanding or snarky.

Would you pick up a hitchhiker?
How much does he weigh?

Would you consider yourself a worrier?
What, me worry?

Do your first impressions of people usually stick?
If the glue holds


snowelf said...

Do you work out regularly?
Arm curls with Hershey bars

Would you pick up a hitchhiker?
How much does he weigh?

hehe--those two were my favorite.



Desmond Jones said...

Oh look! You turned your comments back on!

I already sent these to you via email, but I'll leave 'em here, just so's the others can enjoy 'em ('cuz, see, I'm just arrogant enough that I just know the others will enjoy 'em. . .)


Alfred? Is that you, Alfred E Neuman?

I LOVE those slinky things. . .

"periodic lube job"; uh, this might be a tad 'personal', but Molly and I never use the lube when she's on her period. . .

And hey, I know how to thread a projector. . .


So, now aren't you glad you turned comments back on?


Craver Vii said...

Playing peekaboo?

Wheeere's Limey?
THERE she is!!!

Where's Limey?
THERE she is!!!

Okay, that's stupid; I'll stop now.

TLP said...

OMG! I truly was laughing out loud on this! You're the best person at Meme's in blogland.

Logophile said...

I was wondering if it was something I said :p

Good answer!

(M)ary said...

Oh honey!! You know there is something wrong when House of Lime has zero comments! I think when people stop commenting here we can officially declare the end of blogging...which I hope never happens!

Lulda Casadaga said...

too funny...made my night! Love the picture and that green/lime look wonderful dahling! :)

Beach Bum said...

I'd like to say save yourself from marriage but that would just be mean...

That is a deep and very complex philosophical discussion I have with myself very often while having a drink, and I don't mean sodas.

Jocelyn said...

The line about carnies made me snortle. All your smartassery does, of course.

But that boss better see you get paid before some anonymous redhead from MN drives the hell over there and bitch slaps him.

Moosekahl said...

I'm BACK! I missed reading all of this and have so much to catch up on! I need three saturday mornings in a row and an endless supply of coffee!

Casdok said...

Ha ha great answers!

G-Man said...

How long have you had that weak back?

choochoo said...

Dress up like a deer... LOL.

Actually, when I had my prom, the whole cyber thing was really hot. I went looking like the lovechild of a tin can and an angora bunny.

Suldog said...

Once again, you have defended your crown as undefeated Queen Of The Memes!