Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bubba Got Me

It has been a long time since anyone tagged me with a meme, and thank God it's not that "Tell us 5/12/100 things about yourself no one knows" deals because really, I've been blogging over six years and done that one as well as other things so many times I'd have to require a blood test and a ring before revealing any more secrets. Be that as it may, Bubba has 11 questions to ask me according to the rules of this meme, which are as follows:

1. You must post these rules.

Since it didn't specify where they had to be posted I put them on a roll of paper towels, which were later sacrificed in the service of spring cleaning.  We'll muddle through somehow.

      What do you really like that nobody else seems to enjoy at all?
      Judging by the things left for me around the house one could only assume picking up dirty socks, hauling overflowing recycle bins, refilling empty toilet paper rolls, and washing sinks full of dirty dishes.  Of course, we know what happens when you assume...

      What  thing from childhood (besides youth) do you wish you still had?
      Being able to run around braless without risking brush-burned nipples.

      If you could change just one event in history – what, how and why?
      Are you asking me to mess around with the space-time continuum?  Do you really want to risk that?  Just look what I do with simple questions.  For your own good and the good of humanity I am going to tiptoe away from this power you've given me before things get really dangerous around here.  Feel free to thank me by assuring my future security.  Email me for where to send large checks.

      Favorite pizza toppings?
      No jokes here.  Pizza is too serious a subject.  Green peppers, onions, garlic powder, crushed red pepper.  Now who wants a nice, big post-pizza kiss?

      Favorite alcoholic beverage?  (Or non-alcoholic)
      My favorite alcoholic was most fond of beer and whiskey.

      Place you’ve never visited but would love to?
      Hugh Jackman's lap

      Favorite old movie?
      We talking old in dog years? Geologic eras? Lifespan of a mayfly?  Old is such a relative term.  And I do believe the politically correct term would be "chronologically advanced."

      Guilty musical pleasure?
      Music alleviates guilt, never causes it.  There are forms that are induce pain as opposed to pleasure though.  The singer who shall not be named comes to mind.

      You’ve won a huge lottery!  Now what?
       Oooohhh, Oooohhh, Ooooohhh, Aaaaahhhh, Aaaaaahhhh Aaaaahhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmm

      Modern convenience you just can’t live without?
      The wheel is pretty nifty. 

      Do you really like question lists like these?
      Now what do you think?


      Secret Agent Woman said...

      Yes, my kids assume I like picking up after them, too.

      Craig said...

      I'd gladly take you up on the kiss. As long as you don't mind my Italian-sausage-and-mushroom breath. . .

      And hey, I used to work for a wheel company, you know (I know, I know - 'what kind of engineering do you do on a wheel? You make 'em round, right?')

      Beach Bum said...

      You’ve won a huge lottery! Now what?

      If someone ever seriously asked me that question I could easily spell every step I would do to assure my family's safety and protect the money from the human roaches that would surely come out of the woodwork ultimately resulting in me buying a beach house and acting like Mickey Spillane.

      silly rabbit said...

      lol "the singer who shall not be named". I could not agree more!

      Bijoux said...

      #1 is definitely happening here as well. And my guilty pleasure music would be more along the lines of a 13 yr old boy named Kurt.

      Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

      Nice to see my questions get the full-on Lime treatment.

      (I'm sure the wheel was a big deal back in the day - LOL)

      Thanks for playing along, Lime! :)

      Uncle Skip, said...

      A challenge well met, for sure

      Craig said...

      Good point as re the space-time continuum, too. . . The Law of Unintended Consequences, and all that. . .


      Just Me said...

      Who mixes beer and whiskey? ick!

      Suldog said...

      The lottery thing - is that you, having assured Hugh Jackman that the check is in the mail, or just a retarded nymphomaniac left over from Boston?

      Daryl Edelstein said...

      well I believe you might have to sit on my lap since I'm already sitting on Hugh's ;)

      Hilary said...

      You are THE meme queen!

      Craver Vii said...

      This peasant would not presume to kiss a queen. ;-)

      Has Her Highness ever tried Hawaiian pizza? I am reluctant to choose a favorite topping, but this was surprisingly good. It's ham and pineapple.

      One of the best things about living in the Chicago area is the pizza. I have heard that people who move away seldom find something comparable to what their taste buds have been accustomed to.

      lime said...

      secret agent woman, i figure this is likely a common affliction

      craig, so you re-invented the wheel eh?

      beach bum, i figure if i actually played the lottery i'd need a plan but i don't play so i'm safe.

      silly rabbit, i am glad to know we agree on this critical issue

      bijoux, tell me about this kurt...

      bubba, glad you enjoy my twist :)

      uncle skip, why thank you!

      just me, they weren't mixed, just the 2 favorite poisons

      suldog, remnants of boston i put up just for you and YOUR WIFE :)

      daryl, we need to get one thing straight here. i have first dibs on the ever delectable mr jackman (after his wife, of course). i'm going to need you to read this post for evidence as to the claim i have.

      hilary, and i know how you feel about memes so i appreciate the compliment.

      craver, i have had hawaiian pizza. odd combo but not bad at all. i would very much like to have chicago pizza someday!

      G-Man said...

      I didn't see the word Chocolate mentioned at all.
      Are you sick?

      Jocelyn said...

      I'm actually surprised Hugh Jackman hasn't gotten a restraining order by now.

      That he hasn't can only mean one thing: he wants you.

      Craig said...

      Every single day. . .